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Another Garrett Build Astra H for Mapping

Astra H Van with Z20LEH VXR Engine

Astra H Van with Z20LEH VXR Engine

This Astravan with Z20LEH engine, steel rods and GTX2867 garrett build was brought in for mapping and full rolling road set up.

The map it was brought to us with (which was not our software) was checked first and shown to be running 320bhp, with some fuelling and ignition timing issues.

We switched to a 3 bar map sensor (from a standard 2.5 bar one) and recalibrated the map so the ecu could correctly read boost pressure as the 2.5bar map sensor will go out of range on capable of reading up to 22psi of boost, hence the change to a 3 bar sensor. Correctly recalibrated the ecu can then read up to 29.4psi boost presure.

Also changed were the 875cc injectors to a much more suitable 630cc injector for the required power, again with suitable ecu recalibration. 875cc injectors for the required power prove way too big, and cannot be controlled accurately enough for part throttle fuelling (essential on a fast road car) due to the spray pattern plus fuel consumption will be higher, again another consideration for a car with road manners. When checked and datalogged first this car was running at 0.88 lambda on cruise, so clearly the map needed some work at this point. This is too rich and can cause bore wash and potentially internal engine damage. Big injectors are fine for stand alone management and for race cars which do not run at part throttle or cruise, but were just incorrectly specced for this particular applcation.

With a couple of bits still to do and after mapping and set up the result for now is 390bhp and much better, more controlled fuelling at part throttle and cruise. Fuel consumption will improve as well as 630cc injectors control part throttle fuelling more accurately.

Why the change of injectors? For better road manners; in simple turns the bigger injector (875cc) does not atomise the fuel as efficiently at slow duty cycle/engine speeds. So a 630cc injector can provide more than enough fuel for the power but still return better fuel economy due to its ability to better atomise the fuel.

Astra VXR GTx3076R Development…… 559bhp & Video

Further Development of this car has seen us change the turbo to a Garret GTx3076R along with a custom made 100mm diameter inlet pipe.

Target BHP was something on the right side of 500 BHP. With 99 octane UK pump fuel we saw 525 BHP but this was on the limit of our UK fuel quality; Stephan in Germany had seen well over 550 BHP with this turbo on 102 ocatane pump fuel available to them.

At this point we thought it might be fun to add some methanol to bring the octane value up; a stainless tank was fabricated and installed with an Aquamist pump in the spare wheel well, to sit alongside the already installed swirl pot and Pierburg pump.  The spare wheel well has had a number of vents installed and a laser cut acrylic panel made and installed to protect the contents and seal the wheel well off from the car’s interior. With further mapping mostly based around a much more efficient timing curve we saw the power rise to a peak of 568 BHP and finally settled with a comfortable figure of 559 BHP.

Final testing on the road proved very interesting and memorable for Mark R when he found some additional work was needed to stop the meth from puddling in the inlet manifold, which occurred on part throttle when the throttle was being feathered due to wheel spin! Fortunately the functionality and adjustability of the Aquamist ECU made this quite straight forward to achieve.

Engine Spec features numerous Courtenay core products as follows:

Ported Cylinder head
Forged Pistons
Steel Rods
Klasen Cams
Klasen Inlet Manifold
V Band Cast Manifold
Tial External Wastegate
Custom 3” front pipe mated to a Piper 3” exhaust System
GTx3076R Turbo with Tial Exhaust Housing & 100mm inlet
Courtenay Intercooler
Courtenay Water Radiator
Lightened Flywheel
Paddle Clutch plate
Reworked Sach’s Uprated Clutch Cover

To name but a few items…

Hopefully this should keep the ever power hungry Wayne T content for a while. 🙂 A thoroughly enjoyable conversion to do cheers Wayne…

Spare Wheel Well with Swirl Pot, Pierburg Pump and Aquamist Pump and Methanol Tank.

Spare Wheel Well with Swirl Pot, Pierburg High Pressure Pump, Aquamist Pump and Methanol Tank

Laser Cut Acrylic Spare Wheel Well Cover

Laser Cut Acrylic Spare Wheel Well Cover

500bhp Astra VXR GTx3076R

Courtenay Sport mapped Garrett Conversion. The brief was to achieve 500bhp from the mapping and the customer had prepared the car with a Garrett GTx3076 turbo, tubular manifold, 76mm exhaust, 90mm air flow meter, 680cc injectors, High Flow Inlet Inlet Manifold, Courtenay Klasen cams, Forge Race Intercooler, Mocal Oil Cooler, Sachs Uprated Clutch and Uprated Cera Metallic Paddle Disc and Lightweight Flywheel.

Brutal VXR – 479bhp Astra VXR

Total Vauxhall March 2012 Issue 133

Total Vauxhall March 2012 Issue 133

The latest issue of Total Vauxhall (March 2012 Issue 133) features Wayne Townsend’s 479bhp Courtenay Sport build Astra VXR, covering a total of 8 pages.

The car has been bespoke mapped and set up on the rolling road to the spec of the car and the spec on this car is huge; V Band Cast Manifold, Garrett GT3076, TiAL external wastegate, Low Comp Pistons, Steel Rods, High Flow Courtenay Klasen Inlet Manifold, Thermal Gaskets, Uprated Head Gasket, Courtenay Klasen High Lift Cams, 630cc Injectors, 90mm AFM, 3.5 Bar Map Sensor, Uprated Fuel Pump, External Swirl Pot and Uprated Pump, Uprated Fuel Pressure Regulator, Nitron 2 Way Coilovers with KW V3 Springs, TD Pro Race 1.2 Wheels, VXRacing AP 4 Pot 343mm Brakes, Rear 292mm Brake Upgrade, Quaife LSD, Lightweight Billet Steel Flywheel, Sachs Uprated Cover and Uprated Sprung Paddle Disc, Full 76mm Exhaust System, Courtenay Sport VXRacing Full Height Front Mounted Intercooler, Uprated Courtenay Sport Water Radiator, and it was immaculately turned out by Autobrite Direct, who detailed it to perfection for the photoshoot.

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