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Time Attack 2013 – Courtenay Sport Racing Astra VXR – The Season Begins

Monday April 1st sees the start of the 2013 Time Attack Championship at Cadwell Park in Lincolnshire.

For 2013 Courtenay Sport Racing are backing and sponsoring the DCE Motorsport entry into the Time Attack Series. The car is an Astra H VXR which is driven by existing customer and owner Will Watson and has been entered into the Club Challenge Class FWD. The car features a number of our components, including our high flow inlet manifold and full exhaust system and the engine ecu has been bespoke remapped and a full set up carried out on our rolling road.

The great thing with this car is that the parts fitted and used on it are available for your everyday road and trackday car.

Time Attack 2013 Astra H VXR

Time Attack 2013 Astra H VXR

For those unfamiliar with this series Time Attack events take place across one day. Competitors drive hard against the clock to set the quickest lap time around each circuit. After the formalities of scrutineering and drivers’ briefings have taken place, the on-track element of  a Time Attack event consists of four sessions:

Warm Up – 15 minutes
Practice – 20 minutes
Qualifying – 20 minutes
Final – 15 minutes.

If you would like to keep updated with our progress and the series you can get all the latest news and find information from a number of sources online:

Our Dedicated Time Attack Webpage The Courtenay Sport Blog The DCE Motorsport Website

Via Facebook and Twitter:

Courtenay Sport on Facebook DCE Motorsport on Facebook Time Attack Website
Courtenay Sport on Twitter DCE Motorsport on Twitter Time Attack on Twitter

We wish Will and the whole team the best of luck for the opening round on Monday.

Fitting Poly Bushes to Vectra C VXR

We recently put together a pictorial fitting guide with Total Vauxhall Magazine showing how to fit Polyurethane Bushes to a Vectra C VXR.

It was featured in Issue 144 January 2013. Here is the full article:

Vectra C Poly Bush Fitting Guide

Vectra C Poly Bush Fitting Guide

If you experience an issue viewing the PDF file try the following: Read more

Gearbox Breather Tank – Astra H VXR M32

Gearbox Breather Tank for Astra H VXR/M32 Gearbox, also suitable for 1.9 CDTi Astra H, and equivalent Zafira models.

This breather tank kit is designed specifically for track day/race use but can also be fitted to road cars. It allows for the gearbox to breathe when the oil gets hot and also allows an additional  half litre of oil to be used in the gearbox, which helps to prolong the time it takes for the gearbox oil temperature to increase to temperatures where the oil can go out of grade.

Here is a brief fitting guide (on Astra H VXR): Read more

Side Gearbox/Engine Mount Fitting – Astra G/H and Zafira A/B

Astra G/H 2.0 Petrol Turbo, Astra H 1.9 CDTi, Zafira A/B 2.0 Petrol Turbo and Zafira B 1.9 CDTi have a gearbox side mount that is rubber and prone to failure.

Courtenay Sport approached Powerflex to devise a solution to not only improve the original factory mount, but also give it some additional support and to help reinforce it. In some cases where the original factory mount is not too badly damaged or split, the polyurethane insert can be used to ‘save’ the failing factory mount and prevent further deterioration.

Two specifications of material are available for this mount: Yellow for road use (Shore Hardness 70) and Black (Shore Hardness 95) more aimed at trackday/competition use as it is much stiffer.

OE Factory Engine Mount and Yellow Poly Insert

OE Factory Engine Mount and Yellow Poly Insert

OE Factory Engine Mount and Black Poly Insert

OE Factory Engine Mount and Black Poly Insert

We recently fitted a yellow mount insert to an Astra H VXR which had covered just over 46,000 miles and the factory mount was already showing signs of weakening due to splitting which if left would ultimately deteriorate fully and  fail completely.

Once fitted there was no noticeable increase in NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) into the vehicle. The vehicle used also had an uprated front engine mount insert fitted. Additionally it was noted that the gearchange had improved and became smoother due to the reduction in gearbox movement at gearchange, due to the uprated gearbox mount insert.

On vehicles with a full set of uprated engine mounts, some minor change in NVH may be experienced by fitting this additional mount.

