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Poly Bushed Front Wishbones – Astra G/H

Now Available, we have direct replacement front wishbones for Astra G and H models. These front wishbones are brand new and come pre-fitted with uprated 85 Shore polyurethane wishbone bushes in black and a brand new high quality OEM ball joint.

This will make fitting uprated poly bushes far easier and much more straightforward. No need to spend hours knocking out existing bushes and fitting new ones, simply undo 3 bolts, drop the original arm off the car and fit the direct replacement wishbone.

Priced at £90 each inc VAT.

Pre Bushed Front Arm Astra

Pre Bushed Front Arm Astra

Front Poly ARB Bushes 21mm

21mm Front Polyurethane Anti Roll Bar bushes have been added to our online catalogue for Astra H models including OPC/VXR and CDTi 3 door and 5 door models.

These are designed to replace the original 2 piece factory anti roll bar bushes on Astra H models which run a 21mm bar and are available in either purple or black material. The models include VXR/OPC, SRi and CDTi 3 and 5 door models.

Purple: £40.80 per pair
Black: £45.60 per pair

Astra Front Anti Roll Bar Bush

Astra Front Anti Roll Bar Bush

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