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VX220 2.2 Upgrades

This very clean low mileage VX220 2.2 came to us for some pre trackday checks and upgrades prior to its owner getting involved in doing some UK track days.

VX220 2.2 16v

VX220 2.2 16v

Apart from the obvious fluid changes; oil (5w-40 Fully Synthetic) and filter, brake fluid and gearbox oil (75w-90 Fully Synthetic), the spark plugs were also replaced with NGK platinum plugs. A thorough inspection identified a few other areas that required some work. The rear spring seats/damper collars were corroding quite badly, which is not unusual over time and so were replaced, both side engine mounts had separated and were replaced and an uprated polyurethane insert was fitted to the front engine mount to help reduce engine movement. The header tank had started to crack and degrade, again another quite common issue, so to prevent premature failure on track a new one was fitted.

VX220 2.2 16v

VX220 2.2 16v

The brakes pads were getting low and so M1155 brakes pads were fitted front and rear as a starting point. Further attention will be paid to the brakes and suspension as the driver finds his ‘track legs’, so to speak.

To improve performance the ecu was remapped and a K&N Induction kit fitted. One a rolling road set up was carried out we saw results of 156bhp and 163 lb ft torque.

Finally front a rear towing eyes were fitted (essential for trackday use) and a set of Team Dynamics pro Race 1.2 alloy wheels with some trackday tyres finished off the package.

This should prove to be a very good and enjoyable track day car.

Astra VXR Sprint K06

Built specifically for use as a track day car, this car was previously a Stage 3 car producing a useful 292bhp and had been fitted with our 3″ full exhaust, CSRacing Intercooler, Pro Alloy Water Rad, Wavetrac LSD, Alcon 4 Pot calipers with 356mm alloy belled discs, 292mm Rear Brake Upgrade, Whiteline Rear ARB, DAP Road Springs, direct route hose kit and Pro Race 1.2 alloys. Building on the track day specification, other modifications have included Recaro Pole Position Seats, Rear Cage and Sabelt Harnesses.

Astra VXR Sprint

Astra VXR Sprint

After a few engine changes including K06 turbo rework, Courtenay Klasen Inlet Manifold, Steel Rods, Turbosmart Actuator and Recirculation Valve and a few hours mapping on the rolling road we achieved a respectable 336bhp and 355 lb ft torque, all useable on track increases through the mid range and top end, with the ability to rev to 7,500 rpm.

Before and After Graph:

Stage 3 K04 v Stage 4 K06  Astra VXR

Stage 3 K04 v Stage 4 K06 Astra VXR

Total Vauxhall Nov 2013

Mark Watts’ Astra H VXRs Trackday and Road Duo, from Total Vauxhall magazine November 2013 issue.

Astra H VXR - Track and Road Duo

Astra H VXR – Track and Road Duo

Powerflex Black Series Poly Bushes

Powerflex Black Series Logo

Powerflex Black Series Logo

Powerflex Black Series range has been developed for ultimate performance, motorsport, track and race applications offering the most precise and accurate alignment for a wide range of chassis.

Designed for the Track – Ready to Race – Engineered to be the best.

Powerflex Black Series bushes are manufactured using a 95 Shore A compound to provide maximum control of chassis geometry.

This compound can be up to 80% more resistant to load than standard rubber and 25% stiffer than our purple performance material.

If your requirements are purely for the ultimate in handling and chassis performance then Powerflex Black Series are unique, offering the most precise and accurate alignment for your chassis.

Performance – Developed for ultimate performance using the toughest materials.

Precision – Engineered for the most accurate control of chassis geometry.

Practical – Manufactured to be easily fitted without the need for special tools.

All popular purple bushes are available in the new material including wishbone bushes and engine mounts

Astra H/Zafira B Front Wishbone Bushes

Astra H/Zafira B Gearbox Side Mount Insert

Astra H/Zafira B Front Engine Mount Insert

Astra G/Zafira A Front Wishbone Bushes

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