Garrett 2.0T Z20LEx

Garrett 2.0T Z20LEx

What is a Z20LEx engine?

This refers to the 2.0 Turbo engines (Z20LET/Z20LEL/Z20LER/Z20LEH) used in Astra G, Astra H, Zafira A, Zafira B and VX220 including VXR models.

The first development was the Z20LET engine fitted to Astra G, Zafira A and VX220. Z20LEL and Z20LER engines were fitted to Astra H and Zafria B (and the Z20LER made its way into the Lotus Europa) and were basically the same as a Z20LET engine but with different Bosch management. The Z20LEH engine is that used in Astra H and Zafira B VXR models, and features under piston cooling.

For all 2.0 Turbo Z20LEx engines we are able to offer a range of upgrades to comfortable take power above the magic 300 bhp mark. We can supply all the required items for an engine build, cast exhaust manifold to accept a Garrett turbo, 76mm downpipe and we even offer bespoke conversions supplied, fitted and mapped.

For any set up a big intercooler with good cooling and flow capabilities, a 76mm/3" free flowing sports exhaust and uprated fuel pump are mandatory. We can then advise on injector requirements and mapping as required. For tuning requirements above the 350bhp mark a replacement inlet manifold will be needed as the OE manifold does not allow enough flow and becomes a bottleneck, although we recommend our high flow inlet manifold is fitted to any car wanting to achieve over 300bhp. Our uprated Courtenay-Klasen high flow inlet manifold has been tested with excellent results and shows great top end power improvements without any loss of mid range torque.

For anyone who has undertaken their own build or conversion, we can bespoke map the ecu and carry out a full set up and map optimisation on our rolling road.

V Band Cast Manifold Z20LEx

For significant gains in performance above the OE Z20LEH K04 exhaust manifold for those wishing to fit a Garrett turbo, this new cast manifold offers an ideal solution. Developed in conjunction with our German Tuning partner Klasen Motors, this manifold offers the OE durability of a cast manifold, unlike stainless steel tubular manifolds which are prone to cracking, has a high quality finish, is manufactured from high quality materials and has been flow tested to 600bhp, although Stephan has produced a 689PS conversion with the manifold. Features a TiAL V-Band mounting flange for any suitable turbocharger plus external wastegate, again on a TiAL V-Band flange. This can be capped if an internal wastegate option is required.

The V-Band flange provides better security of the turbocharger to the manifold, and is less prone to backing off unlike traditional 4 bolt garrett flanges, and also allows for the retention of the air conditioning system.

  • D5S material with high nickel content
  • Turbocharger and waste gate have V-band flanges
  • TiAL 44mm external wastegate (water cooling possible)
  • TiAL exhaust housing with a V-band flange
  • Accepts the new Garrett GTx range of turbos. Gen2 Fitting

Nortech Garrett Conversion Kit Z20LEx

Garrett installation kit with tubular V band manifold (supplied without turbocharger)

Kit includes V band tubular manifold, downpipe (dump tube in), crankcase breather tube, intake pipe, external wastegate, oil and water lines, clamps, manifold gasket, stud and nut kit and heatwrap.

Garrett turbocharger can be specified separately according to the individual power requirements. Specifications of turbocharger vary to suit application. Garrett turbo for V band application from £1250

Engine Strengthening (Z20LEx engines) when upgrading.......

As part of any Garrett conversion, for reliability and durability engine internal strengthening is required.

Z20LEH engines have strong pistons which are good for around 500bhp. Above 320bhp we recommend fitting steel rods.

The Z20LET/Z20LEL and Z20LER engines require stronger pistons when exceeding 310-320 bhp so a full engine rebuild is required using forged pistons and steel rods.

We can offer everything from parts supply, to a full engine rebuild. Pricing up of an engine build is again carried out for each individual customer and will vary according to requirements as well as current age and mileage of the engine we are being asked to work on.

Pricing up an engine rebuild is done on an individual basis depending upon what is required.

Example Prices:
Supply and fit steel rods to Z20LEH engine from £1450 inc new big end bearings, gaskets, head bolts and oil and filter change.
To carry out a suitable rebuild on a low mileage Z20LEH engine prices will begin at £1760
To carry out a full strip down and rebuild on a Z20LEx engine including removal from and refitting into the engine bay prices start from £3750 - £5000
To carry out a full rebuild on a Z20LEx (non LEH engine) already removed from the car prices start from £2500

Additional Head Work and suitable high lift cams can also be specified depending upon individual engine build requirements.

What else is required?.......

Our recommendations for achieving the best power:
A Full 76mm turbo back exhaust system
A large full height intercooler for Astra/Zafira or extra large charge cooler system for VX220/Speedster
Minimum 80mm Air Flow Meter where not already fitted. A 90 or 100mm Air Flow Meter may be required depending on power requirements
High Flow Injectors to suit the type of conversion being carried out (fitted at time of mapping)
Uprated Fuel Pump, Replacement Map Sensor
Uprated Clutch Assembly and Replacement Flywheel
Our high flow inlet manifold and enlarged high flow plenum.

Head rework and high lift cams can be specified depending upon the conversion and required power.

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Air Filter AEM Dryflow Cone 90mm

Universal High Flow AEM Dryflow Cone Air Filter.To Suit 90mm Air Flow Meter (Flange ID 89mm)AEM Dryf..

Ex Tax: £47.50

Air Flow Meter 90mm - Z20LET/LEL/LER/LEH

90mm Air Flow Meter complete with element for Z20LET/LEL/LER/LEH Garrett conversions running 400 - 5..

