Courtenay Sport Stage 2 Package - Hyundai i30N

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Courtenay Sport Stage 2 Package - Hyundai i30N

High flow 76mm Flexing pipe with installation.

Engine diagnostic test.

Rolling Road testing, calibration to produce a final remap.

Stage 2 Historically covers any modification parts up to a hybrid turbo, in the order of priority these would be flex pipe,  Intercooler, GPF delete (if yours is a GPF car) and finally an exhaust. However, if you had all of these parts the car would be being held back by the standard turbo, so not realising the best from these components and achieving 320 to 330 Bhp at a minimum cost of circa £2500 for parts, plus £595 for mapping which gives a total cost of circa £3095. We therefore feel this is quite an expensive route to get an extra 50 Bhp...

However, with the advent of the Generation 2 car we feel a better cost to Bhp ratio is to supply & install the Generation 2 turbo along with a remap which will achieve 350 bhp for £3208, a gain of 80 Bhp offers a much better £ to Bhp ratio. This package is now our Stage 3. 

For Stage 2 see below.

Our Stage 2 package. Firstly we replace the flex pipe, this pipe joins onto the end of the cat pipe section. The original Hyundai flex pipe is quite a restrictive as its internal diameter is at worst only 60mm and at best 64mm.  This pipe is changed for a high flow 76mm version getting rid of this restrictive gas flow.  Then before mapping we carry out a full engine diagnostic test. Exclusive Courtenay Sport software is written and installed raising the boost levels, whilst optimising the fuel and timing curves. A Rolling Road calibration, set up and testing session follows with full data-logging and map optimisation.  Meaning  we would normally see peak power gains of 35-40 bhp, so typically 305 to 310 Bhp, the flex pipe being worth an additional 5 Bhp.


For best results we recommend using 99 octane such as Shell V Power , Esso Synergy Supreme +  or Tesco Momentum, however, as we map to suit your car as it is presented on the day, we can also map the car to suit 97 Octane BP Ultimate at a slightly reduced power output. 

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