Astra VXR Dyno Revelation

A customer asked for his Astra VXR to have a run up on our rolling road the other day, as he had recently bought it and was curious about the power and torque output of the car which was running a full 2.5″ Milltek exhaust system and an off the shelf ecu flash.

The ecu reflash had been carried out by an authorised dealer however it had not been check on a rolling road (as the installer did not have one).

The graph from the rolling road session can be seen below:

Astra VXR with 63.5mm exhaust and ecu flash

Astra VXR with 63.5mm exhaust and ecu flash

Whilst the car was producing good torque, and felt fairly quick on the road due to the dollop of bottom end torque, power was quite a way off the expected (by the customer) figure.

The moral of the story?….. Always have an ecu remap correctly set up on the car, not just an ecu reflash.

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