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The Vauxhall VX220 Turbo is absolutely superb to drive in every respect, straight out of the box. But that doesn't mean that it won't respond to a little Courtenay Magic.

The VX220 Turbo

VX220 Turbo - Vauxhall Press Image
The VX220 Turbo is fitted with a 2.0 turbo charged engine, the Z20LET. This power unit is equipped with the new Motronic M1.5.5, one of GM's latest and more advanced engine management Systems. This engine management system is equipped with flash roms, rather than the conventional eprom chips that for example the Calibra and Cavalier Turbos used. The advantage of a flash rom is that the ECU can have the program changed/rewritten again and again with out ever having to break the ECU open. This is why we refer to it as a software upgrade, as the ECU is reprogrammed through the diagnostic port directly into the heart of the ECU, from our lap-top computer. The new programs are written so that the fuel, ignition, boost maps are all optimised to get the best driving experience from this power unit. The new maps are 100% accepted by the ECU so that it will not show the engine management or service light for overboost etc and they are undetectable to diagnostic tools.

Courtenay Sport's software is tailored to each car whilst being set up on our rolling road.

VX220 Turbo and VXR220 Tuning Packages

All our Tuning Packages include a Rolling Road Session optimising fuelling, ignition and boost maps.
CS 1**
Exclusive Courtenay Sport Software Upgrade, Rolling Road Tune
Increases up to 225 bhp £540 Fitted
CS 2**
Exclusive Courtenay Sport Software Upgrade, airbox modifications, Full stainless steel 3" 76mm exhaust system (including front pipe & 200cpi sports cat), Rolling Road Tune
Increases up to 240 - 245 bhp and 260 - 275 lb ft (350 - 372 Nm) £2,370 Fitted
CS 3**
Exclusive Courtenay Sport Software Upgrade, airbox modifications, Full stainless steel 3" 76mm exhaust system (including front pipe & 200cpi sports cat), Bespoke Charge Cooler System (see below for full details), Rolling Road Tune
Increases up to 260 bhp and 290 lb ft (392 Nm) £4,712 Fitted
CS 4**
Exclusive Courtenay Sport Software Upgrade, airbox modifications, Full stainless steel 3" 76mm exhaust system (including front pipe & 200cpi), Bespoke Charge Cooler System (see below for full details), Z20LEH (Astra VXR) Hybrid Turbo charger with stronger cast manifold, Uprated Actuator (not VXR actuator), Uprated Higher Flow Injectors, Rolling Road Tune
'Competition' Clutch Required if not already fitted.
Increases to 285 - 290+ bhp
310-340 lb ft Torque
£5,982 Fitted
CS 4 with Lightweight Billet Steel Flywheel and Uprated Clutch**
Exclusive Courtenay Sport Software Upgrade, airbox modifications, Full stainless steel 3" 76mm exhaust system (including front pipe & 200cpi sports cat), Bespoke Charge Cooler System (see below for full details), Z20LEH (Astra VXR) Hybrid Turbo charger with stronger cast manifold, Uprated Actuator (not VXR actuator), Uprated Higher Flow Injectors, Courtenay Sport Lightweight Billet Steel Flywheel (outright not exchange), Uprated 'Competition' Clutch (Cover and Disc), Rolling Road Tune
Increases to 285 - 290+ bhp
310-340 lb ft Torque
with improved throttle response.
£7,052 Fitted
All our tuning packages include a bespoke remap to suit the individual application.

Further Stages are available. Please ask for information.

VXR220 - Variants of the CS2, CS3 and CS4 upgrades are also available with a bespoke map tailored to the VXR220 due to the hybrid turbo, which can in certain circumstances make use of higher flow injectors and an uprated actuator.

**80mm Air Flow Meter Upgrade Now Available on ALL stages.

Please Note: Our software as used in our CS Tuning Packages is also available separately and can be tailored to individual customers' requirements according to your vehicle's existing modifications e.g. customers who have a replacement front pipe retaining the standard tailbox. Price including rolling road session from £505 for CS2 software. We can map to your specific requirements, including specific injectors, turbos and manifolds with no problems at all.

