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Piper Exhaust for Corsa VXR Nürburgring

Corsa VXR Nurburgring Tail Trims

Corsa VXR Nurburgring Tail Trims

Working closely with Piper Exhausts, a 76mm stainless steel tailbox has been developed for the Corsa VXR Nürburgring. Added to the existing 76mm system for Corsa VXR, a full 76mm system is now available for this car, to help release maximum performance.

As with the current system, the first main cat is removed and options include twin or single silencer systems with or without a motorsport cat.

Cars fitted with a full system will require an ecu remap to ensure optimum safe running and to overcome any issues with the emissions, as the VXR Nürburgring is a Euro 5 compliant model from the factory and removing the large factory fitted pre cat and just using a high flow motorsport cat will require an ecu recalibration to give correct fuelling and emissions.

Piper offer a range of tail trims, however the options shown here, 4″ (100mm) Slash Cut, is probably one of the best.

Pricing is as follows:
Full 76mm System with Motorsport Cat* Twin Silencers £1385.00
Full 76mm System with Motorsport Cat* Single Silencer £1240.00
Deduct £255.00 for a completely decatted* system

Cat Back System Twin Silencers £750.00
Cat Back System Single Silencer £610.00

*Note: A motorsport cat will pass current UK MOT emissions. In some countries motorsport cats may not be road legal. Please comply with the relevant laws of your country. Removing both cats may not be road legal and will lead to an MOT emissions failure.

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