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Big Brake Kits

Big Brake Kits are becoming more and more popular, especially the offerings from D2 and K Sport due to their price point and build quality. They offer immense stopping ability and the most popular sizes are 330mm and 356mm designed to fit under 17″ and 18″ wheels respectively, although in some instances a narrow wheel spacer may be required, depending on the wheels fitted.

D2 kits feature 6 pot calipers with road seals and cross drilled belled discs, K Sport calipers are 8 pot and use 8 grooved discs and are available in a range of caliper colours at no extra cost; Black, Red, Yellow, Orange (K Sport only), Purple (D2 Only).

Prices range from £899 – £1122. Avaiable for Astra G, Astra H, Corsa D, Vectra C, Zafira A, Zafira B, Vectra B

D2 6 Pot Caliper in Purple

D2 6 Pot Caliper in Purple

K Sport 8 pot Caliper in Orange

K Sport 8 pot Caliper in Orange

D2 6 Pot Caliper in Purple

D2 6 Pot Caliper in Purple

Pagid RS29 Pads Available

Pagid RS29 Pad
Pagid RS29 Pad

For the serious fast road and track day enthusiasts who appreciate an excellent brake pad, we now have in stock Pagid RS29 pads for the following calipers:

AP (VXR) 6 Pot (used in 362mm Vectra VXR kit)
Alcon 4498 4 Pot Monoblock calipers (used in the Alcon Xtreme Brake Kits)
K Sport 8 Pot (356mm and 330mm kits)
D2 6 Pot (356mm and 330mm kits)

These Pagid pads are also available from us for the AP 4 Pot 6600 caliper, and also the AP 4 Pot VXRacing 6600 caliper (343mm discs) which uses a slightly slimmer D50 pad.

From our own testing and from customer feedback, these Pagid pads are an excellent trackday brake pad and extremely well suit to that environment, that also works well for fast road use, benefiting from good feel even from lower temperatures.

Pad Spec.
Friction Level:
Cold 0.40
At 100o C – 0.43
At 300o C – 0.47
Max At 550o C – 0.49

Constant Working Temperature: 400-700o C
Maximum Temperature: 750o C (Short Period Only)

Pads range from £240.00 – £290.00

RS29 is a direct development of RS19, with a very similar friction coefficient to RS19, improvements in initial bite offering quicker response and slightly more temperature stable at the upper levels of the temperature range. Developments in raw material selection and compounding have resulted in improvements also in pedal feel and feedback, helping with modulation particularly on lighter applications.
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