Bearing Kit Complete and Later End Case for M32 M20 Gearbox Early Type

Sorry Out Of Stock Bearing Kit Complete and Later End Case for M32 M20 Gearbox Early Type
Bearing Kit Complete and Later End Case for M32 M20 Gearbox Early Type

1 x GENUINE Vauxhall/Opel Revised End Case featuring additional oil galleries
1 x Larger 28mm Rear End Case Bearing (62mm O/D)
2 x Larger 25mm Rear End Case Bearings (62mm O/D)
2 x Upper and Lower Mainshaft Front Case Bearings
2 x Differential Bearings
1 x 25mm Input Bearing
1 x 27mm Input Bearing
2 x Driveshaft Oil Seals
2 x Input Shaft Seals to suit the different Input Shaft Size (24 and 26mm)
1 x O Ring Differential Bearing Flange Seal

Fitting new bearings into the gearbox from £595.00. Removal and refitting of gearbox £695.00 plus consumables e.g. clutch fluid, fully synthetic 75w-90 gearbox oil

M32 / M20 Gearbox Bearing Rebuild Kit (M32 Bearing Pack) and revised later end case with larger bearings.

This kit is designed for M32 and M20 gearboxes which have the early type of end case, and includes the later revised end case and larger bearings. Often referred to as a 'Bigger Bearing' Upgrade.

When fitting the late end case to an early M32 gearbox additional shims (listed separately) will be required to correctly shim the shafts, and note also that the original retaining circlips are no longer used.

Bearing Kit, Seals and Later Type Revised End Case with larger end case bearings for M32 / M20 Gearbox as used in Astra H, Corsa D, Meriva A, Insignia, Vectra C. May also be suitable for Fiat models including Punto and Croma and Alfa Romeo.

M32 gearboxes can be prone to noisy bearings often caused by poor quality gearbox oil which is often left unchanged. Heat build up in the gearbox causes the oil to go out of grade reducing its protection and causing premature bearing failure due to loss of bearing lubrication. If left the bearings can break down and then cause further internal damage. At the first sign of noisy bearings it is advised that the box if inspected and repaired/bearings replaced at the earliest opportunity, to prevent further more costly damage.

The bearings are manufactured by GBC, NTN-SNR Group (SNR Bearings) and The Timken Company (Timken Bearings), Leading Automotive Suppliers to the Automotive industry as OE (Original Equipment) and Aftermarket.
The end case is Genuine Vauxhall/Opel.

There is an input shaft diameter difference with a change around 2008.
M32 Up to 2008 Input Shaft Bearing/Seal 27mm M32 After 2008 Input Shaft Bearing/Seal 25mm

There can be an overlap/slight grey area on the input shaft bearing size, generally the change occurs during 2008, so included are both sizes of Input Shaft Bearing and seals which means you do not have to remove your gearbox first to check which size you need. Also with the number of gearbox changes there is often no consistency.

This kit is for the earlier type M32 / M20 gearbox with the earlier end case already fitted. If you have the earlier type M32 / M20 gearbox in circulation with earlier end case and smaller bearings this will replace will replace all the bearings and also the end case with the later type which has the larger bearings and additional oil galleries. To identify the earlier type of end case it has a level check plug and does not feature the additional oil galleries to the bearings. If unsure please contact us. When fitting the later end case to gearbox originally fitted with an early end case, the original retaining circlips are no longer used with the late end case.

Clearances should be checked during rebuild and the shafts shimmed accordingly. Shims available separately as required
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