Engine Rebuild Kit - 1.6 Turbo Z16LEx A16LEx B16LER

Components Available Engine Rebuild Kit 1.6 Turbo
Engine Rebuild Kit 1.6 Turbo

1 x 79.5mm Oversize Forged Piston & Ring Set (Four Pistons & Rings) - CSWP795
1 x Uprated Steel Rod & Bolt Set (Four Rods & 8 Bolts) - 200-6210
1 x OEM Main Bearing Set - 87410600-ELR
1 x OEM Big End Bearing Set - 87409600-ELR
1 x OEM Head Bolt Set - 803.060
1 x OEM Top (Head) Gasket Set - 354.000
1 x Turbo Stud and Nut Kit - 90424073/24578147
1 x OEM Bottom Gasket Set - 539.700
1 x GM Vauxhall/OpelSealing Compound - 93165267
1 x 5L Millers SAE30 Mineral Running In Oil - 6301GB
1 x OE Oil Filter - 95526685
1 x 5L Coolant/Antifreeze OE Spec - 5668

Options Available:
Genuine OE Oil Pump with Water Pump - 55559302AS
Genuine Cambelt Kit - 95520406

We can carry out a full strip down and rebuild in our workshop.

Full Engine Rebuild Kit for the 1.6 Turbo Z16LEx, A16LEx, B16LER Engines - Corsa D, Meriva A, Astra H, Astra J, Insignia A. ERK16T

These are the components we use for our uprated engine rebuilds featuring oversize 79.5mm forged pistons and steel rods when an engine rebuild is required.

Options Available:
Genuine OE Oil Pump with Water Pump Assembly
Genuine Cambelt Kit

NOTE: Astra J and Insignia A (A16LET) engines use a different cambelt kit.
NOT Corsa E (B16LES)

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