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Time Attack Set Up Check

We recently had the Courtenay Sport backked DCE Motorsport run Time Attack Astra VXR back for set-up check, after a spot of bad luck at the previous round at Donington Park. Some gravel ingress into the cambelt area caused severe damage to the engine, resulting in a last minute engine swap for the car, to ensure it was up and running for the final round at Brands Hatch on Sunday 29th September.

So with a borrowed ‘spare’ engine, Will and his pit crew worked tirelessly over the weekend and once the engine swap had been completed and all the ancillaries, turbo, manifolds and such like had been refitted the car came to us for a mapping session just to check and alter the parameters, due to the fact this engine was running slightly different compression than previously.

After a few hours set up, all is now well again and we’re looking forward to Brands Hatch. Good Luck to Will and the whole team.

Astra VXR GTx3076R Development…… 559bhp & Video

Further Development of this car has seen us change the turbo to a Garret GTx3076R along with a custom made 100mm diameter inlet pipe.

Target BHP was something on the right side of 500 BHP. With 99 octane UK pump fuel we saw 525 BHP but this was on the limit of our UK fuel quality; Stephan in Germany had seen well over 550 BHP with this turbo on 102 ocatane pump fuel available to them.

At this point we thought it might be fun to add some methanol to bring the octane value up; a stainless tank was fabricated and installed with an Aquamist pump in the spare wheel well, to sit alongside the already installed swirl pot and Pierburg pump.  The spare wheel well has had a number of vents installed and a laser cut acrylic panel made and installed to protect the contents and seal the wheel well off from the car’s interior. With further mapping mostly based around a much more efficient timing curve we saw the power rise to a peak of 568 BHP and finally settled with a comfortable figure of 559 BHP.

Final testing on the road proved very interesting and memorable for Mark R when he found some additional work was needed to stop the meth from puddling in the inlet manifold, which occurred on part throttle when the throttle was being feathered due to wheel spin! Fortunately the functionality and adjustability of the Aquamist ECU made this quite straight forward to achieve.

Engine Spec features numerous Courtenay core products as follows:

Ported Cylinder head
Forged Pistons
Steel Rods
Klasen Cams
Klasen Inlet Manifold
V Band Cast Manifold
Tial External Wastegate
Custom 3” front pipe mated to a Piper 3” exhaust System
GTx3076R Turbo with Tial Exhaust Housing & 100mm inlet
Courtenay Intercooler
Courtenay Water Radiator
Lightened Flywheel
Paddle Clutch plate
Reworked Sach’s Uprated Clutch Cover

To name but a few items…

Hopefully this should keep the ever power hungry Wayne T content for a while. 🙂 A thoroughly enjoyable conversion to do cheers Wayne…

Spare Wheel Well with Swirl Pot, Pierburg Pump and Aquamist Pump and Methanol Tank.

Spare Wheel Well with Swirl Pot, Pierburg High Pressure Pump, Aquamist Pump and Methanol Tank

Laser Cut Acrylic Spare Wheel Well Cover

Laser Cut Acrylic Spare Wheel Well Cover

Astra H VXR Carbon Fibre Parts

A new range of Carbon Fibre components are soon to be available from Courtenay Sport. We have recently carried out trial fitting and evaluation and will will release the items very soon.

We will have available for Astra VXR the ‘V’ for the front grille, the Front Lower Splitter, the Rear Diffuser and covers for the inserts on the OE rear bumper.

All these parts are made in Real Carbon Fibre, they are not carbon wrapped/covered parts or backed with fibreglass. They are all very high quality items, with an excellent fit and lacquer finished.

Other parts will be following very soon, including the Rear Tailgate Strip for Astra VXR.

Astra VXR Carbon Fibre Front Splitter and V Grille

Astra VXR Carbon Fibre Front Splitter and V Grille

Astra VXR Carbon Fibre Rear Diffuser

Astra VXR Carbon Fibre Rear Diffuser

Astra VXR Front Splitter

Astra VXR Front Splitter

Astra J VXR Development News

Courtenay Sport are pleased to announce that the new Astra J VXR exhaust development is under way as we type.

