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VX220 2.2 16v Tuning

We have taken the development of tuning packages for the 2.2 VX220 very seriously from the day it was launched. One of our own cars (sadly no longer with us as it had to make way for an Astra VXR for further development) is pictured below proudly wearing the registration number A11VXL. Our range of 2.2 Tuning Packages and products help to improve the cars performance and driveability, as we understand that alot of owners do not necessarily want, for one reason or another, to change to the turbo to get performance gains. This range of packages improves the 2.2's potential, and culminates with supercharger conversion that takes the car to over 240 BHP, whilst retaining all the standard drivabilty. This gives the 2.2 VX220 a huge torque increase and a power to weight ratio of around 275 bhp per ton!! Quite impressive when the standard VXT offers 211 bhp per ton.

VX220 2.2 16v Tuning Packages

Our CS3, CS4 and CS5 Tuning packages include a Rolling Road Tune.


Increases up to +8 bhp

£305 Fitted
Remap, Airbox Mods, Sports Air Filter

Increases up to +10 bhp

£360 Fitted
Remap, Airbox Mods, Sports Air Filter, 63.5mm Stainless Steel Sports Exhaust (Tailbox and Centre Section including Sports Cat and pre-cat removed), Rolling Road Tune

Increases up to +20 bhp £1,850 Fitted
Airbox Mods, Sports Air Filter, 63.5mm Stainless Steel Sports Exhaust (Tailbox and Centre Section including Sports Cat and pre-cat removed), Modified Cylinder Head, Oil and Filter change, Remap, Rolling Road Tune

Increases up to +28 bhp £2,950 Fitted
Airbox Mods, Sports Air Filter, 63.5mm Stainless Steel Sports Exhaust (Tailbox and Centre Section including Sports Cat and pre-cat removed), Uprated Schrick Camshafts with double valve Springs and collets, Modified Cylinder Head**, Oil and Filter change, Remap, Rolling Road Tune
** Head may require additional machining work to allow double valve springs to seat correctly.
Increases up to +35 bhp £4,200 Fitted

Please Note:
The panel filter and airbox mods can be substituted on packages CS2, CS3, CS4 and CS5 for a K&N induction kit or a Piper Viper. The price below includes the rebate on the panel filter and airbox mods and includes the extra fitting costs of the K&N or Piper Viper.

K&N Induction Kit in lieu of sports air filter and airbox mods is an additional £189.60 fitted.

Supercharger Conversion

Supercharged VX220 Our new supercharger conversion for VX220 2.2 16v features many components from the 2.0 supercharged LM850 engine, which was developed by Lotus, and is used in the Saturn Ion Redline and the Chevy Cobolt SS. One benefit of this is that all components are OE fitment & durability tested, another being an inlet manifold featuring the laminova charge cooler fitted as standard.

So What Exactly Is Involved?

To give you an insight into our Supercharger Conversion here is what is involved, as there is more than simply just a supercharger to 'bolt on' to the engine, which is the common mis-conception.

The price of the conversion includes full fitting, mapping and setting up on the rolling road. So what exactly is involved?

For converting the VX220, firstly the front clam has to be removed from the vehicle. The supercharger and inlet manifold are fitted to the engine, however the supercharger is modified from standard GM specification to suit our 2.2 application. The alternator is modified to allow the inlet manifold suitable clearance, and an additional pulley and bracket is fitted to allow the correct belt run for the supercharger, and to space the alternator the correct distance for the new set up and belt run. The original drive belt is replaced with a longer Continental belt.

For Stage 2 a vertical water radiator (chargecooler pre-rad) is fitted at the front end of the car in the crash sturcture apperture (an extra large charge cooler pre-rad can be specified as an option) and the pipework is routed from the engine bay to the water pre-rad at the front via the driver's side sill. This is required to cool the water used in the chargecooler system, which reduces inlet air temperatures making use of the laminova core heat exchanger in the supercharger inlet manifold. The standard ecu is re-located (as it is not posible for it to sit where it does on a standard car) and the factory wiring loom is extended accordingly. The standard ecu is then remounted onto a new bracket. Higher flow injectors are fitted together with a new map sensor whilst the radiator top hose and fuel pipes are run for better clearance.

