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Cleaning our Re-Useable Panel Filter.

How to clean a re-useable, washable Courtenay Sport High Foam Foam Panel Filter.

We suggest carrying out this routine maintenance annually, as it is a very simple process.

First remove the filter from the airbox.

Wet the filter with warm/hot water (but no so hot that you burn yourself!) running the water through the filter from the top side (logo side).

Using washing-up liquid wash the filter lathering up the underside (black side) and thoroughly clean it.

Once clean rinse the foam filter again in warm water running the water from the top (logo side) through the filter, to wash out any dirt.

If required, repeat the wash and rinse stage.

Shake out, then carefully squeeze out any excess water.

Allow the filter to dry out for as long as possible, overnight if you want, ideally in a warm place but not in or on a direct heat source. (If not completely dry, a damp filter can be refitted.)

Prior to refitting, lightly re-oil the underside (black side) of the foam filter with a couple of very light mist coats of air filter oil in opposite directions to cover the filter – do not saturate the filter!

Refit the air filter into your airbox.

Note: Do not use petrol, or other similar products to wash out your foam air filter. They just don’t like it!

Panel Filter washed in petrol...... Don't!!!

Panel Filter washed in petrol…… Don’t!!!

Air Filter Oil Spray

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