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Astra H 2.0 Turbo Mapping

We recently remapped this Astra H SRi 2.0 Turbo model. The 3 door model with the Z20LEL engine leaves the factory with 170PS and was booked in for a repalcement 70mm pre-cat removal pipe, a high flow panel filter, ECU remapping and full rollinh road set up.

Once on the rolling road after an initial inspection and run up a split factory recirculation valve was diagnosed which was causing a loss of boost, and if left can lead to turbo failure. This was replaced with one of our Courtenay TurboSmart uprated recirculation valves which are a much stronger and better made unit removing the rubber insert of the OE unit that tears causing the failure of the OE valve.

After full datalogging, bespoke mapping and optimisation the car produced a very respectable 224 bhp and 255 lb ft of torque, an excellent result from a 96,000 mile engine. The torque was been kept nice a smooth from 2,700 rpm – 5,000rpm without a peak mid range torque spike which can lead to  problems for the factory clutches causing them to slip.

Astra SRi 2.0 Turbo 3 Door

Astra SRi 2.0 Turbo 3 Door

Turbosmart Recirculation Valves Now Available

Turbosmart Recirculation Valve

Turbosmart Recirculation Valve

Turbosmart Kompact Shortie Series Recirculation Valves have been specifically designed to suit BorgWarner EFR and KKK turbos.

Unlike the standard, plastic valves that use un-reinforced rubber diaphragms and are known to crack or split under increased boost, the new BW/KKK Kompact valves uses an O-Ring sealed piston which, coupled with their billet aluminium construction give them over 30PSI of boost handling capability.

Designed as a bolt-on direct replacement replacement for the factory valve on all BorgWarner EFR, KKK turbos, the Kompact Shortie Plumb Back provides better boost response and greater boost handling capability.

Included with each Kompact Shortie kit is:

  • 1 x Model Specific Valve
  • 1 x Straight Nipple
  • 1 x Banjo Nipple
  • 3 x Mounting screws

Finished in Black as shown. This recirculation valve is a really nicely machined and finished item, with a quality look and feel about it.

Features and Benefits:

  • Machined from Billet Alluminium.
  • Lightweight, brass/aluminium, two-piece piston.
  • More Reliable than the factory valve.
  • Substancial Construction.
  • Improved Boost Responsive.
  • Single Spring – No Requirement to Change when Tuning.
  • Finish: Anodised Black as shown.

Suitable for ALL BW EFR KKK (K04/K06) Z20LEx and A20NFT Turbo units:
Astra G SRi/GSi 2.0 Turbo
Astra H SRi 2.0 Turbo including VXR
Astra J GTC VXR 2.0 Turbo
Zafira A GSi 2.0 Turbo
Zafria B SRi 2.0 Turbo including VXR
VX220/VXR220 2.0 Turbo

£108.00 inc VAT

Coming soon for Z16LEx 1.6 Turbo Vauxhall Engines.

Turbosmart Recirculation Valve

Turbosmart Recirculation Valve

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