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Courtenay Suspension Kits

Right from the beginning, since 1984, we at Courtenay have been involved with the development of Vauxhall cars exclusively. Just one make, with just one purpose: to produce the best enhanced road car possible.

Competition has traditionally provided the inspiration and the proving ground for much high performance technology, which ultimately finds its place on the roads, but many do not appreciate the amount of redesign necessary to make the transition to the road successfully. It simply does not work, for instance, to just 'lift' a racing or rallying suspension and put it in a road car.

A racing car has a bang-hard set-up with virtually no travel. But then racing circuits are much smoother than your average (especially British!) road. A racing car on the road would be murderously uncomfortable, would handle dreadfully as it skips from bump to bump, and you would hardly see out of the rear view mirror for the vibration.... and racing cars don't have CD players that skip tracks on bumps!
A rally car is totally different: set high with plenty of travel to take the big bumps, but is made to be actually unstable to make it easier to slide about in preparation for taking corners. Fine for the Forests maybe, but hardly the thing for the highway.

The majority of proprietary aftermarket 'sports' suspension systems have their origins in motor sport and are very frequently also sourced in Continental Europe. Nothing 'politically incorrect' intended there, but they just don't seem to have the same sort of bumpy, twisty and patched-up (we think 'interesting') roads that we have! Consequently, we find that spring rates are not strong enough on rebound, yet often too strong on bounce.

So, we have sourced our own preferred options after many hours of testing various set ups.....
Astra G on Track
Astra H VXR Sprint on Track
Courtenay Sport Premium Trackday Suspension Kit
We offer two versions of an uprated OE damper and spring set up, both using Bilstein dampers, the budget priced Clubman kits and our preferred original Premium kits, in addition we also offer KW Coilover kits for serious fast road and trackday use.

Springs are a little stiffer than standard, but not by too much. Like the originals they are progressive - initially softish, but rapidly stiffening as they compress. They are lower, too, but not so low as to leave too little travel or over-deflect driveshafts. Roll stiffness is thereby much improved, but ride quality is still good.
The result? Crisper, sharper handling with a lower, sleeker stance - but with a ride quality that you don' t have to apologize for! Like Auto Express said.....

'Reworked' suspension with special springs and dampers gives a supple and absorbent ride, and allows superb stability and balance in high speed corners!.

Also note that we regard 2 litre engined Novas, Corsas and Tigras as legitimate models and we offer Suspension Kits especially for them. This is extremely important because the difference in overall weight and balance compared to standard is so great that specific spring and dampers set-ups are required for them. Only Courtenay offer such an option.

Coilover Suspension Kit
All suspension components from kits are available individually, although the full kit price offers a saving on the sum of its components.

Courtenay Sport Premium Suspension Kits (B12 Kits)

Our Premium Suspension kits, supplied with Bilstein B8 Yellow Dampers and uprated Eibach springs. Premium Kits are available for most models. For the ultimate fast road suspension set up, offering an excellent all round ride, handling and road holding set-up, Premium Kits include Eibach springs (*where available, except 2.0 Nova/Corsa).

Premium Suspension Kits - Buy Now Click Here!

