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Vauxhall Reveals Seventh-Generation Astra

  • First pictures of new Brit-built Astra ahead of Frankfurt unveil
  • Up to 200kg lighter than outgoing model
  • Smaller outside, bigger inside
  • New engine portfolio including 1.4-litre (145PS) petrol
  • First all-new Vauxhall with OnStar
  • IntelliLink R 4.0 compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto

Luton – These are the first images of Vauxhall’s seventh-generation Astra, which will reach production later this year from the company’s Ellesmere Port manufacturing plant in Cheshire.

New Vauxhall Astra 2015

New Vauxhall Astra 2015

Based on an all-new lightweight vehicle architecture with a new design, powertrains and technology, Astra will receive its world premiere at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show (September 17-27).

One the UK’s top-selling and best-loved cars, the Astra is a household name for British car buyers with over 2.9 million sold in the UK over the last 36 years with over 50,000 last year.

Depending on the model and trim level it will be up to 200kg (130kg on average) lighter than its predecessor. The completely new vehicle architecture plays a major role in the weight reduction. Every component was checked for compact design and lightweight materials. The body shell weight alone was reduced by 20 per cent from 357kg to 280kg.

Additional, chassis-related measures resulted in a further 50kg weight loss. These include high-strength and ultra-high-strength low-weight steels, compact subframes as well as weight reductions to the front and rear axle.


The all-new Astra features a powertrain portfolio including petrol and diesel units ranging from 100PS to 200PS.

It is expected that a new GSi model (247bhp) and VXR model (296bhp) will also be announced.

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Thermal Inlet Gasket Z16LEx/A16LEx/B16LEx

New Product, Now Available.

Thermal Inlet Gasket for 1.6 Turbo Z16LEx/A16LEx/B16LEx Engines.

Thermal Inlet Gasket Z16LEx/A16LEx/B16LEx

Thermal Inlet Gasket Z16LEx/A16LEx/B16LEx

Designed to reduce heat-soak from the cylinder head to the inlet manifold. Ideal for use with any engine, but especially big power builds.

Heat management is an area that is often ignored during engine modification. The Thermal Inlet Gasket will help prevent heat from conducting from the cylinder head casting into the inlet manifold, significantly reducing heat soak.

In theory, because of the cooler and denser inlet charge, a small and immediate power increase should be evident (if you can run a little more ignition timing before pre-ignition occurs then power should rise), but their main strength will be in helping to keep temperatures under control during and after prolonged engine use.

This 4mm thick high performance composite gasket, designed for optimal heat insulation, is available for Z16LEx/A16LEx/B16LEx engines and is paper coated on both sides to aid sealing.


Number Plates – Perspex and Pressed Steel

In addition to our Courtenay Sport perspex number plates we are now also able to supply pressed steel plates.

Both types are UK road legal with Courtenay Sport logo, supplied in pairs. Available with or without the EU/GB Logo, at no extra cost.

Perspex number plates have red line border, pressed steel number plates have a black border, as shown below.

Perspex: £40.00 per pair including VAT

Pressed Steel: £54.00 per pair including VAT

Please > Contact Us < to order.

Front Pressed Steel Number Plate

Front Pressed Steel Number Plate

Rear Pressed Steel Number Plate

Rear Pressed Steel Number Plate

Note: We will require proof of ID and entitlement to use any number plates ordered from us, as per DVLA guidelines.

New Advert June 2015

Our Latest Advert revealed in Evo and Performance Vauxhall magazines.

Courtenay Sport Advert

Courtenay Sport Advert

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