Astra J VXR Stage 3 Package

Courtenay Sport Stage 3: Remap, Front Pipe, Free Flowing Cat Section, Induction Kit, Intercooler
Stage 3 is the final stage upgrade using the standard factory K04 Turbo. This package consists of pre-cat deletion, replacing the OE factory front pipe and first cat first cat with our free flowing 3” cat-less front pipe (also used in our stage 1+ package). In the quest for further power we then turn to the next restriction which is the case of the Astra J VXR is the original equipment air intake/air box.

We completely remove this and replace it with a huge free flowing AEM non oiled Dry Flow Filter. This is mounted to a free flowing air flow meter housing which features a built in air straightener so correct air mass values are relayed to the ECU, finally this assembly sits within a heat deflector shield.

This particular car has also had our upgrade silicone inlet hose fitted.

Astra J VXR Stage 3
Astra J VXR Stage 3

With the Stage 3 package  we are looking to fully optimise everything around the turbo to fully maximise efficiency, so a huge Pro Alloy/Courtenay full height intercooler is installed complete with large bore pipe work and hoses, which whilst keeping the inlet air temperatures very cold also optimises the flow from the turbo through to the inlet manifold. The intercooler and pipework on the above car have been finish in stealth black finish.

Next a 3” free flowing cat section is fitted to compliment the high flow front pipe. With these parts installed the car is remapped on our rolling road optimising our Exclusive Courtenay Sport software to take full advantage to achieve maximum gains from these components.

Final power and torque figures are a very healthy 342bhp and 384 lb ft.

As an option to enhance the soundtrack, this car has also had our 3″ single sliencer cat back system fitted.

Astra J VXR Rolling Road Set Up
Astra J VXR Rolling Road Set Up
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