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Poly Bushed Front Wishbones – Astra G/H

Now Available, we have direct replacement front wishbones for Astra G and H models. These front wishbones are brand new and come pre-fitted with uprated 85 Shore polyurethane wishbone bushes in black and a brand new high quality OEM ball joint.

This will make fitting uprated poly bushes far easier and much more straightforward. No need to spend hours knocking out existing bushes and fitting new ones, simply undo 3 bolts, drop the original arm off the car and fit the direct replacement wishbone.

Priced at £90 each inc VAT.

Pre Bushed Front Arm Astra

Pre Bushed Front Arm Astra

Poly Exhaust Mounts Now Available

Having now tested these exhaust mounts for fit, they have also undergone successful road and track testing and we are pleased to be able to offer them for sale.

Powerflex Exhaust Mount

Powerflex Exhaust Mount

These uprated exhaust mounts are manufactured in a high temperature polyurethane material with a Shore A hardness of 67, compared to the original rubber mounts which measured 55 Shore A.

They are much stronger, more durable, with much less flex due to the material type and a reduction in the size of the centre cut-out, offer far greater resistance to tearing and rot resulting in much less exhaust movement. OE Exhaust Rubbers are prone to cracking and failing, quite often causing an exhaust knock often most noticeable on start up.

An inexpensive and worthwhile upgrade. The number required per car will vary but this mount will suit Astra G, Astra H, Vectra B, Vectra C, Meriva A, Meriva B, Signum, Omega, Corsa C, Tigra B, Zafira A and Zafira B where 90466688 is specified.

Note: This mount cross references to OE Part Number 90466688

Priced at £6.60 each

Side Gearbox/Engine Mount Fitting – Astra G/H and Zafira A/B

Astra G/H 2.0 Petrol Turbo, Astra H 1.9 CDTi, Zafira A/B 2.0 Petrol Turbo and Zafira B 1.9 CDTi have a gearbox side mount that is rubber and prone to failure.

Courtenay Sport approached Powerflex to devise a solution to not only improve the original factory mount, but also give it some additional support and to help reinforce it. In some cases where the original factory mount is not too badly damaged or split, the polyurethane insert can be used to ‘save’ the failing factory mount and prevent further deterioration.

Two specifications of material are available for this mount: Yellow for road use (Shore Hardness 70) and Black (Shore Hardness 95) more aimed at trackday/competition use as it is much stiffer.

OE Factory Engine Mount and Yellow Poly Insert

OE Factory Engine Mount and Yellow Poly Insert

OE Factory Engine Mount and Black Poly Insert

OE Factory Engine Mount and Black Poly Insert

We recently fitted a yellow mount insert to an Astra H VXR which had covered just over 46,000 miles and the factory mount was already showing signs of weakening due to splitting which if left would ultimately deteriorate fully and  fail completely.

Once fitted there was no noticeable increase in NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) into the vehicle. The vehicle used also had an uprated front engine mount insert fitted. Additionally it was noted that the gearchange had improved and became smoother due to the reduction in gearbox movement at gearchange, due to the uprated gearbox mount insert.

On vehicles with a full set of uprated engine mounts, some minor change in NVH may be experienced by fitting this additional mount.

Here is a brief fitting guide: Read more

Rear Braided Brake Hose Fitting – Astra G/H and Zafira A/B

The factory/OE rear brake hose on these cars is a single piece with a rubber brake hose at each end and a solid metal joiner pipe which cannot be reused due to the way the rubber hoses are fitted into the metal pipe.

Our braided rear brake hose kit comes complete with 4 braided hoses (2 for each side) and 2 copper joiner hoses (again one for each side). Unlike some other supplied brake hose kits we do supply the copper joiner pipes with male unions pre-fitted, to make fitting braided rear brake hoses a much more straightforward job.

Additionally the brackets that are used on the factory rear brake hoses can be re-used with our rear brake lines, as this is often queried by people.  We’ve uploaded a few fitting images to show you how its done.
Read more

Vauxhall to Build Next-Generation Astra at Ellesmere Port

  • Ellesmere Port wins next generation Astra
  • Lead plant of two building Astra in Europe
  • Groundbreaking new labour agreement
  • Investment of £125 million
  • 700 new direct jobs
British-built Astra Sports Tourer

British-built Astra Sports Tourer

Vauxhall today (17/05/2012) confirmed that production of its next-generation Astra compact car will be built at the company’s manufacturing plant at Ellesmere Port in Cheshire.  Ellesmere Port will be the lead plant of only two in Europe building the new model.

The decision follows the conclusion of a ground-breaking new labour agreement which was approved by the Vauxhall workforce yesterday. The agreement comes into force in 2013 and runs through the life of the next-generation Astra, into the early 2020s.

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Klasen Drag Car – Update : 2 bar Dyno Run

2 Bar Dyno Runs….. 580 bhp at the wheels….. More to Come…..

Klasen Astra H Drag Car

Courtenay Sport’s mapping engineer Stephan Klasen has a new project underway; An Astra H drag car……..

First dyno runs at 12psi producing 400 bhp. Target horsepower in excess of his Speedster Turbo.

This car should be quick!

Another Astra 1.9 CDTi 150PS

Had another Astra 1.9 SRi CDTi (150PS) in on the rolling road today.

What a fantastic car and engine combination. An ecu remap resulted in nice and safe 185 bhp with 330 lb ft torque; more than enough to trade blows with an Astra VXR! Plus 50 miles per gallon.

A remapped Astra H CDTi SRi (with a rear ARB and DAP spring set) has got to be the best cross-country hack around at the moment. Great chassis, plenty of go and it will leave your fuel card (credit card) in your wallet for that little bit longer!!

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