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Turbosmart Actuators

Turbosmart Actuator

Turbosmart Actuator

Uprated Turbosmart Actuators are now in stock.

Uprated Turbosmart Internal Wastegate Actuators provide better turbo response and greater sensitivity when managing boost pressures, especially when bespoke mapping.


• Silicone diaphragm with Nomex reinforcement to withstand high temperatures.
• High grade, billet aluminum construction.
• Stainless steel rods for corrosion resistance.
• Locking Collar design cap allows for quick spring changes.
• Actuator Base Pressure can be changed with internal springs.
• Anodised Black Finish
• Available with 10 or 13PSI Actuator Springs


This uprated Internal Wastegate Actuator is suitable for KKK factory turbos with an internal wastegate, such as K03, K04 (VXR) and K06 as used on 2.0 Petrol Turbo Z20LEx engines Astra G, Astra H, Zafira A, Zafira B including VXR models where an uprated actuator is required.

Can be used for all stages of tune/mapping with just spring changes if additional actuator clamping pressure is required during mapping.

10PSI – For Astra H/Zafira B VXR from 240bhp – 285bhp
10PSI – For Astra H/Zafira B VXR from 305bhp-340bhp K04 and K06 Hybrid
13PSI – For Astra G/Zafira A 2.0Turbo for Stage 4 280-295bhp
13PSI – For Astra H/Zafira B VXR for Stage 3 290-295bhp

If you already run the 10PSI actuator, there is no need to purchase another actuator we can supply additional suitable springs to adjust the spring tension to 13psi if required for mapping.

Available with or without mounting bracket From £120.00 – £189.00

Cambelt and Timing Information – Z20LEx Engines

Useful Gates Technical Information for Cambelt Timing on the Z20LEx 2.0 Turbo family of engines; Z20LET, Z20LEL, Z20LER and Z20LEH (Astra H VXR). This is not a ‘How To’ guide but additional technical information for those with enough mechanical competency to carry out a cam belt change.

Cambelt Change Cycle suggested by the manufacturer:
Z20LET :: 4 years* or 40,000 Miles*
Z20LEL :: 8 years* or 80,000 Miles*
Z20LER :: 8 years* or 80,000 Miles*
Z20LEH :: 8 years* or 80,000 Miles*
*Whichever occurs first.
Notes: The cambelt (timing belt), plastic inlet roller and tensioner are common between all the engines (i.e. the same parts). The only different is that the LEL/LER and LEH kits use a metal exhaust roller (LET uses a plastic exhaust roller). For this reason we suggest a 6 years* or 60,000 Miles* change cycle as best practice. Always use a new tensioner retaining bolt (torx head) with the LEL/LER/LEH engines.

What is Needed……
A good toolkit with a good selection of sockets, allen head sockets, male torx sockets, a 15mm spanner (or similar) to release tension on the auxiliary drive belt and a 17mm ½” drive socket and ratchet (makes turning the engine over to check tension much easier). For the later engines a very high quality T40 Male Torx ⅜” drive socket, and a ¼” drive E10 female torx socket (a slim one) is useful for removing the timing belt cover bolt next to the tensioner once the tensioner is in the ‘rest’ position.

Do not forget a suitable Camshaft Locking Tool (widely available).

On the later engines the cambelt tensioner retaining bolt has a very shallow torx head and if you are not careful the socket can slip and/or chew out the head of the bolt. We suggest akways replacing this bolt when fitting a new belt kit (often the kits are not supplied with the tensioner bolt!)

Remember the tensioner is tensioned ANTI-Clockwise!! We see far too many incorrectly tensioned cambelts.

Torque Settings (for reference):
Toothed belt tension roller to oil pump: 20Nm
Toothed belt guide roller to cylinder block (exhaust side): 25Nm
Toothed belt guide roller to cylinder block (inlet side): 25Nm
Toothed belt cover – upper part to rear toothed belt cover: 6Nm
Toothed belt cover – lower part to rear toothed belt cover: 6Nm

When changing the cam belt always check the water pump and replace if in any doubt, especially on later engines where the change cycle of the cam belt is longer.

Gates Technical Data Sheet on how to time up the engine:

PDF Timing Information

PDF Timing Information

Note: You will need a PDF reader for this file

Timing Belt Diagram Z20LEx

Timing Belt Diagram Z20LEx

Note: E&OE. The above Technical Guidelines are provided for information only. We accept no responsibility for any loss (consequential or otherwise), damage, injury howsoever caused relating to persons undertaking their own repairs. If unsure please seek the services of a professional.

Astra G GSi Turbo Z20LEH

We recently had this Astra G GSi Turbo in for a rolling road session. This car had previously had a Z20LEH Astra H VXR engine fitted (replacing the original Z20LET unit), running VXR turbo, injectors and 80mm Air Flow Meter. Additional upgrades now include steel rods for strength, high flow inlet manifold and 76mm full exhaust (upgraded from a 63.5mm exhaust system).

Astra G GSi with Z20LEH engine

Astra G GSi with Z20LEH engine

Astravan Z20LEH 2.0 Turbo Conversion

A 294bhp Z20LEH engined Astravan in for a service, MOT and some additional TLC. This van has a huge spec including Quaife LSD, Astra H VXR brake set up (front and rear) with uprated discs, CSR Intercooler, 76mm Full exhaust system, 80mm AFM and VXR injectors, uprated clutch and flywheel, a B8 damper and Eibach spring kit, rear ARB and Revolution Millennium Alloy Wheels. We carried out the coversion on thsi van several years ago now and it is still kept in immaculate condition.

Z20LEH Astra Van

Z20LEH Astra Van

V Band Cast Manifold Garrett GT3076 Astra VXR Video

Astra VXR with V Band Cast Manifold, External Wastegate, Garrett GT3076 Turbo, Courtenay Sport Full Height VXR Intercooler, Courtenay Sport High FLow Inlet Manifold, Full 76mm Exhaust System, 90mm Air Flow Meter, Steel Road, Factory ECU (Bosch 7.6.3 management) bespoke mapped by Courtenay Sport

New V Band Cast Manifold Astra VXR Conversion

For this conversion using our new V Band Cast Manifold the brief from our customer was as close to 500bhp as possible but with usable power. We opted for a Garrett GT3076 turbocharger. The car also has our full height VXR intercooler, steel rods, Courtenay Sport High Flow Inlet Manifold and 76mm full exhaust system.

V Band Cast Manifold Astra VXR

V Band Cast Manifold Astra VXR

V Band Cast Manifold with GT3076

V Band Cast Manifold with GT3076

And finally the all important Power Graph:

Astra VXR Power Graph

Astra VXR Power Graph

Astra VXR Dyno Revelation

A customer asked for his Astra VXR to have a run up on our rolling road the other day, as he had recently bought it and was curious about the power and torque output of the car which was running a full 2.5″ Milltek exhaust system and an off the shelf ecu flash.

The ecu reflash had been carried out by an authorised dealer however it had not been check on a rolling road (as the installer did not have one).
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