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Rear Brake Lines – Astra H/Zafira B

Some pictures for reference, in gallery form and in no particular order, showing our braided rear brake hoses fitted on Astra H VXR. These should offer some help with installation of the rear braided brake lines. The brackets from the factory brake lines can be reused to accept the new braided brake lines. Remove the factory brake pipes from the original brackets (you will need to drift them out), and carefully open up the holes in the brackets to accept the braided brake line stainless steel unions, which are a slightly larger diameter to the factory fittings.

Stage 3 Astra H VXR

Astra H VXR Stage 3 Upgrade and LSD (Limited Slip Differential).

This car spent a couple of days in our workshop and had a full 3″ exhaust system, CSRacing intercooler and a Quaife LSD fitted. Then it was onto the rolling road for mapping, datalogging and full rolling road set up making 290bhp and 350 lb/ft torque.

Astra H VXR Rolling Road Mapping

Astra H VXR Rolling Road Mapping

Stage 2 Astra H VXR

Astra H VXR is still a very popular vehicle for modifying, whenther it is a mild upgrade or something far more major.

This particular car came to us for a Stage 2 tuning pack. We fitted a full 3″ stainless steel turbo back exhaust system and it was then round to the dyno cell for mapping and a full set up on our rolling road. The resuting 280 bhp and 333 lb/ft torque completely transforms the car.

Astra H VXR Stage 2 Mapping

Astra H VXR Stage 2 Mapping

3″ Full Exhaust System – Astra H VXR

Another Astra H VXR brought to us, this time to have a full 3″ Courtenay Piper exhaust system fitted. Where customers choose not to have a full ecu remap, part of our fitting process includes programming the ecu with factory spec software with the P0420 DTC (Cat System Efficiency Below Threshold) error code deleted, to eliminate the EML (engine management light) from coming on.

Astra H VXR 3" Exhaust

Astra H VXR 3″ Exhaust

Astra H VXR – K06 Mapping

This Astra H VXR Nürburgring is a well loved and enjoyed example having covered some 110,000 miles, but it always gets regular 5,000 mile oil changes. It shows the durability of the engines as this car has been tuned to several levels, originally starting at Stage 3.

More recently it has benefitted from the addition of a K06 hybrid turbo and Courtenay Klasen Inlet manifold, a set of steel rods and with mapping and set up is currently making 316 bhp on the 70mm Remus exhaust system.

It is due back soon for a full 76mm exhaust system to release the additional power available from the fitted components, which is being held back by the Remus system.

Excellent results showing that mileage is not detrimental to the Z20LEH engine making good power, providing regular maintenacne is carried out.

Astra H VXR Mapping

Astra H VXR Mapping

Mapping on a Cold Day – K06 at 349bhp

This Astra H VXR has been with us before for mapping and has a K06 turbo, full 3″ exhaust, Courtenay Klasen inlet manifold, CSRacing intercooler, steel rods (plus all the other required components) and achieved a very respectable 329bhp and 350 lb ft torque when last seen in the July heat this year.

Astra H VXR K06 Conversion

Astra H VXR K06 Conversion

Previously running a standard actuator, the car came back to us for checking and additional mapping after a Courtenay Turbosmart uprated actuator and recirculation valve had been fitted. We were able to have some further changes made to the boost, fuelling and ignition timing after the replacement actuator had been fitted, but the biggest change was the colder November temperature, meaning the dyno cell was lovely and chilled.

Final mapping saw a recorded power figure of 349bhp and 370 lb ft torque with more boost through the mid range helped by the stronger actuator. It goes without saying that the car was running Shell V Power 99RON fuel.

K06 Graph

K06 Graph

We still quote expected gains for this conversion at 330-335bhp, becuase we see and map more cars during the hotter months, but it only goes to prove how much turbocharged cars love cold dense air!

Astra H VXR Track Car Mapping

This track prepared (and more importantly track used) Astra H VXR came in for mapping to give it a performance improvement in the short term to compliment the other modifications which have been specifically aimed at making a good useable trackday car.

Lightweight Team Dynamics 18″ alloy wheels help with unsprung weight and improve acceleration and turn in and also allow the 356mm 8 pot K Sport brake kit to sit neatly behind. DAP springs and a Whiteline rear anti-roll bar are the current chassis upgrades. A full exhaust system has also been fitted to help with improving flow and compliment the ecu remap.

Turning to the interior, a rear half cage has been bolted in to enhance the structural rigidity of the body, which also improves the handling and offer the obvious safety benefits, the interior has been partially stripped to reduce weight, the heavy factory front seats have been replaced with Recaro Pole Positions, a massive weight saving and also allowing the use of front seat harnesses.