Once the conversion is completed, the front clam is then re-fitted. The OEM ECU is then remapped with our own developed software, specifically for the supercharger conversion, prior to a first short shakedown road test. Following road test the car is set up on the dyno and any changes that are required to the software are made. Finally the car is then fully road tested again for driveability.

In addition to the modified GM supercharger and inlet manifold the components required for the conversion also include a chargecooler water radiator, a high flow bosch water pump, an inlet manifold gasket, supercharger to inlet manifold gasket and alignment bungs, throttle body to supercharger plate, pipework for chargecooler system including silicone elbows, relay, 4 high flow injectors and assosciated fittings, fuel pipe, fuel pipe fitting, additional bracket and pulley, longer continental drivebelt and all the required nuts, bolts, washers, wiring and hose clips.

To date there are now some 100+ conversions thorughout the UK and Europe, with cars in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Norway and Greece.
Dyno Graph
>>>> And Here are the Power Graphs <<<<
Dyno Graph
VX220 2.2 16v Supercharger Conversion Stage 1 210bhp and 190-195 lb ft torque. - £5595 fully fitted and set up including VAT

The Stage Two conversion offers 240+ bhp with around 215-220 lb ft torque, and now includes a front mounted charge cooler pre-rad.

The Stage Two conversion is priced from £7600 fitted including VAT.

Please Note: The Stage Two conversion requires a full sports exhaust system. For any car not fitted with a full sports exhaust system, we offer a system at a reduced price when fitted at the time of the conversion.

Upgrades for Stage 2 conversion, for cars more biased towards heavy track use are available and include: All Alloy Water Radiator in place or 'OE' radiator which has plastic end tanks, extra large pre-rad with twin fans for the charge cooler system to provide additional inlet air cooling and an extra large header tank for the charge cooler system,
GM Supercharged Engine
providing a much greater volume of water for the system. Please ask us for further information and we will be happy to discuss options.

Stage 3 conversion under development and testing which includes newly developed software, re-worked cylinder head and steel rods with expected figures of around 290 bhp, and with the option of cams, uprated pistons and harrop supercharger for bigger gains. 360 bhp has been seen so far!
VX220 Engine

Remap to standard ECU
The car is programmed via the on board diagnostic plug, situated under the dash board. We programme the remap directly into the ECU's flash eprom from our lap top, adjusting both the timing and the fuel curves for maximum efficiency and power. Once the map is installed you can expect to see gains to 8 BHP.

Price installed £305

Modified cylinder head
up to +10 bhp from £610
Fitting from £615

NGK Platinum Spark Plugs

NGK Platinum Plug

Spark Plug Upgrade for Z22SE engines.

Offers an enhanced spark over standard items. Increased Performance and Fuel Economy, Reduced Emissions and Longer Life.

Ideal for standard and modified cars including supercharged ones.

Price - £19.60 per set of 4 Buy Now Click Here!

High Performance Alloy Water Radiator

The standard water radiator on a VX220 has plastic end tanks which are prone to leaking especailly after time and where the cars are modified and used for sustained high speed work such as track days.

This is a high performance alloy water radiator for enhanced cooling. It is a direct replacement unit, featuring a twin row 45mm thick high efficiency core. The radiator has rounded alluminium end tanks which are welded on for additional strength ideal for high pressure systems. Ideal for modified cars and for sustained speed use use e.g. track days

Used in our own Supercharged VX220.

Price: £357.00 inc VAT Buy Now Click Here!
Alloy Water Radiator
On average on a 4 - 5 degree temperature drop has been seen, and on high powered cars up to 10 degrees during sustained high speed use such as track days, when compared before and after.

Alloy Gearbox Breather Kit

Alloy breather tank and fitting kit designed to eliminate oil loss due to excessive gearbox breathing, especially when used on track. Breather tank catches oil from the gearbox preventing it from spilling onto the nearside rear wheel. Picks up from the breather point near the linkage assembly, plus takes a feed point from the gearbox filler plug using the conversion kit supplied.

* Easy fitment - Full fitting kit included 
* No further modifications necessary
* Extensivley tested on track

Price - £115 Buy Now Click Here!

