VXR Turbo Z20LEH K04 Bearing and Seal Upgrade

7-10 Days VXR Turbo Z20LEH K04 Bearing and Seal Upgrade
VXR Turbo Z20LEH K04 Bearing and Seal Upgrade
This rework should be carried out to a Brand New Astra H VXR K04 turbo unit.

The standard unit is disassembled, a new uprated 360 degree thrust bearing pack is installed, along with more durable oil seals (often overlooked by some turbo builders when fitting the 360 degree bearing pack), the unit is the reassembled and balanced. A cut back to the exhaust wheel can also be performed.

The 360 degree thrust bearing has a greater bearing contact face to withstand the high loads of a remapped ecu which could otherwise destroy a standard bearing very quickly.

The Seal Housing is machined without compromise to the bearing housing wall thickness.

Includes Step Gap Oil Seal for improved sealing against leaks and smoke on high boost applications. Turbine Wheel cut back can also be added for reduced back pressure.

NOTE: This does not include the supply of a turbo unit.

You must send us a brand new VXR turbo unit and we will carry out this upgrade to your unit.
If you need a turbo as well, please order a new turbo from us and add the required upgrade as an option.

Please allow 7 working days for this rework to be carried out once we have received your unit.

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  • Availability: 7-10 Days
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