Astra H VXR Trackday Car Being Mapped

Astra H VXR Trackday Car Being Mapped

Astra H VXR Garrett Mapping

Another Astra H VXR in for mapping that has had a Garrett installation fitted to it. V Band Cast Manifold, Garrett GT2871HTA Motorsport Spec Turbocharger with metal bearing cage, Tial External Wastegate, AEM Dryflow Filter, 90mm AFM, 630cc Injectors, Aeromotive Fuel Pump, 80mm Inlet Pipe, 3″ Courtenay Klasen Downpipe, 3″ Courtenay Piper Exhaust System and CSRacing Full Height Front Mounted Intercooler.

Astra H VXR Garrett Mapping Session

Astra H VXR Garrett Mapping Session

Astra H VXR Routine Maintenance

Some people are under the impression that we only modify and tune Vauxhalls, but we do also carry out regular maintenance, servicing and repairs.

This modified Astra H VXR was brought to us for a full enhanced service which includes a thorough inspection, an oil and filter change, replacement of the air and pollen filters (or cleaning and re-oiling a high flow panel filter), replacement of the spark plugs with NGK iridiums and a brake fluid change to DOT 5.1 brake fluid. We use OE/OEM filters and high quality Valvoline 5w-40 fully synthetic engine oil.

Additionally at the customer’s request, the rocker cover gasket was replaced as it was leaking. We also replaced the oil filler cap seal which was also leaking and allowing oil to escape, which was picked up during inspection.

During the inspection it was also noted that the factory hydraulic gearbox mount had failed, which is not uncommom, splitting and leaking all its oil and causing the engine/gearbox to move excessively. The mount was replaced and additionally strengthened with a polyurethane insert to help reduce engine/gearbox movement and reduce the likelihood of the mount failing in the future.

Astra H VXR Enhanced Service

Astra H VXR Enhanced Service

Astra H VXR – Uprated Clutch and Lightweight Flywheel

This Astra H VXR Nürburgring came to us for an uprated CSRacing clutch and lightweight billet steel flywheel, due to the fact the factory clutch had started to slip occasionlly.

The car had covered a shade over 91,000 miles and was originally modified to Stage 3 in 2008 at around 3,500 miles, virtually from new. So for nearly 7 years the car has been running at between 290-305bhp having had further changes made in later years, and the factory clutch and dual mass flywheel have given an exceptional service life considering the huge increase in power and torque to the car.

Replacing the original dual mass flywheel for a solid (single mass) lightweight billet steel one reduces the flywheel weight giving better acceleration due to the engine’s willingness to rev more freely as it is not having to rotate such a heavy mass. The CSRacing uprated clutch is a stronger unit, with an uprated cover with much more clamping pressure and an uprated sprung organic clutch disc to work with the single mass flywheel. The sprung disc is essential to fit if the dual mass flywheel is removed and replaced with a single mass item.

Also fitted at the same time was an uprated polyurethane gearbox mount insert as the original factory mount was starting to show signs of age related fatigue.

Astra H VXR Nürburgring Clutch and Flywheel Replacement

Astra H VXR Nürburgring Clutch and Flywheel Replacement

Don’t forget we can also fit standard original equipment (OE) replacement parts as well as uprated parts!

KW Clubsport Coilover Kit for Astra H VXR

We have recently fitted a KW Clubsport Coilover kit to our Astra H VXR track car, which was running a Bilstein B8 set up with Courtenay DAP Race Spec springs.

The Clubsport kit is the prefered choice for a track biased suspension for a car that is used predominantly on track (more than it is on the road) and is the next step up from the excellent KW V3 coilover kit, which is an ideal fast road kit also suitable for light light trackday use.

Full stainless steel dampers, height adjustable springs with helper springs, solid top mounts on the front struts and 2 way damper adjustment on both the front and the rear dampers for compression and rebound adjustment to fine tune the set up.

A reminder, this is the kit as supplied:

KW Clubsport 2 Way Coilover Kit

KW Clubsport 2 Way Coilover Kit

KW Clubsport coilovers were developed for customers who demand a better handling car when participating in track day events, but also require a setup that is still acceptable for road use such as to and from trackdays. The Clubsport kit was specifically designed for the Nordschleife using track day tires. The independently adjustable rebound and compression damping technology allow the suspension setup according to the vehicle load, tire characteristics and different track conditions. KW Clubsport meets every demand regarding a coilover for on road use but more importantly track use.

Here are some pictures of the fitted kit:

Astra H VXR K06 Conversion

One of our recent jobs was this Astra H VXR, brought in to have a K06 turbocharger fitted (complete with an uprated recirculation valve), along with our CSRacing Full Height Front Mounted Intercooler. Whilst in our workshop it was also converted to Evans Power Cool 180 Waterless Coolant.

Already fitted with a 70mm exhaust system it was onto the rolling road for mapping and full set up. During mapping the mid range and top end boost was reduced slightly due to the 70mm exhaust system giving more back pressure than a 76mm system and also because the engine did not have steel rods or uprated valve springs. Once the ignition timing and fuel were optimised we saw results of 304 point something bhp (so nearly 305bhp!) and 341 lb ft torque. With a 76mm system estimated gains are 305-310bhp so this particular car is making good power on a 70mm system.