Here is a brief fitting guide: Read more

Rear Braided Brake Hose Fitting – Astra G/H and Zafira A/B

The factory/OE rear brake hose on these cars is a single piece with a rubber brake hose at each end and a solid metal joiner pipe which cannot be reused due to the way the rubber hoses are fitted into the metal pipe.

Our braided rear brake hose kit comes complete with 4 braided hoses (2 for each side) and 2 copper joiner hoses (again one for each side). Unlike some other supplied brake hose kits we do supply the copper joiner pipes with male unions pre-fitted, to make fitting braided rear brake hoses a much more straightforward job.

Additionally the brackets that are used on the factory rear brake hoses can be re-used with our rear brake lines, as this is often queried by people.  We’ve uploaded a few fitting images to show you how its done.
Read more

Astra VXR GTx3076R Development…… 559bhp & Video

Further Development of this car has seen us change the turbo to a Garret GTx3076R along with a custom made 100mm diameter inlet pipe.

Target BHP was something on the right side of 500 BHP. With 99 octane UK pump fuel we saw 525 BHP but this was on the limit of our UK fuel quality; Stephan in Germany had seen well over 550 BHP with this turbo on 102 ocatane pump fuel available to them.

At this point we thought it might be fun to add some methanol to bring the octane value up; a stainless tank was fabricated and installed with an Aquamist pump in the spare wheel well, to sit alongside the already installed swirl pot and Pierburg pump.  The spare wheel well has had a number of vents installed and a laser cut acrylic panel made and installed to protect the contents and seal the wheel well off from the car’s interior. With further mapping mostly based around a much more efficient timing curve we saw the power rise to a peak of 568 BHP and finally settled with a comfortable figure of 559 BHP.

Final testing on the road proved very interesting and memorable for Mark R when he found some additional work was needed to stop the meth from puddling in the inlet manifold, which occurred on part throttle when the throttle was being feathered due to wheel spin! Fortunately the functionality and adjustability of the Aquamist ECU made this quite straight forward to achieve.

Engine Spec features numerous Courtenay core products as follows:

Ported Cylinder head
Forged Pistons
Steel Rods
Klasen Cams
Klasen Inlet Manifold
V Band Cast Manifold
Tial External Wastegate
Custom 3” front pipe mated to a Piper 3” exhaust System
GTx3076R Turbo with Tial Exhaust Housing & 100mm inlet
Courtenay Intercooler
Courtenay Water Radiator
Lightened Flywheel
Paddle Clutch plate
Reworked Sach’s Uprated Clutch Cover

To name but a few items…

Hopefully this should keep the ever power hungry Wayne T content for a while. 🙂 A thoroughly enjoyable conversion to do cheers Wayne…

Spare Wheel Well with Swirl Pot, Pierburg Pump and Aquamist Pump and Methanol Tank.

Spare Wheel Well with Swirl Pot, Pierburg High Pressure Pump, Aquamist Pump and Methanol Tank

Laser Cut Acrylic Spare Wheel Well Cover

Laser Cut Acrylic Spare Wheel Well Cover

Gearbox Side Engine Mount Poly Insert – Astra G Zafira A Z20LET 2.0 Turbo

The gearbox side engine mount (left had side mount) on Astra G/Zafira A 2.0 Turbo models is prone to failure caused by splitting, especially given the age of some of the rubber mounts. This polyurethane insert compliments our other uprated engine mounts and polyurethane inserts, and simply sleeves over the exiting factory OE side engine mount.

Inserts are an effective way of reducing engine movement, aiding power delivery and reducing damage to exhaust downpipes and other hoses and improving handling with less engine movement to unsettle a car during braking and cornering.

Additionally for fast road and trackday use the ability to strengthen this factory mount will reduce its movement.

The gearbox insert fits Astra G 2.0 petrol turbo engines (Z20LET)and Zafira A 2.0 Petrol Turbo (Z20LET) with the F23 gearbox

This mount is available in Yellow Material with a shore hardness of 70 for fast road use and light track use and in the new Black Material with a shore hardness of 95 (recommended only for race and dedicated trackday use)

Priced at £27.54 (Yellow – Shown Below)
and £30.30 (Black Series)

Poly Gearbox/Side Engine Mount Insert

Poly Gearbox/Side Engine Mount Insert

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