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Vectra VXR Mapping Session

This Vectra VXR came to us for mapping having already had an Insignia VXR Turbo unit and an intercooler fitted. The cats had also been removed prior to its visit. Once in our rolling road bay, a set of uprated injectors were fitted and then the car was mapped and set up on the rolling road, achieving excellent figures; 329bhp and 406 lb ft torque. These numbers were about what was expected from a car running a factory water radiator, in between our Stage2+ (320-325bhp) package and our Stage 3 (340bhp) package (which also adds an uprated water radiator) .

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Vectra VXR on the Rolling Road

Vectra VXR on the Rolling Road

Fitting Poly Bushes to Vectra C VXR

We recently put together a pictorial fitting guide with Total Vauxhall Magazine showing how to fit Polyurethane Bushes to a Vectra C VXR.

It was featured in Issue 144 January 2013. Here is the full article:

Vectra C Poly Bush Fitting Guide

Vectra C Poly Bush Fitting Guide

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Vectra VXR Benefits from Bespoke ECU Remap

We were asked by a customer to diagnose a misfire on his Vectra VXR, which had occurred at around the same time as a set of spark plugs had been replaced.

Initially we checked which plugs were fitted in the front bank (as these are easy to check) and also to check the plug gap, which is critical on mapped cars. At this point all seemed well as the plugs were iridium ones, and they were correctly gapped.

Running the car on the rolling road (with full datalogging facilities) the car did indeed have a misfire running the ecu remap that was installed. As the plugs seemed fine, wondering if software had anything to do with the misfire we mapped back to standard (as the customer had brought his hand held unit with him) and ran the car again. The misfire had gone.

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