Long Range Alloy Fuel Tank

Eliminate Fuel Surge - Increase Long Distance Range

Anybody running a high powered VX220 on track will know that the standard tank arrangement allows the fuel to surge when making left hand corners when the tank contents falls below about half full. This can be a big problem on high revving or modified cars where weak fuelling or fuel starvation can cause terminal engine damage.

Developed and tested with Pro Alloy on their trackday cars, the long range alloy tank allows the car to be run right down to 3 litres without surge. Additionally an extra 10 litres capacity over standard adds to the car's long range capability by up to 25% on cruise.

Longer Range 48 litre Capacity (Standard Tank: 38 litres)
Internal collector - Assembly installed with Anti surge check valves.
Safety Foam
- Type IV FIA polyether
Light weight - A
lloy construction weighs 6.65kgs (Standard Tank: 10.8kgs)
Alloy construction - Will not corrode like the standard steel tank
Utilises Standard fuel pump and sender unit
Eliminates the need for external fuel swirl pots and collectors
Simple installation using all original fittings and brackets

Price: £624.00 Buy Now Click Here!

Collector in Tank
Fuel Collector

Alloy Fuel Tank Fitted
Tank Fitted

Uprated 340 Fuel Pump

Uprated in-tank Fuel Pump. On modified cars fuelling is critical, and OE pumps are known to fail. These 340 fuel pumps are direct replacement for OE and fit in the original housing. Centre Inlet 22mm, fits in place of original pump, with modification to the OE housing. Includes an in-tank fuel filter.

340 Pump: £104.10 Buy Now Click Here! Convoluted Flexi Plastic Fuel Hose Available

Fuel Filter

OEM Fuel Filter at a saving over the Vauxhall Retail Price. Available from our online shop £9.95

Uprated Sports Camshafts

Performance Camshafts Our sports camshafts are profiled to suit fast road use offering good benefits in power and torque across the rev range. The power gain will be felt right across the rev range building strongly from 4000 rpm. With an ECU remap gains to 15bhp can be seen. Kit includes Uprated Schrick Camshafts with double valve Springs and collets. Note: These cams may required slight head maching work to allow the double valve springs to seat correctly (at additional cost).

Schrick Camshafts (outright) £1247

Fitting Available.

Billet Steel Lightweight Flywheel

This new flywheel is precision cnc machined from billet steel, which due to its natural strength means we can lighten the unit further, reducing the overall weight by over 5 kgs to 4.2 kgs. The clutch mounting height is identical to the standard OE unit to ensure that the clutch slave cylinder is not over extended and that a standard or uprated clutch can be used successfully.

Billet Flywheel £255 (outright - no exchange required) Buy Now Click Here!

Fitting in our workshop - £505.55
Billet Steel Lightweight Flywheel
Billet Steel Lightweight Flywheel - Crank Side
Lightweight Billet Steel Flywheel
Billet Steel Lightweight Flywheel - Clutch Side

Uprated Fast Road Clutch

Our uprated clutch will withstand increases in power and torque without the slipping that may occur with a standard unit, yet still retain the drivability of a standard clutch. Coverplate and disc supplied in the fast road kit. Priced at £199.95. Buy Now Click Here!

Hydraulic slave cylinder (with clutch) £99.95

Fitting available. Recommended with a lightweight flywheel
Fast Road Clutch

Competition Clutch and Paddle Clutch

Our further uprated 'competition' type clutch is intended for bigger increases in power and torque but still retains good road manners. Uprated Cover and Organic Disc - £445.80 Buy Now Click Here!

Uprated Cover and Cera Metallic 4 Paddle Disc £493.80 or 6 Paddle Disc £502.8 Buy Now Click Here!

Hydraulic slave cylinder (with clutch) £99.95

Fitting available. Recommended with a lightweight flywheel

F23 4.17 Final Drive Ratio

Lower Final Drive This lowers the final drive ratio of the F23 gearbox on the VX220 2.2 16v by 5.8% for faster acceleration.
Price £POA

Vibra Technics Uprated Engine Mounts

Uprated Front Engine Mount
Front Engine Mount VX220
High Performance Engine Mounts from Vibra Technics.

