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2.2 Supercharger Conversions

Z22SE 2.2 16v Supercharger Conversion

Our Supercharger Conversion was developed for the VX220/Speedster 2.2 16v and features several components from the GM 2.0 supercharged LM850 engine, which was developed by Lotus, and is used by GM in the Saturn Ion Redline and the Chevy Cobolt SS in the USA. One major benefit of this is that the components are ‘OE’ fitment and durability tested, another being an inlet manifold featuring the laminova charge cooler fitted as standard.

The conversion is a fully engineered conversion. Under the bonnet, the most evident components are the supercharger (which is modified from the GM standard unit) and the inlet manifold. The laminova core chargecooler is retained to keep inlet air temperatures as low as possible with an additional charge cooler water radiator.

To give you an insight into our Supercharger Conversion here is what is involved. The price of the conversion includes full fitting of all the components, mapping and setting up on the rolling road.

A Self Install option can be carried out, where we can supply the required parts.

GM 2.0 Supercharged Engine
So what exactly is involved?

For converting the VX220, firstly the front clam has to be removed from the vehicle. The supercharger and inlet manifold are fitted to the engine, however the supercharger is modified from standard GM specification to suit our 2.2 application. The alternator is modified to allow the inlet manifold suitable clearance, and an additional pulley and bracket is fitted to allow the correct belt run for the supercharger, and to space the alternator the correct distance for the new set up and belt run. The original drive belt is replaced with a new shorter belt.

For Stage 2 a vertical water radiator (chargecooler pre-rad) is fitted at the front end of the car in the crash structure aperture (an extra large charge cooler pre-rad can be specified as an option) and the pipework is routed from the engine bay to the water pre-rad at the front via the driver's side sill. This is required to cool the water used in the chargecooler system, which reduces inlet air temperatures making use of the laminova core heat exchanger in the supercharger inlet manifold. The standard ecu is re-located (as it is not possible for it to sit where it does on a standard car) and the factory wiring loom is extended accordingly. The standard ecu is then remounted onto a new bracket. Higher flow injectors are fitted together with a new map sensor whilst the radiator top hose and fuel pipes are run for better clearance.

Once the conversion is completed, the front clam is then re-fitted. The OEM ECU is then remapped with our own developed software, specifically for the supercharger conversion, prior to a first short shakedown road test. Following road test the car is set up on the dyno and any changes that are required to the software are made. Finally the car is then fully road tested again for driveability.
VX220 Engine Bay with Supercharger Conversion In addition to the modified GM supercharger and inlet manifold the components required for the conversion also include a chargecooler water radiator, a high flow bosch water pump, an inlet manifold gasket, supercharger to inlet manifold gasket and alignment bungs, throttle body to supercharger plate, pipework for chargecooler system including silicone elbows, relay, 4 high flow injectors and associated fittings, fuel pipe, fuel pipe fitting, additional bracket and pulley, longer continental drivebelt and all the required nuts, bolts, washers, wiring and hose clips.

To date there are now some 200+ conversions throughout the UK and Europe, with cars in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Norway and Greece.

We have successfully developed our second generation supercharger conversion from the original application in the VX220 for use in the Vectra B 2.2 16v and now also for the Astra G 2.2 16v.

VECTRA B Conversion

For Vectra B, again this follows a similar conversion route to the VX220 models. The supercharger (which is modified from the GM standard unit) and the inlet manifold, with laminova core chargecooler, are fitted with an additional charge cooler water radiator fitted in front of the car’s original radiator, with its own pump. Additional injectors are added to deliver additional fuel when on boost and an additional fully mappable ecu is fitted and wired into the map sensor to take control of the on boost fuelling. Re-work to the driven side of the supercharger assembly is done to ensure that the drive belt is not fouled by the alternator or aircon housing. The OE ecu has to be moved from its original location on top of the OE inlet manifold (it can no longer remain in its original location as the supercharger assembly now occupies this space) and a new bracket mounts the OE ecu. This ecu relocation also involves having to extend the wiring loom to the ecu, the injectors, the OE map sensor, the throttle body and the injectors. A smaller lightweight motorsport battery is installed due to space restrictions and once everything is fitted the car is mapped on the dyno and then fully road tested.

The development for Vectra B included re-routing of the aircon pipework to ensure that we kept the aircon on the vehicle and additional other re-work was carried out allowing clearance of the map sensor under the bonnet.
ASTRA G Conversion.

