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Courtenay Sport Latest News and Information

Speedline Turini Alloy Wheels

13 Nov 2014, 11:37

Type 2120 – Turini. 8″x18″, 65.1mm, 5x110PCD ET38mm (possibly ET35mm) for Astra H VXR fitment.

Speedline Turini in Silver
Speedline Turini in Silver
Speedline Turini in Anthracite
Speedline Turini in Anthracite
Speedline Turini in Gold
Speedline Turini in Gold

We would like to have these Speedline Turini flow-formed 18″ wheels manufactured for Vauxhall/Opel fitment. If there is enough interest we will get a small batch of wheels made in 3 colours: Silver, Anthracite and Gold. The flowforming process makes these wheels extremely strong and light. They are fully heat treated up to motorsport specification and ideal for trackday use.

This would be a limited production run of wheels, meaning we do not need huge numbers of people to get this moving for delivery early 2015, and limited numbers would mean a certain level of exclusivity.

Target Price £936.00 per set of 4, depending upon the level of interest. (List Price £1008 inc VAT)

Please contact us as soon as possible to confirm interest giving your preferred colour. There is a contact form at the end of this post. If we achieve the desired numbers an order will be placed with Speedline upon receipt of payments from all participants.

Specification: 8″x18, 65.1mm, 5x110PCD ET38mm (possibly ET35mm) for Astra H VXR/OPC fitment. Will clear big brake kits such as AP 4 Pot and K Sport 8 Pot/D2 6 Pot.
These will not require a ‘fitting kit’ (spigot rings) or wobbly wheel bolts.

Colour Suggestions:
Gold suits White and Arden Blue cars.
Anthracite suits Silver, Red and White.
Silver suits most colours.

An iconic Speedline design, the Turini wheel is known for it’s classic good looks, durability and light weight.

The wheel comes with the ‘seal of approval’ from some of the worlds most important car manufacturers, as an original equipment option or line fitment. The 18″ version employ the world renowned Speedline patented Flowforming production technology, ensuring the ultimate marriage of low weight with high strength.

NOTE: These wheels are listed as available online on other suppliers’ websites, however having spoken directly to Speedline they have confirmed there is no stock of these wheels in a correct Vauxhall fitment, except by placing a minimum quantity special order.

FLOWFORMING – What is it and how does it differ?:

Speedline’s flowforming process is a unique solution to a common problem – how to make a wheel both light and strong.

Speedline’s flowforming method is unique within the wheel production industry, and patented.

This means that only Speedline can provide this precise technology.

The casting used to produce the wheel is much narrower than usual, but with the same amount of alloy that would be present in a conventional casting.

The casting is then placed in a specially designed machine within an additional mould. The hot casting is then spun at high rpm within the mould, and formed into the shape of the final wheel.

The resulting grain structure within the alloy of the wheel is linear, flowing in a single direction (see image below).

Cast versus Flow Forming
Cast versus Flow Forming

This grain structure pattern (shown above), combined with the exceptional quality of casting required for the process, gives the rim area of the wheel huge mechanical strength, and elongation. As a result of these mechanical characteristics, Speedline are able to reduce the thickness of the rim area resulting in reduced weight, without compromising strength and resistance to impact (see images below).

Pressure Cast Rim Profile
Pressure Cast Rim Profile

Flowformed Rim Profile
Flowformed Rim Profile

As can be seen from these images above, the flowformed wheel rim profile is much thinner that the usual cast wheel, resulting in lower weight and reduced inertia, making the wheel respond faster to acceleration and braking forces.

Note: Library Images

Speedline Turini in Silver
Speedline Turini in Silver

Speedline Turini in Anthracite
Speedline Turini in Anthracite

Speedline Turini in Gold
Speedline Turini in Gold

Gold Plug Magnetic Sump Plug

5 Nov 2014, 11:20

Gold Plug Magnetic Sump Plug
Gold Plug manufactures Magnetic Sump Drain Plugs of the highest quality. Constructed from a 303 Stainless Steel body that houses the strongest, highest temperature, N45SH Neodymium magnet available.

The magnet is secured in place with a proprietary 2 step process and will never come out. Advancements in technology and materials means Gold Plug is continually evolving and at the forefront of technology.