Uprated Front, Rear and Side Engine Mounts. Details >>>> HERE <<<<

Uprated Engine Mounts

Uprated Polyurethane Engine Mounts for VX220 2.2 16v. Suitable for the front and rear engine mounts, these uprated items simply sleeve over the original rubber engine mounts making them extremely simple and easy to fit. They eliminate the the flex from the original rubber mounts removing the forward and backward motion of the engine under acceleration and braking and will also relieve some of the strain put on the left and right engine mounts, which can be prone to failure. We have even had reported benefits from customers of improved gearchange due to less engine/gearbox movement.
One engine mount kit is ideal for road use, replacing both is ideal for those using the car for fast road or track day use, however this will give more resonance through the tub at lower rpm.

Available at £22.50 per pair. Buy Now Click Here! (One pair required for each engine mount.)
Polyurethane Engine Mounts
Polyurethane Engine Mount


Polyurethane Engine Mount Shown With Standard Mount


Polyurethane Engine Mount Shown Fitted

Courtenay Sport Air Filter

Our high flow, high efficiency air filter uses a special foam which gives better airflow than even the most popular cotton gauze aftermarket filters. Our filters offer the very highest level of dirt retention and protection (Of course! After all we're engine builders!) and you can clean it and reuse it just like most other performance filters. Supplied pre-oiled for first use. Filter oil is available seperately for subsequent re-oiling after cleaning.

Price £34.95 Buy Now Click Here! Filter Oil £4.05

To get the most from your air filter we can modify your airbox and inlet feed pick up to deristrict them. (as in our CS packages)

Price fitted £40.00
Courtenay Sport High Flow Panel Filter

K&N Induction Kit

K&N Induction Kit Normally we are not a the biggest induction kit fans, however the K&N kit for the VX differs from regular front wheel drive applications due to the fact the air filter sits over to one side away from the heat off the engine and in the cold air flow from the left hand side vent. The 57i replaces the air box and comes complete with all the fittings and brackets required. The result is improved throttle response and acceleration combined with a crisper and sportier induction note. The typical increase is 4 BHP.

Induction Kit £115 Buy Now Click Here!
Fitting £79.95

Piper Viper Air Filter

The Viper induction kit differs from most induction kits by the fact that the filter element is insulated from picking up hot air (which is not good for power) by a carbon fibre casing. The kit comes complete with a cold air feed and inlet trumpet so that the air can be drawn directly from a high pressure point in the side pod.

Viper Induction Kit £255.50
Piper Viper Induction Kit

Exhaust Systems

     Exhaust Systems
Performance exhaust systems for VX220.

Brake Discs and Pads

Brakes Discs and Pads - More Information     Brake Information

Cool Running Thermostat

Cool Stat As used on the VX Sprint.

Our cool running thermostat reduces the engine's normal running temperature, protecting the engine by running it closer to it's optimum power temperature. The stat opens 10 degrees earlier than the standard OE item (82 degrees instead of 92 degrees) and is fully open 10 degrees earlier (97 degrees instead of 107 degrees). Ideal for modified cars for fast road and track work, they typically operate 4 - 5 degrees cooler thus reducing peak temperatures caused by sustained hard use. As used in Opel/GM products in warmer climates.

Thermostat £25.50 Buy Now Click Here! Fitting £54

Water Wetter

Helps to aid the heat transfer of the coolant for even greater cooling ability and head temperature reduction.

A 355ml bottle of Water Wetter suitable to treat one cooling system, which aids the heat transfer of the coolant for even greater cooling ability and head temperature reduction.

Water Wetter - £15.25 Buy Now Click Here!
Water Wetter

VX220 2.2 16v with 2.0 Turbo Transplant

Turbo Engine Transplant We have also carried out a Z20LET Turbo Transplant into the 2.2 16v. This consists of a complete ZLET engine with all ancilaries such as ECU, airflow meter, intercooler, all necessary turbo pipework and additional sensors and switches as required on the standard VXT, F23 Turbo Gearbox, all the wiring modifications needed for the ZLET engine, additional cooling duct in the undertray, turbo ducting for turbocharger cooling, VXT exhaust, VXT O/S/R lower wishbone (for oil filter clearance) and necessary rear clamshell modifications. P.O.A. 
Options also include a remap at a reduced price at time of conversion and other options as per our VXT page including chargecooler, Milltek Sports Exhaust System, Hybrid Turbo, Lightweight Flywheel and any other VXT tuning items.

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