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EBC GD Sport Discs

Over the next few months EBC GD Sport Discs will change from gold to black. The current gold coating is being phased out and will be replaced by a Black GEOMET coating, which is a new long lasting corrosion resistant finish.

This means that over the next few months the traditional gold finished EBC discs will be replaced with black coated discs. They will still be manufactured to the same high standards.

GD Discs - Gold and New Black Finish

GD Discs – Gold and New Black Finish

Astra G – LSD and Uprated Clutch and Flywheel

We recently had this Astra G GSi Turbo in with us to have a Quaife Limited Slip Differential fitted into the F23 gearbox and whilst the gearbox was off the car we had the opportunity to fit a lightweight billet steel flywheel and uprated clutch cover and 6 paddle disc, in preparation for some big horsepower upgrades.

Work In Progress:

Astra G GSi Turbo with engine bed and gearbox removed.

Astra G GSi Turbo with engine bed and gearbox removed.

Astra Subframe

Astra Engine Bed/Subframe Removed

F23 Gearbox

F23 Gearbox – LSD Fitted

Engine Bed/Subframe Bushes – Astra G/H and Zafira A/B

Front End Improvement for Astra G/H and Zafira A/B.

Poweflex have engineered a solution to replace the factory engine bed/subframe bushes in Astra G/H and Zafria A/B which can be prone to failure and contribute to vague handling. These stiffer engine bed bushes help improve the front end feel of the car especially during turn-in and cornering. By removing the flex in the subframe bushes the handling is improved giving a more positive feel to the front end.

These Front Subframe Bushes feature two polyurethane top-hat style bushes that makes for simple installation and durability. The bushes house a stainless steel sleeve and are supported by zinc coated steel washers at each end for increased support under load.

Poly bushes will be resistant to corrosion and the addition of a stainless steel sleeve should help prevent the bed bolts from seizing into the bushes, which can happen with the factory bushes.

Suitable for Astra G, Astra H, Zafira A and Zafira B All Models.

These new bushes replace OE part numbers 90498689, 9223022, 9223023 and 13107328 used across the model ranges.

The application of corrosion resistant materials, robust design and the Powerflex Lifetime Warranty ensures the subframe need not be removed again once fitted, unless removal is required for other service work to be carried out.

These bushes are available in Purple Series 80 Shore Road Spec material for vehicles that are mainly used on the road and also Black Series 95 Shore Track Spec material that suits vehicles being used in Motorsport or predominantly on the track.

Purple Spec: £22 each Black Spec: £24 each

6 bushes required per subframe.

Professional installation is recommended. The ideal time is when the subframe is removed to allow access to the gearbox or clutch.

Engine Bed Bushes - Purple Series

Engine Bed Bushes – Purple Series

Engine Bed Bushes - Black Series

Engine Bed Bushes – Black Series

Poly Bushed Front Wishbones – Astra G/H

Now Available, we have direct replacement front wishbones for Astra G and H models. These front wishbones are brand new and come pre-fitted with uprated 85 Shore polyurethane wishbone bushes in black and a brand new high quality OEM ball joint.

This will make fitting uprated poly bushes far easier and much more straightforward. No need to spend hours knocking out existing bushes and fitting new ones, simply undo 3 bolts, drop the original arm off the car and fit the direct replacement wishbone.

Priced at £90 each inc VAT.

Pre Bushed Front Arm Astra

Pre Bushed Front Arm Astra

Focus ST Remap

Just for a change we recently had a Focus ST here for remapping and rolling road set up. Already fitted with a cat back exhaust system (the standard downpipe and cat had not been changed) and an intercooler, we remapped the ecu and carried out a rolling road set up achieving 261bhp and 311 lb ft torque.

Focus ST on the Rolling Road

Focus ST on the Rolling Road

18″ Revolution Millenium Alloy Wheels Astra H – For Sale

Available for sale a set of four pre-owned 18″ Revolution Millennium Alloy Wheels in excellent condition. There are no scuffs, marks or kerb damage on the wheel faces or rims. The pictures show the condition of the wheels.

Size: 8J x 18″
PCD: 5×110
Centre Bore: 65.1mm Direct Fit
Offset: ET35mm.

Ideal for Astra H models including VXR.

Originally White, these have been finished in Smoked Grey, which shows as a range of colours from silver to dark grey depending upon the lighting (see pictures). The inside of each wheel is black. There is some evidence of brake dust on the inside of the rims.

These wheels will clear Original Equipment factory brakes and all aftermarket big brake kits such as AP VXRacing, Alcon, K Sport and D2.

They have a set of VXR Wheel Centre Badges.

They are fitted with 225/40 x 18 tyres.

2 are Continental Sport Contact 2 which have about 3mm of tread.
2 are Goodyear Eagle F1 which have about 7mm of tread.

Offers Around £NOW SOLD

Can be collected by arrangement or they can be shipped at additional cost.

Wheel 1

Wheel 1

Wheel 2

Wheel 2

Wheel 3

Wheel 3

Wheel 4

Wheel 4

KW V3 Coilover Kit – Astra G Turbo

Upgrading the suspension on this Astra G Turbo with a KW V3 inox line adjustable coilover kit.

KW V3 Coilovers - Astra G Turbo

KW V3 Coilovers – Astra G Turbo

Astra H VXR K06 Conversion

One of our recent jobs was this Astra H VXR, brought in to have a K06 turbocharger fitted (complete with an uprated recirculation valve), along with our CSRacing Full Height Front Mounted Intercooler. Whilst in our workshop it was also converted to Evans Power Cool 180 Waterless Coolant.

Already fitted with a 70mm exhaust system it was onto the rolling road for mapping and full set up. During mapping the mid range and top end boost was reduced slightly due to the 70mm exhaust system giving more back pressure than a 76mm system and also because the engine did not have steel rods or uprated valve springs. Once the ignition timing and fuel were optimised we saw results of 304 point something bhp (so nearly 305bhp!) and 341 lb ft torque. With a 76mm system estimated gains are 305-310bhp so this particular car is making good power on a 70mm system.

There is still some in reserve to come for this car once it has a 76mm exhaust system to help with back pressure reduction as 310bhp+ is more than possible, with potentially even more should an inlet manifold, steel rods and uprated valve springs/shims be fitted.

Astra H VXR with K06 Conversion

Astra H VXR with K06 Conversion

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