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Big Brake Kits

Big Brake Kits are becoming more and more popular, especially the offerings from D2 and K Sport due to their price point and build quality. They offer immense stopping ability and the most popular sizes are 330mm and 356mm designed to fit under 17″ and 18″ wheels respectively, although in some instances a narrow wheel […]

D2 Brake Kits

We had a couple of cars in recently for D2 big front brake upgrades, both receiving D2 6 Pot kits with 330mm alloy belled discs to fit under 17″ Alloy Wheels: Purple Calipers: Red Calipers: Also available with 356mm discs to fit under 18″ Alloy Wheels. Kit prices start at £1022.00 including DOT5.1 braked fluid, […]

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