Fitting: from £144 - £216.00 Mail Order Carriage from £15
Springs and Dampers can be supplied separately, however the kit price is discounted over the cost of the items supplied separately.
We use and recommend Bilstein Yellow B8 dampers in our Premium Suspension kits. All Bilstein products are manufactured to the highest standards and undergo thorough development and testing, including on the Nurburgring-Nordschleife. Not only are Bilstein dampers used throughout the Motor Sport world, but are also specified on many of the world's prestige and sports cars, such as Ferrari, Porsche (GT3 and Boxster), Jaguar and Mercedes.
Bilstein Logo
Bilstein and Eibach Pro-Kit spring suspension kits which work exceptionally well together. Again Eibach springs are excellent quality, extensively tested and used in countless Motor Sport applications. In terms of ride quality, handling and road holding, the combination of Bilstein dampers and Eibach springs offers one of the best road car suspension packages around. In fact Vauxhall's VX220 2.2 16v and 2.0 16v turbo models left the factory fitted with Bilstein dampers and Eibach springs.
Application Price
Nova (Corsa A) excl 2.0 £595
Nova (Corsa A) 2.0 £595
Corsa B excl 2.0 £595
Corsa B 2.0 £595
Corsa C £650
Corsa D ALL models except 1.6 SRi Turbo and VXR
Courtenay sourced dampers and DAP Road Springs
Corsa D* ALL models except 1.6 SRi Turbo and VXR
Courtenay sourced dampers and Eibach Pro Kit Springs
Corsa D* ALL inc VXR
Also available with DAP Road Springs
Corsa D ALL inc VXR with DAP Road Springs £696
Tigra A excl 2.0 £595
Tigra A 2.0 £595
Astra MkII/MkIII £595
Astra G - Hatch/Coupe/Estate* £625*
Zafira A* NLS*
Astra H (Non IDS) Hatch/Van (Not VXR)
Courtenay sourced VXR dampers and DAP Road Springs
Astra H* (Non IDS) Hatch/Estate/Van
B8 Dampers and Eibach Springs
Also available with DAP Road Springs (+35.00)
Astra H (Non IDS) VXR with DAP Road Springs £685
Astra H (Non IDS) Hatch/Estate/Van with DAP Road Springs £685
Astra H* (Non IDS) Twin Top £650*
Zafira B* (B6 Dampers) (Non IDS) £700*
Cavalier MKIII excl 16v/4x4/Turbo/V6 £608
Cavalier MkIII 16v/4x4 £608
Cavalier MKIII Turbo/V6 £608
Calibra excl Turbo/V6 £608
Calibra Turbo/V6 £608
Signum* £675*
Vectra B 1.8/2.0/2.2 including Estate £645*
Vectra B 2.5/3.0/3.2 V6* £645*
Vectra C (Not VXR)* £695*
Vectra C VXR with DAP Road Springs £695*
Insignia (Not VXR)* £695*
*Premium Kits marked with a * include Eibach Pro-Kit Springs as standard.

Courtenay Clubman PLUS Suspension Kits

For customers who would like an enhancement but without going to one of our Premium Kits we can offer the Clubman PLUS kit. These Clubman PLUS suspension kits use Bilstein Black Gas dampers (Kayaba can be specified on certain models if preferred) or our own sourced dampers and Eibach  or DAP Road springs. Depending on the chassis this will lower between 10 and 35mm (some Vauxhall sports chassis are already lower from the factory e.g. Astra G SRi). Available for all popular Vauxhall applications. Please ask if your car is not listed. We specify the spring kits specifically to suit each individual application to offer a good upgrade from the OE suspension.
Application Year Lowers by approx Price
Corsa C ALL 00 - 06 10-30mm £378
Tigra B Twin Top ALL 04 on 10-30mm £378
Corsa D ALL (except 1.6 SRi T and VXR)
Courtenay sourced OE dampers and DAP Road Springs
06 - 10 - 35mm £395
Corsa D ALL (except 1.6 SRi T and VXR)
Courtenay sourced OE dampers and Eibach Pro Kit Springs
06 - 10 - 30mm £355
Astra G ALL 1.4-2.2 Hatch/Coupe/Conv 98 - 04 10-30mm £329
Astra H Hatch (Not VXR), Van
Courtenay sourced OE dampers and DAP Road Springs
04 - 10 10 - 35mm £415
Astra H Hatch (Not VXR), Van
Courtenay sourced OE dampers and Eibach Pro Kit Springs
04 - 10 10 - 30mm £390
Vectra B Hatch/Saloon 1.6-2.5 9/95 - 02 10-30mm £429
Vectra C 1.6-2.2 inc Diesel Hatch/Saloon 02 on 10-30mm £415
Zafira A ALL 1.6-2.2 98 - 04 10-30mm £405

Bilstein Adjustable Kits - Coilovers Buy Now Click Here!

