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Astra H VXR Upgrades

Here we have a couple of Astra H VXRs in for upgrade.

The black car has had a K Sport 8 Pot 356mm front brake kit, CSRacing intercooler, full 3″ exhaust system and inlet plenum fitted and will be mapped and set up on the rolling road. It is also having a rear cage fitted along with eyelet provision for harnesses.

The blue car has had a Stage 3 package (CSRacing intercooler, full 3″ exhaust system), direct route hose kit and airbox, a Courtenay Turbosmart recirculation valve and a Quaife LSD and is also due to be mapped and set up on the rolling road.

Workshop Astra H VXRs

Workshop Astra H VXRs

Astra H VXR K06 Conversion

One of our recent jobs was this Astra H VXR, brought in to have a K06 turbocharger fitted (complete with an uprated recirculation valve), along with our CSRacing Full Height Front Mounted Intercooler. Whilst in our workshop it was also converted to Evans Power Cool 180 Waterless Coolant.

Already fitted with a 70mm exhaust system it was onto the rolling road for mapping and full set up. During mapping the mid range and top end boost was reduced slightly due to the 70mm exhaust system giving more back pressure than a 76mm system and also because the engine did not have steel rods or uprated valve springs. Once the ignition timing and fuel were optimised we saw results of 304 point something bhp (so nearly 305bhp!) and 341 lb ft torque. With a 76mm system estimated gains are 305-310bhp so this particular car is making good power on a 70mm system.

There is still some in reserve to come for this car once it has a 76mm exhaust system to help with back pressure reduction as 310bhp+ is more than possible, with potentially even more should an inlet manifold, steel rods and uprated valve springs/shims be fitted.

Astra H VXR with K06 Conversion

Astra H VXR with K06 Conversion

Stage 3 Corsa VXR

We had a lovely 40 something thousand mile Corsa VXR in with us recently which had been fitted with a full 3″ exhaust system, twin silencers and pre cat removed and also our high flow CSRacing full height intercooler.

Compressions were checked all found to be good, then the ecu was remapped and the car underwent a full rolling road set up with full ecu datalogging and the software was optimised to suit the fitted components resulting in 240bhp and 249 lb ft torque and running on 99 octane fuel.

As we are sure you all know what a Corsa VXR looks like by now, we will show you the power and torque graphs instead:

Corsa VXR Stage 3 Power and Torque Graph

Corsa VXR Stage 3 Power and Torque Graph

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