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Rear Brake Lines – Astra H/Zafira B

Some pictures for reference, in gallery form and in no particular order, showing our braided rear brake hoses fitted on Astra H VXR. These should offer some help with installation of the rear braided brake lines. The brackets from the factory brake lines can be reused to accept the new braided brake lines. Remove the factory brake pipes from the original brackets (you will need to drift them out), and carefully open up the holes in the brackets to accept the braided brake line stainless steel unions, which are a slightly larger diameter to the factory fittings.

Rear Braided Brake Hose Fitting – Astra G/H and Zafira A/B

The factory/OE rear brake hose on these cars is a single piece with a rubber brake hose at each end and a solid metal joiner pipe which cannot be reused due to the way the rubber hoses are fitted into the metal pipe.

Our braided rear brake hose kit comes complete with 4 braided hoses (2 for each side) and 2 copper joiner hoses (again one for each side). Unlike some other supplied brake hose kits we do supply the copper joiner pipes with male unions pre-fitted, to make fitting braided rear brake hoses a much more straightforward job.

Additionally the brackets that are used on the factory rear brake hoses can be re-used with our rear brake lines, as this is often queried by people.  We’ve uploaded a few fitting images to show you how its done.
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