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Astra 1.9 CDTi Single Mass Flywheel

Astra H 888 CDTi

Astra H 888 CDTi

We recently had this lovely Astra H 888 CDTi (Z19DTH engine with M32 gearbox) in for a lighter single mass flywheel (removing the dual mass flywheel) and sprung clutch assembly due to slight clutch slip on the factory clutch. At the same time we also overhauled the gearbox fitting new bearings throughout and the later end case, which features larger diameter end case bearings and additional oil galleries in the end case for better end case bearing lubrication.

M32 Gearbox Bearings and Late Endcase

Another M32 gearbox from an Astra H in for bearing replacement and upgrade to the later endcase with larger endcase bearings.

M32 Gearbox with Late Endcase

M32 Gearbox with Late Endcase

This gearbox had covered some 90,000 miles before need to have the bearings replaced, and whilst the box was off the car for overhaul the later endcase which features additional oil galleries and larger endcase bearings was fitted.

The box was refitted and filled with 3 litres of very high quality fully synthetic Amsoil MTG 75w-90 gearbox oil, and also the dual mass flywheel, clutch (cover and disc) and hydraulic slave cylinder were also replaced using genuine OE components.

1.9 CDTi Clutch and Dual Mass Flywheel Assembly

1.9 CDTi Clutch and Dual Mass Flywheel Assembly

Prices (to supply parts):
M32 Bearing Pack with late endcase £255.00
Genuine Vauxhall/Opel OE DMF £295.00/£335.00 (price according to chassis break)
Genuine Vauxhall/Opel OE Clutch Kit £150.00/£159.00 (price according to chassis break)
Genuine Vauxhall/Opel OE Slave Cylinder £108.00

Revised M32 Endcase and Larger Bearings

As part of our M32 gearbox repair service, we are now able to offer a new revised M32 gearbox endcase.

This later revised end case, introduced during 2012 for production vehicles, features additional oil galleries for improved lubrication of the end case bearings and also the end case bearings are of a larger diameter (62mm compared to 55mm); larger diameter bearings being able to deal with greater loads.

This upgrade is one that is well worth carrying out as part of an M32 gearbox refresh when new bearings are fitted, and proving extremely popular.

If you are unable to get to us for us to be able this service to be carried out, we are able to send out bearing packs complete with the revised endcase and larger endcase bearings, so if your chosen M32 gearbox repairer is unable to supply these parts we will send them directly to your repairer.

Astravan 1.9 CDTi Gearbox Overhaul and Uprated Clutch

Another M32 gearbox overhaul.

Astravan M32 Gearbox Overhaul

Astravan M32 Gearbox Overhaul

Again we removed the gearbox to carry out a full strip down, inspection and clean of the components including the transmission case. It was then rebuilt with new bearings throughout and the revised end case was fitted which features additional oil galleries for better lubrication and larger end case bearings.

Prior to refitting the gearbox a new dual mass flywheel and uprated sachs clutch cover and disc were fitted with a new hydraulic slave cylinder.

Gearbox Breather Tank – Astra H VXR M32

Gearbox Breather Tank for Astra H VXR/M32 Gearbox, also suitable for 1.9 CDTi Astra H, and equivalent Zafira models.

This breather tank kit is designed specifically for track day/race use but can also be fitted to road cars. It allows for the gearbox to breathe when the oil gets hot and also allows an additional  half litre of oil to be used in the gearbox, which helps to prolong the time it takes for the gearbox oil temperature to increase to temperatures where the oil can go out of grade.

Here is a brief fitting guide (on Astra H VXR): Read more

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