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Astra G and Zafira A Engine bay Hose Kits

Courtenay Sport Silicone Hose Kits for Astra G and Zafira A Turbo Models

The Courtenay Sport hose kit comprises of 4 hoses and is designed as a direct replacement for the "OE" hoses. Superb integrity and superior performance reduces the risk of component failure whilst enabling higher temperature and pressures to be maintained. All hoses are made from 3-ply reinforced silicone so that the inlet hoses (between the air filter & the turbo) will not "suck flat" as a result of high suction/vacuum during full boost. The main boost pipe from the intercooler to the inlet manifold is also 3-ply reinforced but this is to reduced pipe swell (i.e. blowing up) as this pipe is under positive pressure from the turbo charger. Engine Hoses Fitted
This pipe will not "suck flat" under boost or high vacuum yet remains flexible to compensate for engine movement against the statically mounted intercooler. The Courtenay Hose kit is available in a variety of colour options to suit all engine bays.

All our hoses can be supplied individually. Please contact us for your requirements.

All hoses can be supplied in Blue, Red, Black and to Special Order in Green, Orange, Purple and Yellow.

Available Kits:

4 Hose Kit (All silicone hoses) See Image above. Direct replacement for OE Hoses. £153.15 Buy Now Click Here!

3 Hose Kit (i.e. the first 3 hoses - 2 off the air flow meter, 1 into the turbo) for engines already running the 'Astra H' Style intercooler to plenum set-up
£91.95 Buy Now Click Here!

'Astra H' Style Intercooler to Plenum Set up for Astra G including lightweight aluminium transfer pipe
£91.95 Buy Now Click Here! DV Take-Off - additional £10.25

5 Hose Kit with Lightweight Polished Aluminium Transfer Pipe (as Astra H Set Up) £183.95 Buy Now Click Here!
DV Take-Off - additional £10.25

Astra H Style Intercooler to Plenum Hoses

'Astra H' Style Intercooler to Plenum Set up including lightweight aluminium transfer pipe for Astra G ZLET. £91.95 Buy Now Click Here!

Available with Dump Valve Take-Off. £10.25 extra

Image shows 5 hose kit including Intercooler to Plenum Set up with lightweight aluminium transfer pipe.

Available for Astra G - £183.95 without DV Take Off Hose Buy Now Click Here! or
£194.20 with DV Take-Off Hose Buy Now Click Here!
'Astra H' Style Intercooler to Plenum Set up with lightweight aluminium transfer pipe.

Available with or without a Dump Valve Take Off.

Image shows the set up with the DV take-off.

Price: £91.95 without DV Take Off Buy Now Click Here!

Price: £102.20 with DV Take Off Buy Now Click Here!
Intercooler to Plenum Silicone Hose Set Up with DV Take Off

Dump Valve Take-Off Hose

Dump Valve Take Off Silicone Hose for OE plenum. Can be specified on the 'Astra H' Style Intercooler to Plenum Set up with lightweight aluminium transfer pipe. Image shows only the one hose with the DV take-off. This pipe is available separately, for cars already fitted with the Astra H set up, at £57.05 Buy Now Click Here!

Enlarged High Flow Plenum Hose

/images/uploads/EPH_Hose.jpg To suit our enlarged plenum for 2.0 turbo engines. Available with or without a dump valve take off spigot £61.25

Enlarged Plenum Hose (No DV Fitting) 

Enlarged Plenum Hose (With DV Fitting)

Turbo to Intercooler Hoses

Available for Astra G Turbo models the turbo outlet to intercooler silicone hoses. This pipe run is made up of two hoses and includes an aluminium swaged joiner and two heavy duty stainless hose clips. The join sits just to the left of the radiator (when viewed from the front of the car) so makes it suitable for those with standard or side mount intercoolers and our lower front mounted intercooler.

Image (right) shows both hoses for turbo to side mount or standard intercooler.
Turbo to Lower Front Mount Intercooler Hose Both hoses - turbo outlet to intercooler including joiner and hose clips - Shown above - (for cars with 9 litre side mount or standard intercoolers) £131.75 Buy Now Click Here!

Single Hose from turbo to intercooler for cars with our Lower Front Mounted Intercooler - Shown Left - (joins to 90 degree elbow off intercooler) £45 Buy Now Click Here!
Urban Myth:
The pipe between the intercooler and the plenum sucks flat and causes loss of power.