Following the success of the Piper 3” Astra H VXR system we have once again teamed up with Piper exhausts for this development.

The system will be a full 3” with single or twin silencer options, both tuned to give a sporty sound. More details and pictures to follow soon.

500bhp Astra VXR GTx3076R

Courtenay Sport mapped Garrett Conversion. The brief was to achieve 500bhp from the mapping and the customer had prepared the car with a Garrett GTx3076 turbo, tubular manifold, 76mm exhaust, 90mm air flow meter, 680cc injectors, High Flow Inlet Inlet Manifold, Courtenay Klasen cams, Forge Race Intercooler, Mocal Oil Cooler, Sachs Uprated Clutch and Uprated Cera Metallic Paddle Disc and Lightweight Flywheel.

Production Touring Cars Gallery – Oulton Park 2012

“Saturday 24th March, Oulton Park.
Images © Mark Watts 2012 “

From Oulton Park 2012 Production Touring Cars. Posted by Mark Watts on 3/25/2012 (48 items)

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Race Season 2012 Begins……

Production Touring Car Trophy Logo

Production Touring Car Trophy Logo

After the relative quiet of the closed season, and by quiet we mean preparing two new race cars and carrying out a pre-season overhaul of the other two!, the 2012 Production Touring Car Trophy starts next weekend and Courtenay Sport Racing will be running four cars this season, so there will be plenty going on!

Our first outing is a one day meet at the fabulous Oulton Park circuit in Cheshire on Saturday 24th March, consisting of the first two rounds of the championship.

The Qualifying Session takes place at 10:50, with the two races taking place in the afternoon at 14:50 and 17:35 respectively.* A full timetable* of events can be found >>> here <<<

All support is welcome as always. We are looking forward to the new season and seeing as many people as possible.

*Please Note all timings are approximate and may be subject to change at any time.

479bhp Courtenay Astra VXR Total Vauxhall Article

Last month’s Total Vauxhall saw a fantastic 8 page feature on Wayne’s 479bhp Courtenay modified Astra VXR. The spec and cover are a few posts down on our blog.

For those of you who missed it, here is the article in full. For those who didn’t relive it again!!

Just click on the image below to open up a pdf file of the original article (you will need a pdf reader installed to view).

Map Optimisation and Set Up Pays Off – Astra VXR

Another question we are constantly being asked is about remapping and correct set up and why this is better than a hand held unit.

Many people like the convenience of installing a map from a hand held unit (and are often ‘sold’ the same results as bespoke mapping, which invariably is not the case), but without checking it or seeing what it is doing for the car, the results are simply ‘hit and miss’. Put simply unless ecu software is properly checked and optimised to each car, you are unlikely to get the results you are expecting (or have been sold!)

Here’s a graph for an Astra VXR which we were asked to dyno which had a lower front mounted intercooler fitted, a full 70mm Remus Exhaust System and an unchecked map from a hand held unit. The resulting dyno figures show the map gave worse results than the factory software (where we have seen 270bhp on a car with exhaust and intercooler fitted):

Astra VXR Competitor Stage 3

Astra VXR Competitor Stage 3 : Before

This set up, correctly mapped should really have been producing at least 285bhp, not 252bhp!!

At the customer’s request, we changed the intercooler for one of our Full Height Front Mounted VXRacing Intercoolers and fitted a full 76mm system. Once properly remapped, datalogged and set up on the rolling road we achieved:

Astra VXR Courtenay Sport Stage 3 : After

Astra VXR Courtenay Sport Stage 3 : After

And finally here are the before and after graphs, showing the differences. Much more power and torque right across the rev range, which will totally transform the drive of the car:

Astra VXR Stage 3 Comparison

Astra VXR Stage 3 Comparison

Brutal VXR – 479bhp Astra VXR

Total Vauxhall March 2012 Issue 133

Total Vauxhall March 2012 Issue 133

The latest issue of Total Vauxhall (March 2012 Issue 133) features Wayne Townsend’s 479bhp Courtenay Sport build Astra VXR, covering a total of 8 pages.

