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Vectra C 1.9 CDTi DMF and Clutch Replacement

We do not just work on performance cars!

During routine servicing a knocking noise was identified on this Vectra C 1.9 CDTi which was only evident when the clutch was released. The noise was diagnosed as play within the dual mass flywheel assembly. Before it got too bad the customer asked for the appropriate repairs to be undertaken.

Once the engine bed and gearbox were removed, a replacement OEM dual mass flywheel and clutch assembly with new hydraulic slave cylinder were fitted.

Vectra C DMF and Clutch Replacement

Vectra C DMF and Clutch Replacement

Astra H VXR – Uprated Clutch and Lightweight Flywheel

This Astra H VXR Nürburgring came to us for an uprated CSRacing clutch and lightweight billet steel flywheel, due to the fact the factory clutch had started to slip occasionlly.

The car had covered a shade over 91,000 miles and was originally modified to Stage 3 in 2008 at around 3,500 miles, virtually from new. So for nearly 7 years the car has been running at between 290-305bhp having had further changes made in later years, and the factory clutch and dual mass flywheel have given an exceptional service life considering the huge increase in power and torque to the car.

Replacing the original dual mass flywheel for a solid (single mass) lightweight billet steel one reduces the flywheel weight giving better acceleration due to the engine’s willingness to rev more freely as it is not having to rotate such a heavy mass. The CSRacing uprated clutch is a stronger unit, with an uprated cover with much more clamping pressure and an uprated sprung organic clutch disc to work with the single mass flywheel. The sprung disc is essential to fit if the dual mass flywheel is removed and replaced with a single mass item.

Also fitted at the same time was an uprated polyurethane gearbox mount insert as the original factory mount was starting to show signs of age related fatigue.

Astra H VXR Nürburgring Clutch and Flywheel Replacement

Astra H VXR Nürburgring Clutch and Flywheel Replacement

Don’t forget we can also fit standard original equipment (OE) replacement parts as well as uprated parts!

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