B14 - Adjustable Ride Height with Fixed Rated Damping
  • BILSTEIN Gas Pressure Technology
  • BILSTEIN Mono-Tube/Upside Down Technology
  • Surface coating using Triple-C-Technology for long-lasting corrosion resistance
  • Round threads for ease of adjustment
  • Quality Sport Springs made from highly durable material
  • Road tested by BILSTEIN under motorsport conditions and fine-tuned
  • Spring plates and lock nuts made from highly durable material
  • Made in Germany. TÜV Approved
Application Price Corsa D B14 PSS Coilover Kit
Nova/Corsa B - B14 Height Only £540
Nova/Corsa B - B16 PSS9 Height and Damping £1410
Corsa D - B14 PSS Height Adjustment Only
Frt: 20-30mm to 1000kg Rr: 15-30mm to 850kgs
£744 Astra H B14 PSS Coilover Kit
Astra G Hatch - B14 Height Adjustment Only
Frt: 40-50mm to 1040kg Rr: 25-45mm to 885kgs
Astra H 3dr & 5dr - B14 PSS Height Adjustment Only
Frt: 30 - 50mm to 1060kg Rr: 30 - 50mm to 860kgs
Notes: Height Adjustable Front and Rear Axles (Front Axle - Threaded Strut Housings, Rear Axle - Adjustable Springs and Dampers

Bilstein Dampers

In addition to suspension and spring kits, we are also able to offer the full range of Bilstein Dampers, on an individual basis from B4 Gas dampers through to B8 Sprint dampers.
B4 Gas dampers offer OE quality and are a great first step upgrade, ideal for those on a budget or as a direct replacement for OE dampers.
B6 dampers are a suitable upgrade for anyone wanting improved performance without lowering, and where a B8 is unavailable.
B8 Sprint dampers are ideal for lowered vehicles and are an ideal fast road upgrade especially when matched with a lowered spring set such as DAP Road springs. The shortened high performance damper is an ideal choice when it comes to optimising any chassis. They will offer improved road holding with good ride comfort from a lowered sports chassis.

DAP Race spec springs will require B8 dampers for road and trackday use.

Please contact us if you model is not listed or if you require any further help or advice.
Bilstein Logo
  • Shortened high-performance shock absorbers
  • Marked improvement in safety and performance with additional spring changes (lowering)
  • Sporty approach with high level of comfort
  • Precision handling and optimised vehicle control
  • BILSTEIN gas pressure technology
  • BILSTEIN mono-tube/Upside-Down technology, Made in Germany
  • Road-tested by BILSTEIN and fine-tuned

B4 Gas Dampers
Buy Now Click Here!

B8 Sprint Dampers
Buy Now Click Here!

Front Rear Front Rear
Corsa C - Std Chasis £52.00 £28.00 £174 £105
Corsa C - Sports Chassis £60.50 £39.95 £174 £105
Corsa D inc VXR £82.00 £77.00
£164.50 £109
Meriva £60.50 £48 £174 £113
Tigra B £60.50 £39.95 £140 £113
Astra G - All £47.00 £30/£38 £142.50 £96
Astra H - All £66.95 £52/£57 £142.50 £108
Vectra B - All £66.95 £43.95 £182 £105
Vectra C - All £62.95/£73.95 £38.00 £150 £108
Signum - All £62.95/£73.95 £38.00 £150 £108
Zafira A - All £70.50 £36.95 NLS NLS
Zafira B - All
£66.95 £55.50 £169* £112*
Dampers are priced individually. B4 dampers are an ideal OE direct replacement damper. Not recommended as a performance upgrade and may not suit some lowered chassis. B8's recommended as a performance upgrade damper. Please ask if in doubt. * indicates B6 damper where B8 is unavailable.

© Copyright Courtenay Sport Ltd


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