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Astra H VXR – K06 Mapping

This Astra H VXR Nürburgring is a well loved and enjoyed example having covered some 110,000 miles, but it always gets regular 5,000 mile oil changes. It shows the durability of the engines as this car has been tuned to several levels, originally starting at Stage 3.

More recently it has benefitted from the addition of a K06 hybrid turbo and Courtenay Klasen Inlet manifold, a set of steel rods and with mapping and set up is currently making 316 bhp on the 70mm Remus exhaust system.

It is due back soon for a full 76mm exhaust system to release the additional power available from the fitted components, which is being held back by the Remus system.

Excellent results showing that mileage is not detrimental to the Z20LEH engine making good power, providing regular maintenacne is carried out.

Astra H VXR Mapping

Astra H VXR Mapping

Zafira GSi Turbo Clutch and Flywheel Replacement

A tuned Zafira GSi in our workshop for an uprated fast road clutch and lightweight billet steel flywheel assembly.

To cope with the higher power and torque figures, we have fitted this Zafria with an uprated clutch, and at the same time replaced the rear mail oil seal (behind the flywheel) and fitted a new Sachs hydraulic slave cylinder.

At the same time it has also benefitted from the addition of a lightweight flywheel which improves the engine’s willingness to rev and makes for faster acceleration through the gears. An upgrade well worth carrying out with clutch replacement.

Not only can we supply and fit but we can also send parts out mail order by courier for anyone unable to get to us.

Zafira GSi Clutch and Flywheel Replacement

Zafira GSi Clutch and Flywheel Replacement

Astra J VXR Stage 2

Astra J VXR’s are becoming more and more popular for tuning now and here is another example. White seems to be a popular choice on this model.

This car was brought to us for a Stage 2 Tuning package which consists of a replacement 76mm downpipe to remove the restrictive pre-cat, a revised silicone inlet hose with a free flowing replacement air flow meter housing and large AEM DryFlow air filter assembly followed by custom ecu remapping, datalogging and full rolling road set up.

This car acheived 334bhp and 385 lb ft torque.

Astra J VXR Stage 3

Another Astra J VXR in for mapping, fitted with all the right components for Stage 3; Full 3″ Turbo Back Exhaust with pre-cat removal, CSRacing Intercooler, enlarged inlet hose, Induction Kit.

Astra J VXR Mapping

Astra J VXR Mapping


Astra J VXR Engine Bay

Astra J VXR Engine Bay

Astra J VXR Day

Returning after the Christmas and New Year break to work on more Astra J VXRs.

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