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Rear Brake Lines – Astra H/Zafira B

Some pictures for reference, in gallery form and in no particular order, showing our braided rear brake hoses fitted on Astra H VXR. These should offer some help with installation of the rear braided brake lines. The brackets from the factory brake lines can be reused to accept the new braided brake lines. Remove the factory brake pipes from the original brackets (you will need to drift them out), and carefully open up the holes in the brackets to accept the braided brake line stainless steel unions, which are a slightly larger diameter to the factory fittings.

Zafira VXR 430bhp

Another big power Z20LEH engine undergoing mapping this week, this time in a Zafira VXR making it a pretty quick 7 seater! Pushing around 430bhp from a Garrett conversion, with 3″ exhaust, Courtenay Klasen Cams, Nortech tubular manifold, Owen Developments GT28 71 HTA turbo, 630cc injectors, steel rods, Pro Alloy alloy water radiator, 356mm K Sport brakes, Quaife LSD. A very respectable figure for a hot summer’s day on the rollers.

Zafira B VXR

Zafira B VXR 430bhp

Uprated Exhaust Mounts

We have noticed that the universal exhaust rubber/mount used on many many popular Vauxhall/Opel applications including Astra H VXR, is not very strong and over time has a tendency to perish, stretch and split, consequently requiring replacement. Often failure can occur quite quickly, especially on a modified car.

Added to this on performance models and modified vehicles with larger diameter exhaust systems, any exhaust movement in the rubber exhaust mounts can lead to knocking from time to time, especially when the mounts start to fail.

Have you ever noticed the occasional knock on start up, or from time to time when driving? This could be an indication of the first signs of weakening rubber exhaust mounts. So worth giving them a checkover at the first signs of a problem.

So we approached our friends at Powerflex to look at a solution for us. Because none of their universal exhaust mounts were close enough in size to the Vauxhall/Opel rubber mount, they set about making a polyurethane exhaust mount as a replacement.

Powerflex Exhaust Mount

Powerflex Exhaust Mount

They have looked at the OE item and manufactured a replacement, which is slightly larger overall but retaining the factory dimensions internally, in their high temperature polyurethane material with a Shore A hardness of 67, compared to the original rubber mounts which measured 55 Shore A.

The result is a much stronger, more durable mount with much less flex, offering far greater resistance to tearing and rot. Ideal for any standard or modified fast road vehicle; these exhaust mounts are equally at home on the track too.

An inexpensive and worthwhile upgrade. The number required per car will vary but this mount will suit Astra G, Astra H, Vectra B, Vectra C, Meriva A, Meriva B, Signum, Omega, Corsa C, Tigra B, Zafira A and Zafira B where 90466688 is specified.

Note: This mount cross references to OE Part Number 90466688

Gearbox Breather Tank – Astra H VXR M32

Gearbox Breather Tank for Astra H VXR/M32 Gearbox, also suitable for 1.9 CDTi Astra H, and equivalent Zafira models.

This breather tank kit is designed specifically for track day/race use but can also be fitted to road cars. It allows for the gearbox to breathe when the oil gets hot and also allows an additional  half litre of oil to be used in the gearbox, which helps to prolong the time it takes for the gearbox oil temperature to increase to temperatures where the oil can go out of grade.

Here is a brief fitting guide (on Astra H VXR): Read more

Side Gearbox/Engine Mount Fitting – Astra G/H and Zafira A/B

Astra G/H 2.0 Petrol Turbo, Astra H 1.9 CDTi, Zafira A/B 2.0 Petrol Turbo and Zafira B 1.9 CDTi have a gearbox side mount that is rubber and prone to failure.

Courtenay Sport approached Powerflex to devise a solution to not only improve the original factory mount, but also give it some additional support and to help reinforce it. In some cases where the original factory mount is not too badly damaged or split, the polyurethane insert can be used to ‘save’ the failing factory mount and prevent further deterioration.

Two specifications of material are available for this mount: Yellow for road use (Shore Hardness 70) and Black (Shore Hardness 95) more aimed at trackday/competition use as it is much stiffer.

OE Factory Engine Mount and Yellow Poly Insert

OE Factory Engine Mount and Yellow Poly Insert

OE Factory Engine Mount and Black Poly Insert

OE Factory Engine Mount and Black Poly Insert

We recently fitted a yellow mount insert to an Astra H VXR which had covered just over 46,000 miles and the factory mount was already showing signs of weakening due to splitting which if left would ultimately deteriorate fully and  fail completely.

Once fitted there was no noticeable increase in NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) into the vehicle. The vehicle used also had an uprated front engine mount insert fitted. Additionally it was noted that the gearchange had improved and became smoother due to the reduction in gearbox movement at gearchange, due to the uprated gearbox mount insert.

On vehicles with a full set of uprated engine mounts, some minor change in NVH may be experienced by fitting this additional mount.

Here is a brief fitting guide: Read more

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