The car has been bespoke mapped and set up on the rolling road to the spec of the car and the spec on this car is huge; V Band Cast Manifold, Garrett GT3076, TiAL external wastegate, Low Comp Pistons, Steel Rods, High Flow Courtenay Klasen Inlet Manifold, Thermal Gaskets, Uprated Head Gasket, Courtenay Klasen High Lift Cams, 630cc Injectors, 90mm AFM, 3.5 Bar Map Sensor, Uprated Fuel Pump, External Swirl Pot and Uprated Pump, Uprated Fuel Pressure Regulator, Nitron 2 Way Coilovers with KW V3 Springs, TD Pro Race 1.2 Wheels, VXRacing AP 4 Pot 343mm Brakes, Rear 292mm Brake Upgrade, Quaife LSD, Lightweight Billet Steel Flywheel, Sachs Uprated Cover and Uprated Sprung Paddle Disc, Full 76mm Exhaust System, Courtenay Sport VXRacing Full Height Front Mounted Intercooler, Uprated Courtenay Sport Water Radiator, and it was immaculately turned out by Autobrite Direct, who detailed it to perfection for the photoshoot.

The Benefits of a Good Exhaust System – Astra VXR

On more than one occasion we have extolled the virtues of a good, free flowing 76mm sports exhaust system for Astra VXR to get the best performance results out of remapping correctly.

Well here is another classic example……..

The car in question is an Astra VXR 2.0 Turbo which was fitted with a Stage 1.5 Hybrid K04 turbo (with exhaust wheel cut back), a large full height front mounted intercooler and a ‘one-off’ made to the car exhaust system which in places reduced to 50-57mm.

Once mapped the results were as follows:

Astra VXR Stage 3 : Poor Exhaust System : Before

Astra VXR Stage 3 : Poor Exhaust System : Before

Results: 278 bhp and 318 lb ft torque.

Upon examining all the evidence from the rolling road and datalogging, we concluded that the exhaust system was the limiting factor. Some might say it was easy for us to blame the exhaust (which we didn’t supply)….. why could it not be the installed software??

Well, we could comfortably rule out software based on the fact that all our maps are optimised on the rolling road and datalogged. so we knew we couldn’t get any more ignition timing into the software or take any more fuel out (without risking safety).

So we had the car back a couple of months later and fitted our full 76mm sports exhaust system, changed nothing else and ran the car back on the same rolling road, resulting in the following:

Astra VXR Stage 3 : 76mm Exhaust System : After

Astra VXR Stage 3 : 76mm Exhaust System : After

Yes, no word of a lie results of 305bhp and 348 lb ft torque, aided by the Stage 1.5 hybrid turbo, the full 76mm system and the cold February dyno cell temperatures.

Here is the before and after graph. The gains speak for themselves. Lots more power and torque right across the rev range:

Astra VXR Stage 3 - Good Exhaust vs Poor Exhaust : Before and After Results

Astra VXR Stage 3 – Good Exhaust vs Poor Exhaust : Before and After Results

So if you are trying to decide on which exhaust system to fit to your Astra VXR, we think we’ve just made the decision much easier for you. A good exhaust system may cost a little more, but you will get the benefits from fitting it.

Astra VXR Garrett GT3071 Video

Courtenay Sport Garrett Conversion. The brief was to achieve 420bhp with Garrett GT3071 turbo, tubular manifold, 76mm exhaust, 80mm air flow meter, 630cc injectors and Courtenay Sport Full Height Intercooler. The 80mm Astra VXR is maxxed out at around 420bhp so the achieved figure was the best achievable using the given components.

