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Courtenay Sport Latest News and Information

Corsa E VXR Tuning

1 Jun 2016, 11:11

Corsa E VXR Tuning. Click Here For More Information Tuning details are now onine for the new Corsa E VXR. We will be constantly updating the information as products and further tuning options become available.

CSR MaxAir Intake System Astra J VXR

11 May 2016, 10:17

Astra J VXR engine bay with CSR MaxAir Intake System Early in testing the Astra J VXR it was discovered that the original factory airbox simply would not cut it even with the usual modifications. Porting it simply could not flow the required air, so some kind of induction system was required.

During initial induction testing it soon became apparent that a straight/parallel air MAF housing not unlike the Astra H 80mm MAF with a cone filter simply clamped on the end was not the answer. This parallel design created too much turbulence from the air turning from the sides of the filter into the housing and due to the lack of available space between the air filter and the MAF metering head, even with the addition of an air straightener, would not clean this turbulent air. The result was a restriction of air flow along the inside edges of the MAF and thus the air was
accelerated through the center of the MAF which in effect meant the engine was receiving less air than the mass meter was reading and reporting to the ECU. The target was therefore to create a trumpet with as long and smooth a progression of taper as space would allow in order to slowly turn and progress the air so smoothly that an air straightener was not even required. After testing a number of prototypes we achieved this goal.

Now we had to produce this. We looked at aluminium, however this was deemed too heavy with far too much wastage having the units moulded would make the product far too expensive so we turned to the relatively new dark art of plastic printing. We are able to make both the trumpet and the housing in one piece making it very clean looking on the outside and smoother for flow on the inside with a weight saving over an alloy version of a fraction under ½ a kilo. Not massive agreed but it all counts.

Attached to the new MAF housing we use a massive high flow AEM dry filter for very efficient filtration and breathing. This package is then housed in a powder coated heatshield assembly with the Courtenay Sport logo laser cut out of it.

So what does it do?
With the standard inlet air pipe just over 13bhp at peak power and with an enlarged silicone induction pipe 15 BHP. Also when compared to a parallel housing induction version it makes an extra 3 BHP at peak and a further 15 BHP from 5650 RPM! The MaxAir induction system is compatible for both mapped and standard cars.

CSR MaxAir Intake System £249 Silicone Inlet Hose (shown in blue) also available
Astra J VXR MaxAir Intake System Astra J VXR MaxAir Intake System Astra J VXR MaxAir Intake System

High Flow 340 Stealth Fuel Pump

21 Apr 2016, 14:10

Uprated Fuel Pump - Astra G/H and Zafira A/B, VX220

High Flow Uprated In Tank 340 Series Stealth Fuel Pump for most petrol turbo applications.

For Astra G/H and Zafira A/B Turbo models inc VXR and VX220 2.2, Supercharged and Turbo models running big horsepower and higher boost levels, fuelling is critical. The replacement Protec 340 Stealth high output in-tank electric fuel pump offers the solution. 340 lph at 40psi. Offset Inlet, Inline with Outlet. Will fit into original in-tank housing with slight modification. Suitable for cars from 300bhp up to approximately 450bhp. Features a vapour-purge port as on an OE pump, so less prone to fuel starvation at low fuel levels.

£99.00 Convoluted Flexi Fuel Hose also available
This 340 Fuel Pump is a high-output, in-tank electric fuel pump which is a compact, lightweight pump that bolts into the existing OE fuel pump assemby with just minor modification. This pump is ideal for applications requiring more flow while retaining the factory fuel lines and mounting provisions available in the Original Equipment (O.E.) configuration.

Features an offset inlet, inline with outlet. Centre Inlet available for VX220

These pumps have been tested by us and used in Astra H and VX220 applicaitons.

• Fits Astra G/H 2.0 Turbo, Zafria A/B 2.0 Turbo, Corsa D 1.6 Turbo with minor modification to the OE fuel pump housing.
• Fits VX220 2.2 16v, Supercharged and VX220 Turbo (Centre Inlet Typre with supplied fuel filter).
• Internal Check Valve
• Vapour Purge Port in base of pump
• Designed for in-tank use only
• Turbine pump mechanism increases durability.
• Includes wiring harness.
• Suitable for standard and modified cars.

