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Total Vauxhall Live 2011 Gallery

A selection of images from the Courtenay Sport Sponsored Total Vauxhall Live 2011 Show. Thank you to everyone who helped out on the day, who put their cars on display and who demonstrated their cars out on track. A special thank you to Ade who took people out for passenger laps in the race car and to Stephan and Frank who brought their big power Westfield’s over from Germany. A great day was enjoyed all round, with glorious weather all day.

On display we had: Stephan Klasen’s Westfield Sport Turbo with Big Turbo Conversion and 380bhp in a 620kg car, Frank’s Westfield Sport Turbo, Dave’s Astra VXR Nürburgring Sprint, Mark’s Insignia VXR 349bhp, Tim’s Corsa VXR Sprint Stage 4 with 280bhp on our Z16LEH manifold and Z20LEH turbo, Wayne’s Astra VXR (373 bhp with our cast manifold and Garret Conversion), Adam’s and Dan’s brace of modified VX220 Turbos, Kieran’s Courtenay Supercharged VX220 2.2, John’s Blue Astra VXR Sprint, Andy and Billy’s Corsa B Z20LET, Mark’s Vecra VXR (340bhp), Mark’s Silver Astra VXR Sprint and the two Astra VXR race cars.

“Courtenay Sport Display at Total Vauxhall Live, sponsored by Courtenay Sport on Saturday 30th July 2011.”

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Total Vauxhall Live Track Time Rules

Track Time Rules

Please ensure you read the track time rules for Total Vauxhall Live and are aware of the experience required for the session that you are booking – Track Time bookings are non refundable.


All drivers must be 18 or over
All drivers must be at least 5’2” tall
All drivers must have a full driving licence. You must show both parts on the day of the event
All drivers must attend a briefing before going out on track
Helmets are compulsory
Drivers must have arms and legs covered at all times whilst driving. Overalls will NOT be available for hire on the day
Seatbelts are compulsory
Drivers must sign an indemnity and fill in all relevant track paperwork before going out on track
No hand held cameras allowed in cars when on circuit


Only front seat passengers are permitted
Passengers must be 18 or over
All passengers must be at least 5’2” tall
Helmets are compulsory
Passengers must have arms and legs covered at all times whilst in the car. Overalls will NOT be available for hire on the day
Seatbelts are compulsory
Passengers must sign an indemnity before going out on track

Driving standards:

All drivers must attend a briefing before going out on the circuit and these must be followed
Treat your first lap as a sighting lap
Racing is not permitted
Overtake on the straight only. Overtake on the right (usually the inside of the track)
Drivers must not overtake in Red zones or after the brake signs
Check your mirrors regularly
Always do a cool down lap at the end of your session
Any driver spinning, racing or driving dangerously will be reported and may be refused extra track time
Drive slowly in the paddock, there will be a lot of pedestrians – be aware of them
When leaving the track at the end of your session you must use the slip road into the pitlane
Drivers will be watched at all times. If reported the driver will get a yellow card
If a driver gets 2 yellow cards they will be banned along with the car

Vehicle restrictions:

Your car must be in-keeping with Total Vauxhall Live
Your vehicle must be in suitable condition for circuit driving and to MOT test standards
Cars fitted with slick tyres are not permitted on track
Tyres must meet the recommended pressure for high speed driving
Do NOT overfill petrol tanks
3 wheel cars are not permitted on the circuit
All vehicles will be sound checked prior to taking to the circuit
All vehicles must comply to the strict noise limit of 100db(A)
Measured at ½ metre from the exhaust outlet at 4500rpm
Merlin Motorsport, located at the Circuit, offer a range of bolt-on “Silencing Accessories”
The Castle Combe Marshals reserve the right to refuse any car from being driven on the circuit for whatever reason – their decision is final

Flag and traffic light signals:

Should a session be stopped for any reason, red lights will be switched on around the circuit and/or red flag at the side of the track

Red flag/lights – Prepare to stop, check mirrors, slow down to approximately 20mph and return to pits/start line and follow the officials instructions

Yellow flag/lights – Indicates danger, slow down considerably, be prepared to take evasive action including stopping if necessary. No overtaking.

Chequered flag – Indicates that you must come off the track at the end of the lap, continue around the circuit and use the pit slip road to exit the track

Black flag – We have seen something dangerous on your car, slow down and return to the pit lane

Performance Vauxhall Show 2011

Courtenay Sport will not be attending the Performance Vauxhall Show this year at Santa Pod.

Due to other commintments, we will be at Thruxton for Round Three of the Production Touring Car Trophy supporting both our race cars, as this race weekend clashes with PVS. We currently lead the championship so our efforts must go to into our race team to continue our strong start to the season.

Instead for 2011, we will be the headline sponsor of Total Vauxhall Live at Castle Combe, Saturday 30th July. This Vauxhall only track day based event is expected to be a fantastic show building on the success of last year and one that we are looking forward to putting our full support behind.

For any of our customers who wish to attend Total Vauxhall Live, we look forward to seeing you there. Tickets can be booked in advance with Total Vauxhall and there will be Track Time available along with our Astra VXR Race Cars, the drivers will be on hand and we hope to be able to offer a limited number of passanger laps.

Courtenay Sport Sponsor Total Vauxhall Live

Courtenay Sport Sponsor Total Vauxhall Live

Courtenay Sport to Headline Sponsor Total Vauxhall Live Event

Courtenay Sport Sponsor Total Vauxhall Live

Courtenay Sport Sponsor Total Vauxhall Live

Courtenay Sport are Headline Sponsors of Total Vauxhall Live, the all-Vauxhall track event taking place at Castle Combe Racing Circuit, Wiltshire on Saturday July 30, 2011.

Courtenay Astra VXR Sport Maxx 2010

Courtenay Astra VXR Sport Maxx 2010

Courtenay Sport had a fantastic season last year in the Dunlop Sport Maxx Production Cup, where Adrian Churchill scooped the championship in his Courtenay tuned Astra VXR. 

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