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D2 Big Brake Kits

Designed to Perform

The D2 Racing big brake kits are designed to cope with the heat generated by extreme braking on the road or track. Where as the standard braking system will quickly overheat and no longer perform the D2 Racing brake kits will dissipate this heat so keeping the braking system within its operating parameters allowing you, the driver, to brake for much longer and much harder.

The D2 Racing brake kit includes:

Pair of Lightweight Strong Aluminium Calipers
Pair of Race Specification Drilled Discs
Pair of Lightweight Aluminium Bells
Pair of Steel Brackets
Pair of Braided Brake Lines
Set of Fast Road Brake Pads
Full Fitting Kit
Fitting Guide
1L DOT 5.1 Brake Fluid

The calipers are finished in painted red as the standard colour; Black,  Purple and Yellow painted finishes are available at no extra cost.

On the 330mm and 356mm kits 6 pot calipers are used with 32mm discs.

6 Pot 330mm D2 Kit from £1049.00
6 Pot 356mm D2 Kit from £1149.00

Kits are available to order from Courtenay Sport to fit many popular Vauxhall models, including Astra H, Zafria B, Corsa D, Astra G, Zafira A.
Note: May require wheel spacers to fit under certain wheels.

Astra J VXR Stage 1 Remap

Courtenay Sport Stage 1 ECU Remap

Exclusive Courtenay Sport Stage 1 Software Upgrade. Software customising whilst on our rolling road optimising fuelling, full boost and ignition maps, Full Power and Torque Graph Print Outs.

Our Stage 1 upgrade gives much better low end response combined with a smother and flatter torque curve, whilst at the top end we have managed to increase and sustain the power for longer. Alongside this you will also benefit from improved cruise fuel economy. We saw a peak power figure of 342.65 lb ft torque with power rising to 300.07 bhp. Our development car still has quite low miles so we would expect to see a few more bhp as the engine loosens further.

Like all our ECU upgrades the software is installed on your car whilst on our rolling road optimising fuelling, boost and Ignition maps. This enables us to see and rectify any underlying faults or problems and to ensure that the calibration is 100% accurate and safe for your car before handing it back over to you, along with the full power and torque print outs.

£565.00 including full map optimisation, datalogging and Rolling Road Set Up.

Courtenay Sport Stage 1 Remap Graph Astra J VXR

Courtenay Sport Stage 1 Remap Graph Astra J VXR

Cortina GT on Rolling Road

Had something a little different on the Rolling Road this morning……

A 1965 Cortina GT 1500 on twin webbers.

It was just being run up to check fuelling and power and made a respectable 100bhp at the flywheel.

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