Ex Tax: £141.00

Air Flow Meter Housing 90mm - Z20LEx

90mm Air Flow Meter Housing for Z20LEx Garrett conversions running 400 - 600 bhp.Requires an element..

Ex Tax: £75.00

Crankcase Ventilation Pipe GT V Band

Breather Tube/Crankcase Ventilation Pipe for use with the Courtenay-Klasen cast exhaust manifold Z20..

Ex Tax: £29.17

Downpipe 3" Z20LEx V Band

3" Stainless Steel Downpipe for use with our V Band Cast Exhaust Manifold Z20LEX-GT-VBand Conversion..

Ex Tax: £195.83

Exhaust Manifold Z20LEx V Band GTxx

Exhaust Manifold with V Band Flange to fit Garrett GT turbo to Z20LEx 2.0 Turbo engine.For significa..

Ex Tax: £499.17

External Wastegate TiAL MVR 44

Tial External Wastegate, 44mm - MVR V Band connections.More compact top section with high flowing lo..

Ex Tax: £330.00

Heatshield Z20LEx Garrett

Heatshield for Garrett Conversions to protect the plastic cylinder head / cam cover from radiated he..

Ex Tax: £21.25

High Flow Inlet Manifold - Z20LEx

High Flow Inlet Manifold designed for ALL Z20LEx petrol turbo enginesThe Courtenay Klasen High Flow ..

Ex Tax: £416.67

Intake Pipe 3" for Garrett Install

3" Stainless Steel Inlet Pipe, finished in Black, for use with GT28 and GT30 turbo conversion with 3..

Ex Tax: £216.67

Manifold Stud and Nut Kit Z20LEx V Band Manifold

Turbo Stud and Nut Kit for fitting our V Band Cast Manifold to any Z20LEx engine.10 x M8 Replacement..

Ex Tax: £20.75

Nortech Aircon Delete Bracket and Pulley - Z20LEx

Nortech Aircon Delete Bracket, Pulley and shorter belt for 2.0 Turbo Z20LExFor use with factory stan..

Ex Tax: £110.00

Nortech Garrett Conversion Kit Z20LEx

Garrett installation kit with tubular V band manifold (supplied without turbocharger)Garrett turboch..

Ex Tax: £2,145.00

Nortech V Band Tubular Manifold 2.0 Turbo Z20LEx

For Z20LEx Garrett Turbo Fitment.Features a one-piece billet low angle merge collector, thick wall s..

Ex Tax: £850.00

Oil Feed and Drain Z20LEx Garrett

Oil Feed and Drain Pipes for Garrett Conversion.Kit includes: -Steel Braided Oil Feed PipeOil Inlet ..

Ex Tax: £87.50

Siemens-Deka Injectors Z20LEx 630cc - Set of 4

High Flow Direct Fit Injectors for High Power Z20LEx Conversions e.g. Garrett or similar.Flow Rate: ..

Ex Tax: £191.67

Turbosmart WG38 Ultragate 38 14psi

The Turbosmart Ultra-Gate38 is a 38mm external wastegate for street and racing applications, speci..

Ex Tax: £241.40

Turbosmart WG40 Compgate 40 14PSI

Turbosmart's Comp-Gate WG40 (40mm) external wastegate was designed to fit into tight engine bays w..

Ex Tax: £272.90

Turbosmart WG45 Hypergate 45 14psi

The Turbosmart Hyper-Gate 45 is a 45mm external wastegate designed with minimum size and maximum f..

Ex Tax: £304.40

Uprated Klasen Camshafts (2) Z20LEx Garrett

Two Uprated Klasen Spec Camshafts for Z20LEx engines with Garrett big power conversions.Developed wi..

Ex Tax: £475.00
Please Note: Plugs are listed individually.The Best Plugs to use for 1.6 Turbo (Z16LEx/A16LEx/B16LER..
Ex Tax: £6.88
Shim for M32 Late Type End Case.To ensure correct shimming of the gearbox when fitting the later end..
Ex Tax: £2.00
Uprated Exhaust Mount manufactured from a high temperature polyurethane material in red with a Shore..
Ex Tax: £6.00
Genuine OE Vauxhall/Opel Valve Stem Oil Seal.Vauxhall/Opel Part Number: 90410741For the Z20LEx famil..
Ex Tax: £1.25
Clutch Cover to Flywheel Bolt (M7x22) for C20LET and C20XEPreviously: 900652946 Required per Clutch..
Ex Tax: £0.50
NGK BKR7EIX Iridium Spark Plugs. Offer an enhanced spark over the standard items, and are 'cooler..
Ex Tax: £7.46
Replacing the original equipment balancer shafts with lighter neutral versions allows the engines re..
Ex Tax: £348.93
If you use a i30N for fast road or have a high performance tune in a hot climate, this product ..
Ex Tax: £566.66
Developed from our direct involvement within the BTCC and Mini Challenge race series where we have p..
Ex Tax: £416.66
Hyundai i30N and Veloster N short shifter and side shifter set.The i30N and Veloster N are both..
Ex Tax: £87.48
For Vectra C VXR HatchEibach Pro Kit - Set of 4 Eibach Lowering Springs.The number 1 choice of autom..
Ex Tax: £153.85
Single Valve Spring Kit To Suit Vauxhall Corsa VXR SRi will fit all Z16, A16 & B16 engines, also..
Ex Tax: £228.00