Revised Astra VXR Intercooler

We have recently revised our Astra and Zafria VXR intercooler pipework, after requests from customers, to improve upon an already excellent design. From its existing design, the complete kit has been tested and proven to in excess of 420bhp (the intercooler core is good for 600bhp) with the intercooler utilising 60mm pipework from the turbo (the moment we can step it up from the OE 50mm turbo outlet we do) to the intercooler 60mm inlet. The intercooler outlet was 50mm, and stepped up to 60mm by the start of the OE map sensor pipe which we made use of in our original kit.

The revised intercooler now has 60mm pipework throughout. The turbo outlet to intercooler remains unchanged. We have now modified the end tank to the righ hand side of the intercooler to fit a 60mm intercooler outlet. This is then linked to a 60mm hard alloy pipe under the slam panel and stays at 60mm right up to the end of the map sensor pipe, so we now discard the OE plastic map sensor pipe and include a hard alloy pipe from the intercooler outlet to the end of the map sensor pipe where the plenum hose joins and incorporate our hard alloy map sensor pipe into our revised intercooler kit.

This has cut down on the silicone hoses on the outlet side, instead using a 60mm hard alloy pipe with map sensor boss.

We now have not only one of (if not the) biggest front mounted intercooler for Astra VXR , but it now features 60mm pipework throughout and incorpoartes our alloy map sensor pipe.

The intercooler kit can be supplied with a polished alloy outlet pipe and intercooler, or it is available in stealth black (powder coated) finish of both intercooler and alloy pipework.

As an option the high flow plenum and enlarged hose (again to 60mm) can also be supplied.

Existing customers are able to have their current set up upgraded to the new set up if rerquired. Please contact us.

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