Stage 4 Astra & Zafira VXR with K06 & Inlet Manifold

Our Stage 4 Conversion for Astra & Zafira VXR (Z20LEH) builds on the Stage 3 hardware components that are:

. Full Exhaust System, preferably 3” (76mm) throughout
. Large Intercooler

To this we add the following:

. K06 Hybrid Turbo
. Klasen High Flow Inlet Manifold
. Stage 4 Software

With our Stage 4 we have addressed the main issue and negative comments we have read & heard regarding other versions of the Stage 4; that is the lack of torque when compared to a Stage 3 or Stage 3+ (with a KO6 turbo).

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V Band Cast Manifold Garrett GT3076 Astra VXR Video

Astra VXR with V Band Cast Manifold, External Wastegate, Garrett GT3076 Turbo, Courtenay Sport Full Height VXR Intercooler, Courtenay Sport High FLow Inlet Manifold, Full 76mm Exhaust System, 90mm Air Flow Meter, Steel Road, Factory ECU (Bosch 7.6.3 management) bespoke mapped by Courtenay Sport

New V Band Cast Manifold Astra VXR Conversion

For this conversion using our new V Band Cast Manifold the brief from our customer was as close to 500bhp as possible but with usable power. We opted for a Garrett GT3076 turbocharger. The car also has our full height VXR intercooler, steel rods, Courtenay Sport High Flow Inlet Manifold and 76mm full exhaust system.

V Band Cast Manifold Astra VXR

V Band Cast Manifold Astra VXR

V Band Cast Manifold with GT3076

V Band Cast Manifold with GT3076

And finally the all important Power Graph:

Astra VXR Power Graph

Astra VXR Power Graph

Vauxhall’s All New 155mph Astra VXR Revealed


  • First pics released of most powerful production Astra ever built
  • Trailblazing 280PS and 400Nm outputs trounce those of key rivals
  • Bespoke chassis with limited slip diff and Brembo brakes
  • On sale in 2012
New Astra VXR

New Astra VXR

Luton – Hot on the heels of the recently launched GTC, these are the first official pics of the new Astra VXR, which goes on sale next year and is set to become one of the most powerful cars in its class and the fastest production Astra in Vauxhall’s history.

Based on the GTC’s platform and powered by a 2.0-litre turbocharged direct injection engine, the Astra VXR produces 280hp of power and a mighty 400Nm of torque, enough for it to achieve a top speed of 155mph.

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Production Touring Cars Qualifying Session

Courtenay Sport’s 2010 and 2011 Championship Winning Astra VXR of Adrian Churchill in the Qualifying Session of the Production Touring Cars at Donington Park 2011.

New Astra GTC a reality

Vauxhall announces production version of stunning GTC Paris concept

These first images of the GTC may show it in a virtual landscape, but as it races down an imaginary road, real test cars are now running final validation drives – that’s right, the Astra GTC is officially a production reality.

New Astra GTC

New Astra GTC

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Revised Astra VXR Intercooler

We have recently revised our Astra and Zafria VXR intercooler pipework, after requests from customers, to improve upon an already excellent design. From its existing design, the complete kit has been tested and proven to in excess of 420bhp (the intercooler core is good for 600bhp) with the intercooler utilising 60mm pipework from the turbo (the moment we can step it up from the OE 50mm turbo outlet we do) to the intercooler 60mm inlet. The intercooler outlet was 50mm, and stepped up to 60mm by the start of the OE map sensor pipe which we made use of in our original kit.
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Astra VXR Leather Seats Now Sold

We have a low mileage set of Recaro Leather Seats for sale from an Astra VXR. They are heated and include the side airbags and are in excellent condition and very clean. Both the front seats and the rear seats are available as a complete set.

Good condition leather seats have been known to sell for up to £1000 for a complete set, but we are loooking for sensible offers around £This interior has now been sold.

VXR Front Seat

VXR Front Seats

VXR Front Seats

VXR Front Seats

VXR Front Seats

VXR Front Seats

VXR Rear Seats

VXR Rear Seats

VXR Rear Seats

VXR Rear Seats

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