Astra J VXR Stage 3

A change to the more common Astra J VXRs we see in Arden Blue, this time in the much less seen but equally stunning Power Red.

The car had already been fitted with a full 3″ Piper turbo back exhaust system and an Airtec cooler and induction kit when it arrived with us and when benchmarked produced 300bhp and 348 lb ft torque when benchmarked, although with a noticeably bouncing boost curve between 3-4,000 rpm due to the factory software, which was reflected inthe power and torque curves.

Once mapping was completed the results were a very respectable 340 bhp and 381 lb ft, after we had fitted our own air flow meter inlet housing and AEM dryflow cone filter which allowed the car to produce an extra 3 bhp and 10 lb ft torque over the original induction kit that had been fitted on the car.

Our free flowing air flow meter housing was specifically developed for the Astra J VXR on our rolling road and features a built in air straightener so correct air mass values which are relayed to the ECU, and able to help this car reach higher numbers.

Astra J VXR Mapping
Astra J VXR Mapping
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