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Astra J VXR Front Pipe and Mapping

Another Astra J VXR in for front pipe fitting (shown centre front), followed by mapping and rolling road set up.

Astra J VXR Front Pipe Fitting

Astra J VXR Front Pipe Fitting

After mapping and set up, on 97RON fuel, this particular car achieved 324bhp and 357lb ft torque.

Astra J VXR Rolling Road

Astra J VXR Rolling Road

Astra J VXR Stage 1+

Another Astra J VXR in for our increasingly popular Stage 1+ tuning package, comprising of front pipe fitting, ecu remap and rolling road set up. This car made a respectable 320bhp and 339 lb ft torque.

Astra J VXR

Astra J VXR

Corsa E VXR Mapping and Full Exhaust

This Corsa E VXR came to us to have a full turbo back 3″ exhaust fitted, followed by map optimisation to suit the exhaust and full rolling road set up.

Corsa E VXR

Corsa E VXR

Corsa E VXR Exhaust

Corsa E VXR Exhaust System

Once set up the results were an impressive 241bhp and 244 lb ft torque. We also carried out our own unique hardware fix and software recalibration to the air flow meter to allow it to read and fuel correctly above 222bhp, where it is known that the standard air flow meter maxes out.

Corsa E VXR

Corsa E VXR

We also have in development the CSR MaxAir Intake System for Corsa E VXR, which will feature an enlarged airflow meter housing and large AEM Dryflow cone filter.

Opel Speedster Turbo K06 and Inlet Manifold

This car had previously been in for a full engine rebuild with forged pistons and steel rods, strengthening the factory Z20LET engine and was running a K04 Z20LEH VXR turbocharger, Milltek 63.5mm exhaust system, Pro Alloy chargecooler and VXR injectors.

It returned to us to have some further enhancements which included a full 76mm Tullett exhaust system, a K06 turbocharger, Courtenay Klasen inlet manifold, uprated clutch and 80mm air flow meter.

After mapping and a full rolling road set up it is now producing 334bhp and 340lb ft torque, and is very at home on the track where it spends most of its ‘working’ life.

VX220 Turbo Mapping

VX220 Turbo Mapping

Astra J VXR Stage 3 Package

Courtenay Sport Stage 3: Remap, Front Pipe, Free Flowing Cat Section, Induction Kit, Intercooler
Stage 3 is the final stage upgrade using the standard factory K04 Turbo. This package consists of pre-cat deletion, replacing the OE factory front pipe and first cat first cat with our free flowing 3” cat-less front pipe (also used in our stage 1+ package). In the quest for further power we then turn to the next restriction which is the case of the Astra J VXR is the original equipment air intake/air box.

We completely remove this and replace it with a huge free flowing AEM non oiled Dry Flow Filter. This is mounted to a free flowing air flow meter housing which features a built in air straightener so correct air mass values are relayed to the ECU, finally this assembly sits within a heat deflector shield.

This particular car has also had our upgrade silicone inlet hose fitted.

Astra J VXR Stage 3

Astra J VXR Stage 3

With the Stage 3 package  we are looking to fully optimise everything around the turbo to fully maximise efficiency, so a huge Pro Alloy/Courtenay full height intercooler is installed complete with large bore pipe work and hoses, which whilst keeping the inlet air temperatures very cold also optimises the flow from the turbo through to the inlet manifold. The intercooler and pipework on the above car have been finish in stealth black finish.

Next a 3” free flowing cat section is fitted to compliment the high flow front pipe. With these parts installed the car is remapped on our rolling road optimising our Exclusive Courtenay Sport software to take full advantage to achieve maximum gains from these components.

Final power and torque figures are a very healthy 342bhp and 384 lb ft.

As an option to enhance the soundtrack, this car has also had our 3″ single sliencer cat back system fitted.

Astra J VXR Rolling Road Set Up

Astra J VXR Rolling Road Set Up

Astra H VXR – K06 Mapping

This Astra H VXR Nürburgring is a well loved and enjoyed example having covered some 110,000 miles, but it always gets regular 5,000 mile oil changes. It shows the durability of the engines as this car has been tuned to several levels, originally starting at Stage 3.

More recently it has benefitted from the addition of a K06 hybrid turbo and Courtenay Klasen Inlet manifold, a set of steel rods and with mapping and set up is currently making 316 bhp on the 70mm Remus exhaust system.

It is due back soon for a full 76mm exhaust system to release the additional power available from the fitted components, which is being held back by the Remus system.

Excellent results showing that mileage is not detrimental to the Z20LEH engine making good power, providing regular maintenacne is carried out.

Astra H VXR Mapping

Astra H VXR Mapping

Astra J VXR Development

This summer has seen a substantial increase in tuning demand for the A20NFT engine. This combined with the ECU’s use in the new Corsa E VXR has seen us spending many hours on the dyno looking at data with Stephan getting his teeth firmly into the intricacies, oddities, protocol and hidden depths of the Delco ECU required for example in bigger airflow and turbo applications.

With Stephan visiting us this week we took the opportunity carry out some further testing work on our own  Astra J VXR, already fitted with our Courtenay Sport Racing intercooler and full turbo back 3″ (76mm) twin silenced exhaust system. A lot of time was spent with the car on the rolling road and further updates were made to the software. One of the objectives this week was to further test and calibrate our soon to be released induction kit in order to to fully understand where the best gains are made. To do this a number of filter and air mass housing combinations were tested before finally settling on our preferred design for the A20NFT engine.

Golf Mk 6 GTi Rolling Road Session

This low mileage VW Golf Mk6 GTi was brought to us for a health and power/torque check on our rolling road.