Flow Rate - 340 lph @ 40psi :: 300 lph @ 50psi :: 275 lph @ 60psi
Weight - 355 grams
External Materials - Black Steel Body
Inlet Fitting - Offset Inlet Inline with Outlet or 22mm Centre Inlet
Outlet Fitting - 8.5mm OD
Impeller Design - Regenerative Turbine
Terminal Post - Spade Terminal OE Fitment (6.2mm)
Min Voltage Input - 6 vdc
Max Voltage Input - 18 vdc
Current Draw - (40 psi) 12 amps (13.8vdc)

Pump Overall Height (including outlet) - 120mm
Pump Body Height - 80mm
Pump Body Diameter- 39mm
Outlet Length - 21mm
Outlet Diameter - 8.5mm
*All dimensions are approximate

Courtenay Turbosmart Recirculation Valve for 1.6 Turbo

11 Mar 2016, 15:06

Turbosmart Recirculation Valve
Courtenay Turbosmart Recirculation Valve
Courtenay Sport, working in assiciation with Turbosmart, are pleased to announce that an uprated recirculation valve is now available for the 1.6 Vauxhall/Opel turbocherged engine using the K03 turbocharger, following on from the success of the valve produced for K04/K06 applications.

Turbosmart Kompact Shortie Series Recirculation Valves have been specifically designed to suit BorgWarner EFR and KKK turbos.

Unlike the standard, plastic valves that use un-reinforced rubber diaphragms and are known to crack or split under increased boost, the new BW/KKK Kompact valves uses an O-Ring sealed piston which, coupled with their billet aluminium construction give them over 30PSI of boost handling capability using a single spring and increased reliabity over the factory valve.

Designed as a bolt-on direct replacement replacement for the factory valve on all BorgWarner EFR, KKK turbos, the Kompact Shortie Plumb Back provides better boost response and greater boost handling capability than the factory fitted recirculation valve.

Included with each Kompact Shortie kit is:
  • 1 x Model Specific Valve
  • 1 x Straight Nipple
  • 1 x Banjo Nipple
  • 3 x Mounting screws

Finished Anodised Black as shown. This recirculation valve is a really nicely machined and finished item, with a quality look and feel about it.

Features and Benefits:
  • Machined from Billet Alluminium.
  • Lightweight, brass/aluminium, two-piece piston.
  • More Reliable than the factory valve.
  • Substantial Construction.
  • Improved Boost Responsive.
  • Single Spring - No Requirement to Change when Tuning.
  • Finish: Anodised Black as shown.
  • Exclusive Courtenay Branding

Suitable for ALL BW EFR KKK (K03) Z16LEx/A16LEx/B16LEx:

Special Launch Price (Limited Numbers) £120.00 £108.00 inc VAT

Whiteline Astra G/H RARB

4 Feb 2016, 08:24

Whiteline Rear Anti Roll Bar Astra G/H
Whiteline Rear Anti Roll Bar Astra G/H
We have received stock of Astra G and H Rear Adjustable Anti Roll Bars from Whiteline.

Price: £183 inc VAT.

Corsa E Development

1 Oct 2015, 16:25

We are pleased to announce that the tuning program for the Corsa E VXR has begun.

Stephan Klasen (our mapping engineer) has purchased a Corsa E VXR in 'Shiny Rock' Grey for a whole host of development work to compliment further existing on-going development on our own Astra J VXR, as the Corsa E shares the same GM – Delphi ECU with the Astra J VXR.

So far we have completed Stage 1 which is just a bespoke ecu remap to the standard car with full rolling road set up and optimisation and Stage 1.5 which has the addition of a front pipe complimented by the bespoke ecu remap.

The car had a number of runs to bench mark its base power as delivered from Opel. With the engine fresh out of the box and with less than 100 kilometres on the clock the standard power was recorded at 203 bhp and 208 lbs ft of torque. Following Stage 1 remapping the power increased to 223 bhp with 237 lbs ft of torque. As you can see from the graphs below this power and torque increase is across the whole of the rev range right up to the standard rev limiter.

A change of front pipe and the car was put back on the dyno. Following a good amount of recalibration and load testing runs the power further increased to 237 bhp and 238 lbs ft of torque. At this time Stephan wants to keep the toque at this level for the safety of the pistons. You can see from the Stage 1.5 graphs the rev limit has also been increased to complement its improved breathing and this the shift light function has also been lifted.

A full exhaust system has now been fitted to the car and mapping work for this will continue as soon as the car arrives back from KW who are currently using the car for suspension development; Watch this space........
Corsa E VXR Stage 1
Corsa E VXR Stage 1
Corsa E VXR Stage 1.5
Corsa E VXR Stage 1.5
Corsa E VXR
Corsa E VXR
Corsa E VXR
Corsa E VXR
Corsa E VXR
Corsa E VXR
Corsa E VXR Stage 1
Corsa E VXR Intercooler
Intercooler Development for Corsa E VXR.

Our high flow high efficiency intercooler for Corsa E, the core has been previously tested to over 500bhp in Corsa D.
Courtenay Sport Vauxhall Tuning
Courtenay Sport
 Vauxhall Tuning

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