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Routine Maintenance Service

Routine Maintenance for this lovely clean Golf GTi. In our workshop today for its annual maintenance service, including brake fluid change.

VW Golf GTi Service

VW Golf GTi Service

Astra H VXR Routine Maintenance

Some people are under the impression that we only modify and tune Vauxhalls, but we do also carry out regular maintenance, servicing and repairs.

This modified Astra H VXR was brought to us for a full enhanced service which includes a thorough inspection, an oil and filter change, replacement of the air and pollen filters (or cleaning and re-oiling a high flow panel filter), replacement of the spark plugs with NGK iridiums and a brake fluid change to DOT 5.1 brake fluid. We use OE/OEM filters and high quality Valvoline 5w-40 fully synthetic engine oil.

Additionally at the customer’s request, the rocker cover gasket was replaced as it was leaking. We also replaced the oil filler cap seal which was also leaking and allowing oil to escape, which was picked up during inspection.

During the inspection it was also noted that the factory hydraulic gearbox mount had failed, which is not uncommom, splitting and leaking all its oil and causing the engine/gearbox to move excessively. The mount was replaced and additionally strengthened with a polyurethane insert to help reduce engine/gearbox movement and reduce the likelihood of the mount failing in the future.

Astra H VXR Enhanced Service

Astra H VXR Enhanced Service

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