VW Golf Mk 6 Rolling Road

VW Golf Mk 6 Rolling Road

Turbosmart Actuators

Turbosmart Actuator

Turbosmart Actuator

Uprated Turbosmart Actuators are now in stock.

Uprated Turbosmart Internal Wastegate Actuators provide better turbo response and greater sensitivity when managing boost pressures, especially when bespoke mapping.


• Silicone diaphragm with Nomex reinforcement to withstand high temperatures.
• High grade, billet aluminum construction.
• Stainless steel rods for corrosion resistance.
• Locking Collar design cap allows for quick spring changes.
• Actuator Base Pressure can be changed with internal springs.
• Anodised Black Finish
• Available with 10PSI Actuator Spring


This uprated Internal Wastegate Actuator is suitable for KKK factory turbos with an internal wastegate, such as K03, K04 (VXR) and K06 as used on 2.0 Petrol Turbo Z20LEx engines Astra G, Astra H, Zafira A, Zafira B including VXR models where an uprated actuator is required.

Can be used for all stages of tune/mapping with just spring changes if additional actuator clamping pressure is required during mapping.

Suits most 2.0 Turbo applications.

Available with or without mounting bracket From £120.00 – £168.00

Corsa VXR Nürburgring Stage 2 Upgrade

This lovely 2012 Corsa Nürburgring in Lime Green Pearlescent was brought to us for a Stage 2 upgrade, so initially into the workshop and up in the air so the original exhaust could be removed to be replaced with the full 76mm (3″) turbo back stainless steel exhaust system:

Exhaust Fitting - Corsa Nürburgring

Exhaust Fitting – Corsa Nürburgring

and then onto the rolling road for custom mapping, datalogging (including ignition timing, knock retard, injectors, boost pressure, fuelling), map optimisation to suit the new exhaust and full rolling road set up:

Mapping on the Rolling Road - Corsa Nürburgring

Mapping on the Rolling Road – Corsa Nürburgring

When is a 3″ Exhaust NOT a 3″ Exhaust?

We recently had a Corsa VXR in for mapping and rolling road set up. The car was previously fitted with (by another company) a Full 3″ Turbo Back Exhaust System and uprated intercooler – which should be ideal for performance.

Our K06 turbo, an 80mm air flow meter and some higher flow injectors were added into the mix (the engine had previously been strengthened with forged pistons and steel rods)…….

Imagine our surprise when no matter what we did software wise we could achieve more than 266bhp, when around 300bhp was the aim with the components we had.

So When is a 3″ Exhaust NOT a 3″ Exhaust??…..

When it looks like this:

Restrictive Centre Section

Restrictive Centre Section

You can see from the restriction caused by the baffles that narrow the bore of the exhaust through the centre pipe, that the bore size is greatly reduced. This obviously reduces flow, increases exhaust back pressure and hampers performance massively.

In fact when the car went from a Stage 1 Remap, to having this particular exhaust fitted the customer did report he thought that the car felt slower!

Not only was there a problem in the centre section, but the tail pipes had the same problem:

Restrictive Tail Pipe

Restrictive Tail Pipe

Needless to say once we had found the restriction we switched the cat back section for one of our Courtenay Piper developed 3″ systems, which does not feature restrictive internal baffles and finished off the mapping, successfully achieving 306bhp, gaining over 45bhp mid range, 40bhp peak to peak and 50 lbs ft torque mid range!

Corsa VXR Graph

Corsa VXR with K06 Turbo Before and After removing a poor flowing 3″ exhaust

Time Attack Set Up Check

We recently had the Courtenay Sport backked DCE Motorsport run Time Attack Astra VXR back for set-up check, after a spot of bad luck at the previous round at Donington Park. Some gravel ingress into the cambelt area caused severe damage to the engine, resulting in a last minute engine swap for the car, to ensure it was up and running for the final round at Brands Hatch on Sunday 29th September.

So with a borrowed ‘spare’ engine, Will and his pit crew worked tirelessly over the weekend and once the engine swap had been completed and all the ancillaries, turbo, manifolds and such like had been refitted the car came to us for a mapping session just to check and alter the parameters, due to the fact this engine was running slightly different compression than previously.

After a few hours set up, all is now well again and we’re looking forward to Brands Hatch. Good Luck to Will and the whole team.

The benefits of a full 3″ (76mm) exhaust system……

over just a 3″ (76mm) cat back exhaust system.

Had an Astra VXR in today, for an additional exhaust upgrade.

The car had previously been to us, not many weeks ago, for an ecu remap and rolling set up, having already had our 3″ (76mm) Cat back exhaust system fitted but running a standard pre-cat and main cat set up.

Our customer asked how to get further improvements out of his car and we suggested the addition of our 3″ (76mm) exhaust front section (straight through downpipe and cat), which removes the pre cat completely and utilises a motorsport main catalyst (all still UK MOT emissions friendly), making a full system.

Once the front exhaust section was fitted and the map altered on the rolling road, the differences are clear………..

Astra VXR Before and After Graph

Astra VXR Before and After Graph

Bear in mind, this car already had our 76mm cat back system fitted, so we were only adding the first half of the exhaust system, but the graph shows how restrictive the standard pre-cat and main cat are.

Gains across the rev range are: torque 20-30 lb ft, power 10-20 bhp and at 6,300 rpm a massive 30 bhp gain.

What’s more it completely transforms the car on the road.

VX220 Turbo Health Check

We had a VX220 Turbo booked in the other week as the customer had reported that the car seemed to be holding back on track. He thought it might be a fuelling issue and asked us to carry out a health check on the rolling road, datalog the ecu to see what the current map was doing and report back.

The car was running a ‘Stage 2’ ecu remap and has a full 2.5″ exhaust system. After our initial datalogging rolling road session we received a bit of a shock when we plotted the results ……..
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