Under load/boost i.e. acceleration, there is positive pressure from the intercooler to the plenum through the long pipe. There is no physical way that this pipe can suck flat in these circumstances. Positive pressure will not allow this pipe to suck flat. It cannot happen. Have you ever managed to pump your tyres flat?

The only situation where a standard 'OE' hose can suck flat (you can try this on your drive with the bonnet up) is when there is prelonged vacuum in the hose. i.e when you statically rev the engine hard and lift off sharply, allowing the engine to drop its revs right down thus creating the high vacuum. In this situation you are off the throttle therefore with no load. On the road, unless you are very slow at gearchanges or your standard hose has the consistency of a condom, there simply not enough time for this to happen. However you will also notice if you can get your standard hose to do this the moment you reapply throttle the hose will expand again due to the boost pressure from the turbo.

Direct Route airbox fitting kit and 1.9 CDTi Airbox Mod.

Direct Route Airbox fitting kit
Black Inlet
Direct Route Airbox fitting kit
Full Engine Bay Image
Direct Route Airbox fitting kit
Blue Inlet
Direct Route inlet a pipe to remove the heavy transfer pipe fitted to Astra and Zafira Turbos. The pipe mimics the path first found and seen on the Cavalier & Calibra Turbo. It can be used with a cone filter, K&N Apollo, Viper or flowmaster Induction - style kit, or as shown with the 1.9 CDTi MK5 Astra airbox.
The hose kit consists of an inlet hose with integral moulded breather spigot, an airbox to air flow meter joiner hose, a breather hose and breather hose joiner. The inlet hose is 4 ply silicone for strength with a properly shaped fluoro lined breather hose. When being fitted to Astra G and Zafira A 2.0 Turbo you have 2 options on airflow meter. You can either retain your existing 70mm AFM and use our adapter sleeves to fit, or upgrade to an 80mm airflow meter. If upgrading to an 80mm AFM the ecu will require a remap to be re-calibrated for the 80mm air flow meter.

Hose Kit Only - £131.75
includes the items listed. If using the 1.9 CDTi airbox you will need to source your own and make the required modifications to the outlet to allow the AFM to fit.

Hose Kit with airbox and fitting for DIY modification - £218.20
includes the items listed above in the hose kit, plus an aluminium spigot and a 1.9CDTi airbox. You will need to modify the airbox by opening up the outlet and bonding in the aluminium spigot to the airbox top to allow the AFM to fit.

Hose Kit with ready modified airbox - £264.70
includes the hose kit and a 1.9 CDTi airbox already modified to fit straight on.

Can be used with the factory fitted 70mm Air Flow Meter.

Upgrade 80mm AFM - £149.95  Note: ECU Remap required to run 80mm AFM

Note: Fitting the direct route airbox will require the air flow meter wiring to be lengthened. We also offer a wiring loom extension to allow for easy fitment.

Direct Route Hose Kit: Blue  Black  Red

Direct Route (CDTi) Airbox Conversion Parts

The parts required to allow simple conversion of the standard Direct Route (CDTi) Airbox to accept an 80mm Air Flow Meter.

Once the top of the airbox has been opened up to accept the alloy joiner piece, it can be bonded into place in the airbox lid. The supplied black hose is fitted between the alloy joiner and the 80mm Air Flow Meter.

80mm Adapter Parts. £14.45

Astra G and Zafira A Turbo Coolant Hoses

Coolant Hoses in Blue Silicone coolant hoses to replace the two main coolant hoses (Top Hose and Bottom Hose Shown Left) on the Astra G/Zafira A Z20LET engine complete with the Courtenay Sport logo, to match silicone boost hoses.

Courtenay Water Radiator Hoses: £71.45. Available in Blue, Red or Black. Other colours to Special Order.

Ancillary Water Hose Kit: 1 x Header Tank Outlet Hose, 2 x Thermostat Housing to Header Tank Water Return Pipes, 1 x Turbocharger Water Return Pipe £93.60

Silicone Breather Hose

Breather Hoses To compliment our range of silicone engine bay hose kits for Z20LET applications, we have manufactured a silicone breather hose. This hose is available in black, blue and red with other colours to special order and comes with the Courtenay Sport Logo. £13.25 Buy Now Click Here!

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