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Astra H VXR Stage 4 K06 Coversion

Another fabulous conversion on an Astra H VXR.

This car first came to us for mapping to Stage 3 (hardware requirements are a full 3″ exhaust system and uprated intercooler). The car was fitted with a Forge lower front mount intercooler, but on the exhaust side only had a pre-cat removal pipe, and a Piper 3″ cat back exhaust system and was still running the factory main cat section. Obviously with this restriction in place it would be down on expected power, and upon checking on the rolling road this was found to be the case, but still making a respectable 283bhp.

Remedial action was simple; fit a 3″ front pipe and sports cat section. Once the mapping was finalised the results were a very good 299.99bhp and 332 lb ft torque on a cold January day.

In the hunt for more power, the car returned to us recently for a full K06 and inlet manifold upgrade.

ZRP steel rods and uprated ARP rod bolts were fitted, stem seals and retainers were done at the same time, and then when being put back together the K06 turbocharger, Courtenay Turbosmart uprated actuator, Courtenay Klasen high flow inlert manifold,thermal inlet gasket and high flow 340 fuel pump were all fitted. This was also the ideal opportunity to replace the cambelt and water pump and fit a lightweight allow bottom pulley.

Z20LEH engine being fitted with steel rods

Z20LEH engine being fitted with steel rods

An uprated CSRacing clutch kit and lightweight billet steel flywheel were also fitted, as a safeguard against the increase in power and torque, and to top it off a huge K Sport 8 Pot 356mm brake kit was also fitted, to bring everything safely to a halt. The car already had a Wavetrac LSD in the gearbox.

Rolling Road Mapping

Rolling Road Mapping

The end results after mapping 333bhp and 350 lb ft torque.

Zafira GSi Turbo Clutch and Flywheel Replacement

A tuned Zafira GSi in our workshop for an uprated fast road clutch and lightweight billet steel flywheel assembly.

To cope with the higher power and torque figures, we have fitted this Zafria with an uprated clutch, and at the same time replaced the rear mail oil seal (behind the flywheel) and fitted a new Sachs hydraulic slave cylinder.

At the same time it has also benefitted from the addition of a lightweight flywheel which improves the engine’s willingness to rev and makes for faster acceleration through the gears. An upgrade well worth carrying out with clutch replacement.

Not only can we supply and fit but we can also send parts out mail order by courier for anyone unable to get to us.

Zafira GSi Clutch and Flywheel Replacement

Zafira GSi Clutch and Flywheel Replacement

Astra H VXR – Uprated Clutch and Lightweight Flywheel

This Astra H VXR Nürburgring came to us for an uprated CSRacing clutch and lightweight billet steel flywheel, due to the fact the factory clutch had started to slip occasionlly.

The car had covered a shade over 91,000 miles and was originally modified to Stage 3 in 2008 at around 3,500 miles, virtually from new. So for nearly 7 years the car has been running at between 290-305bhp having had further changes made in later years, and the factory clutch and dual mass flywheel have given an exceptional service life considering the huge increase in power and torque to the car.

Replacing the original dual mass flywheel for a solid (single mass) lightweight billet steel one reduces the flywheel weight giving better acceleration due to the engine’s willingness to rev more freely as it is not having to rotate such a heavy mass. The CSRacing uprated clutch is a stronger unit, with an uprated cover with much more clamping pressure and an uprated sprung organic clutch disc to work with the single mass flywheel. The sprung disc is essential to fit if the dual mass flywheel is removed and replaced with a single mass item.

Also fitted at the same time was an uprated polyurethane gearbox mount insert as the original factory mount was starting to show signs of age related fatigue.

Astra H VXR Nürburgring Clutch and Flywheel Replacement

Astra H VXR Nürburgring Clutch and Flywheel Replacement

Don’t forget we can also fit standard original equipment (OE) replacement parts as well as uprated parts!

Astra G – LSD and Uprated Clutch and Flywheel

We recently had this Astra G GSi Turbo in with us to have a Quaife Limited Slip Differential fitted into the F23 gearbox and whilst the gearbox was off the car we had the opportunity to fit a lightweight billet steel flywheel and uprated clutch cover and 6 paddle disc, in preparation for some big horsepower upgrades.

Work In Progress:

Astra G GSi Turbo with engine bed and gearbox removed.

Astra G GSi Turbo with engine bed and gearbox removed.

Astra Subframe

Astra Engine Bed/Subframe Removed

F23 Gearbox

F23 Gearbox – LSD Fitted

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