Further development of the conversion has taken place for the Astra G installation.  This ensures that the aircon is retained (as in Vectra B), running off a new belt than originally used along with careful re-alignment of both the aircon compressor and the alternator. Also a smaller, lighter motorsport battery is installed on the opposite side of the engine bay, with associated wiring and terminals which allows for a large K & N filter to be fitted for good airflow into the supercharger. An extra large water pre-radiator is fitted as part of the charge cooler set up with a separate pump and the fuel hoses are changed to allow clearance under the bonnet. The ecu is relocated as with the VX220 conversion, with all the associated wiring modifications and the radiator top hose is re-routed.

Supercharged Astra 2.2 SRi

Supercharged Astra 2.2 SRi Power Curve
Power Graph - Astra 2.2 S/C Car

Supercharged Astra 2.2 SRi Torque Curve
Torque Graph - Astra 2.2 S/C Car

Driveability of the supercharger conversion is ‘OE’ with the car performing more like a modified 3.0 V6 (without the weight penalty!) but with the scream of the supercharger to ensure you don't forget its there! Bundles of useable torque pulls the car smoothly from 2,000 rpm right up to the red line and completely transforms the vehicle.

Fitting including mapping and setting up takes approximately 5 working days, and for the Stage 2 conversion a good high flow sports exhaust system is required.

With 240+ bhp and 215-220 lb ft torque available from the Stage 2 conversion this offers a massive performance boost to the all alloy Z22SE engine.

Supercharger Conversion Costs:

VX220 2.2 16v:
Stage 1: 210bhp and 190-195 lb ft >> £5595.00 including VAT fully fitted and set up.
Stage 2: 240+bhp and 215-220 lb ft >> from £7600.00 including VAT fully fitted and set up.
Stage 2 includes extra large pre-rad.

Please Note: The Stage Two conversion requires a full sports exhaust system. For any car not fitted with a full sports exhaust system, we can supply and fit a system at the time of the conversion.

Upgrades for the Stage 2 conversion for VX220, for cars more biased towards heavy track use are available and include: All Alloy Water Radiator in place or 'OE' radiator which has plastic end tanks, extra large pre-rad with twin fans for the charge cooler system to provide additional inlet air cooling and an extra large header tank for the charge cooler system, providing a much greater volume of water for the system. Please ask us for further information and we will be happy to discuss options.

Stage 3 conversion; further management enhancements, re-worked cylinder head, steel rods and cams, injector and pulley change. Gains to 290-300bhp with 250lb ft torque. With the option of a harrop supercharger and engine rebuild with stronger pistons gains up to 380bhp. - POA Please call to discuss your requirements.

Vectra B 2.2 16v Supercharger Conversion Stage 2 - 240 bhp and 230 lb ft torque - from £POA fitted (requires Sports Exhaust System including Sports cat and pre-cat removal).

Astra G 2.2 16v Supercharger Conversion - Price from £POA 240+ bhp and 230+ lb ft torque. Requires Full Sports Exhaust System (we used a 2.5" system from manifold to the tailbox with the pre-cat removed on our car).
Our Car - Specification and Power/Torque Graphs

Additional Upgrades for the Supercharger Conversion include a lightweight billet steel flywheel for improved throttle response and to improve the engine's willingness to rev and a fast road sports clutch and for VX220 and Astra an uprated poly engine mount.

DIY Self Fit Option

For anyone undertaking their own conversion we have a full range of parts available for purchase here. Additionally providing the correct components are fitted we can supply suitable remapping of the OE ecu for the supercharger conversion to get your conversion up and running, which can then be optimised on our rolling road for best fuelling and results.
Dyno Graph
>>>> Independent Power Graph for a Stage 2 VX220 <<<<
Dyno Graph

What is the finished conversion like? Some Video Clips of the Cars in action:

LY VX220

Courtenay Supercharged Z22SE Videos

Supercharged 377bhp VX220 Supercharged 300bhp VX220  
Play Video
Duration: 1:45
Play Video
Duration: 0:56
Supercharged VX220 Dyno Run MaxR's Supercharged VX220 VX220 with Weapon R manifold
Play Video
Duration: 1:14
Play Video
Duration: 3:07
Play Video
Duration: 1:12
Supercharged Astra G SRi Supercharged Astra G SRi  
Play Video
Duration: 0:25
Play Video
Duration: 0:45

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