Brutal VXR – 479bhp Astra VXR

Total Vauxhall March 2012 Issue 133

Total Vauxhall March 2012 Issue 133

The latest issue of Total Vauxhall (March 2012 Issue 133) features Wayne Townsend’s 479bhp Courtenay Sport build Astra VXR, covering a total of 8 pages.

The car has been bespoke mapped and set up on the rolling road to the spec of the car and the spec on this car is huge; V Band Cast Manifold, Garrett GT3076, TiAL external wastegate, Low Comp Pistons, Steel Rods, High Flow Courtenay Klasen Inlet Manifold, Thermal Gaskets, Uprated Head Gasket, Courtenay Klasen High Lift Cams, 630cc Injectors, 90mm AFM, 3.5 Bar Map Sensor, Uprated Fuel Pump, External Swirl Pot and Uprated Pump, Uprated Fuel Pressure Regulator, Nitron 2 Way Coilovers with KW V3 Springs, TD Pro Race 1.2 Wheels, VXRacing AP 4 Pot 343mm Brakes, Rear 292mm Brake Upgrade, Quaife LSD, Lightweight Billet Steel Flywheel, Sachs Uprated Cover and Uprated Sprung Paddle Disc, Full 76mm Exhaust System, Courtenay Sport VXRacing Full Height Front Mounted Intercooler, Uprated Courtenay Sport Water Radiator, and it was immaculately turned out by Autobrite Direct, who detailed it to perfection for the photoshoot.

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