The strong Neodymium magnet collects any swarf or wear particles missed by the oil filter. These particles are abrasive and potentially damaging to the engine. The magnet will hold any collected metal firmly, unaffected by temperature variation until the oil is changed.

Magnetic sump plugs are a proven product and even used by some manufacturers as standard, examples are available on the market today however few match the quality of Gold Plug and those that do are very expensive.
  • M14 x 1.5 for most Vauxhal Sumps.
  • High Quality Stainless Steel.
  • High Temperature Neodymium Magnet.
  • Collects particles which are not filtered out by the oil filter.
  • Simple to Fit.
  • Made in the USA.
  • Includes Sump Plug Washer
Some Vauxhall/Opel engines using M14x1.5 Sump Plugs:
1.6 Turbo: Z16LEL Z16LER Z16LET
2.0 Turbo: Z20LEL Z20LER Z20LET Z20LEH
1.6 Turbo: A16LER A16LET A16LES

If you are unsure on your particular fitment please check with us.

Price: £15.55

Corsa VXR Engine Mounts

15 Oct 2014, 16:38

Uprated Engine Mountsa Corsa D VXR
Due for imminent release, expected within the next 3 weeks, uprated engine mounts for Corsa D VXR models.

Side Engine Mount, Gearbox Engine Mount and Rear Engine Mount/Torque Link will be available.

Priced from £93.60 - £138.00 Available Now. Buy Now Click Here!

Updated: 12/11/14

Turbosmart Actuators

13 Oct 2014, 15:19

Uprated Turbosmart Actuator
Uprated Turbosmart Actuators are now in stock.

Uprated Turbosmart Internal Wastegate Actuators provide better turbo response and greater sensitivity when managing boost pressures, especially when bespoke mapping.

• Silicone diaphragm with Nomex reinforcement to withstand high temperatures.
• High grade, billet aluminum construction.
• Stainless steel rods for corrosion resistance.
• Locking Collar design cap allows for quick spring changes.
• Actuator Base Pressure can be changed with internal springs.
• Anodised Black Finish
• Available with 10PSI Actuator Spring

This uprated Internal Wastegate Actuator is suitable for KKK factory turbos with an internal wastegate, such as K03, K04 (VXR) and K06 as used on 2.0 Petrol Turbo Z20LEx engines Astra G, Astra H, Zafira A, Zafira B including VXR models where an uprated actuator is required.

Can be used for all stages of tune/mapping with just spring changes if additional actuator clamping pressure is required during mapping.

Suits most 2.0 Turbo Z20LEx applications

Available with or without mounting bracket From £120.00 - £168.00

Buy Now Click Here!

VXRacing Door Sill Trims

9 Oct 2014, 14:27

VXracing VXR Door Sill Trims Now Available.

As fitted to Astra VXRacing Editon models

Only £33.60 per pair

Buy Now Click Here!
Previous Release: 19 May 2011, 17:49

DAP Springs Astra J VXR

1 Oct 2014, 09:30

Astra J VXR on DAP Springs DAP Springs are now available for the Astra J VXR.

Exclusively manufacturered for Courtenay Sport.

Lowered and uprated for improved handling and road holding.

Available online at £183.95 per set
Following our very successful and much acclaimed DAP R Astra H VXR spring kit we now have our DAP R Astra J VXR spring kit available.

Vauxhall set the bench mark very high with the original Astra J set up which didn’t make our job very easy however after an extensive period of development we have achieved what we feel is the ultimate fast road set up.

Visually the car now sits typically between 20-25mm lower. The straight line ride quality is slightly firmer but not at the detriment of ride quality and certainly does not feel crashy, however press hard into the corners and the suspension tightens, firming up giving more control through mind corner bumps and undulations whilst communicating with plenty of driver feel and feedback.

DAP Rs are wound from high tensile chrome silicone steel and are manufactured in a cold winding process for maximum durability in all weather conditions. They are powdered coated Diamond Black to give a very OE look and feel and have the DAP signature discreetly placed on them.
Courtenay Sport Vauxhall Tuning
Courtenay Sport
 Vauxhall Tuning

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