There is still some in reserve to come for this car once it has a 76mm exhaust system to help with back pressure reduction as 310bhp+ is more than possible, with potentially even more should an inlet manifold, steel rods and uprated valve springs/shims be fitted.

Astra H VXR with K06 Conversion

Astra H VXR with K06 Conversion

3″ Exhaust and Poly Exhaust Mounts

Astra H VXR being fitted with a 3″ (76mm) full exhaust system with non resonated centre section (single silencer system):

Astra H VXR

Astra H VXR

with uprated polyurethane exhaust mounts:

Poly Exhaust Mounts on Astra H VXR 3" Centre Section

Poly Exhaust Mounts on Astra H VXR 3″ Centre Section



Pagid S Performance Brake Pads

Pagid S


Street Legal Pagid S Performance Brake Pads.


Pagid S Sports brake pads have been specifically designed for high performance brake system usage on public roads, but it is no secret that their origin is the race track and where they truly belong. High friction, low fade characteristics and low pad wear over a wide temperature range make these pads ideal for use on public roads, track days and in club racing. R90 Approved for EU road use.

Also available for Astra G Turbo, Astra H 1.9 CDTi, Astra H 2.0 Turbo, Corsa D VXR and SRi 1.6 Turbo

Pagid S Performance Brake Pads

Pagid S Performance Brake Pads

Mapping Session Astra H VXR

Rolling Road mapping session to optimise software settings on this Astra H VXR, which has had some hardware alterations since it was first mapped. Before and after mapping saw gains of between 12-34bhp and 5-20 lb ft torque.

Astra H VXR on the Rolling Road

Astra H VXR on the Rolling Road

Astra H VXR – from Standard to Stage 3

Another one of our more recent jobs was to give this Astra H VXR Racing a much welcomed performance increase.

Booked in for a full Stage 3 conversion, the vehicle came to us as a standard spec car. We fitted our full 76mm (3″) turbo back exhaust system, our full height CSR front mounted intercooler, an uprated actuator with new bracket and finally a set of cooler running iridium spark plugs and a CS high flow foam panel filter were added. Mapping and set up saw a very respectable 289.5bhp and 336 lb ft torque, considering the heat at this time of year doing its best to reduce power.

For further details on the conversion, pricing and additional tuning information please visit our webpage on Astra H VXR Tuning >>>> HERE <<<<

Astra H VXR Stage 3

Astra H VXR Stage 3

Total Vauxhall Nov 2013

Mark Watts’ Astra H VXRs Trackday and Road Duo, from Total Vauxhall magazine November 2013 issue.

Astra H VXR - Track and Road Duo

Astra H VXR – Track and Road Duo

K06 Astra H VXR

Another K06 conversion, with steel rods, Courtenay high flow inlet manifold, 3″ exhaust and CSR Intercooler being set up on our rolling road – bang on the money power and torque wise, and one of the cleanest and best prepared cars we’ve seen. We have also switched it to Evans Power Cool 180 Waterless Coolant.


Astra H VXR K06 Conversion

Astra H VXR K06 Conversion



Uprated Exhaust Mounts

We have noticed that the universal exhaust rubber/mount used on many many popular Vauxhall/Opel applications including Astra H VXR, is not very strong and over time has a tendency to perish, stretch and split, consequently requiring replacement. Often failure can occur quite quickly, especially on a modified car.

Added to this on performance models and modified vehicles with larger diameter exhaust systems, any exhaust movement in the rubber exhaust mounts can lead to knocking from time to time, especially when the mounts start to fail.

Have you ever noticed the occasional knock on start up, or from time to time when driving? This could be an indication of the first signs of weakening rubber exhaust mounts. So worth giving them a checkover at the first signs of a problem.

So we approached our friends at Powerflex to look at a solution for us. Because none of their universal exhaust mounts were close enough in size to the Vauxhall/Opel rubber mount, they set about making a polyurethane exhaust mount as a replacement.

Powerflex Exhaust Mount

Powerflex Exhaust Mount

They have looked at the OE item and manufactured a replacement, which is slightly larger overall but retaining the factory dimensions internally, in their high temperature polyurethane material with a Shore A hardness of 67, compared to the original rubber mounts which measured 55 Shore A.

The result is a much stronger, more durable mount with much less flex, offering far greater resistance to tearing and rot. Ideal for any standard or modified fast road vehicle; these exhaust mounts are equally at home on the track too.

An inexpensive and worthwhile upgrade. The number required per car will vary but this mount will suit Astra G, Astra H, Vectra B, Vectra C, Meriva A, Meriva B, Signum, Omega, Corsa C, Tigra B, Zafira A and Zafira B where 90466688 is specified.

Note: This mount cross references to OE Part Number 90466688

Time Attack Promo Video

Time Attack Promotional Video, filmed during the Oulton Park round and featuring the Courtenay Sport backed Astra VXR driven by Will Watson.

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