Fuel: We recommend the use of Shell V-Power, or a similar Super Unleaded fuel, on all remapped vehicles for optimum performance.
Iridium Spark Plugs: For customers who intend to use their cars for fast road or track use, where engines may run warmer, we can offer a spark plug upgrade. These iridium spark plugs are 'cooler running' and so able to dissipate more heat from the combustion chamber and produce a more efficient spark.

£33 for a set of four. Buy Now Click Here!
Iridium Spark Plugs
Garrett Upgrades.
Garrett Upgrades, Tubular and Cast Manifolds, High Flow Inlet Manifold, Engine Building, Forged Pistons, Steel Rods.

VXR injectors and 80mm Air Flow Meter

VXR Injectors: Used in all Stage 4 cars, where additional fuel is required above about 270 bhp. Set of 4 high flow VXR injectors (blue). ECU recalibration required to run these injectors (available at extra cost)
£126.00 Buy Now Click Here!

80mm Air Flow Meter: Available as an upgrade on ALL stages of remap, this meter head is more stable than the OE 70mm item. ECU recalibration required to run this meter (available at extra cost). 80mm AFM - £149.95 Buy Now Click Here!
Alloy intake pipe to fit 80mm AFM - £142.30 Buy Now Click Here! 
Silicone Hoses available separately for cars already fitted with the alloy intake pipe - £45.95 Buy Now Click Here!

Chargecooler Kit

During the course of ongoing development and testing we have redesigned our original chargecooler kit, to meet the needs of cars which are getting more and more powerful. Our original kit was developed back in 2003 to help us to achieve 260 or so bhp and its abilities are excellent in comparison to the OE intercooler. This set up, developed with Pro-Alloy Motorsport, eclipses anything else we have seen currently available, with even greater temperature reductions.

This chargecooler set up includes an extra large water pre-rad which is the same size as the original main water radiator, twin spal cooling fans to replace the single OE item, a 5 core heat exchanger, pipework, water pump, hose clips, grommets and fixings.

Price - £1675.00. Fitting from £864.00 Here is what is included in the chargecooler set up:
Mid engined turbocharged cars have to be the worst case scenario when it comes to cooling. Due to poor air flow in the engine bay temperatures soar as the power levels are raised, affecting both under bonnet and of course inlet air temperatures.

On a standard VX220 Turbo (200 BHP) the tiny air to air intercooler already struggles - we saw temperatures in the region of 57 degrees C and climbing - you can feel this in the nature of the power delivery as the ECU struggles to protect the engine from imminent detonation by retarding the ignition and in some cases closing the throttle down!

If this were a front engined saloon car the solution would be simple - we would simply add a front mount intercooler with a large surface area just as we do for the Astra VXR, but this simply cannot be done with the VX220 as the side scoop
receives minimal amounts of air flow at the best of times, and situating the cooler at the front of the car in the high pressure area is not feasible due to the length of the pipe runs which would be required. This would make the system ‘laggy’ because of the added volume to the system.

Therefore the only solution is a charge cooler system. This is a water cooled system which has its own private water circuit with a separate cooling radiator, pump and header tank.

The cooling is done at the front of the car in the high pressure area via our huge ‘pre rad’, this is the same frontal size as the standard engine cooling radiator and is bolted directly to the under side of the 'OE' radiator via some alloy channels. We also supply a pair of high performance cooling fans which are fitted to the pre rad. These cool both the charge cooler radiator and engine cooling system.

The water is pumped via a BOSCH electronic water pump through 23mm pipework hidden in the offside sill into our multi core charge cooler which has five alloy water radiator cores configured in series. The air from the turbo passes over the ‘zig zag’ fins of the cores whilst the water is passed through the tubes (this is not just an intercooler with a water jacket!) Chargecoolers by their nature offer HUGE flow rates compared to intercoolers of their equivalent size.

By removing the standard intercooler from the system we are both eliminating a restriction from the system and removing a heat source due to the fact that ALL the heat rejected by the standard intercooler is then fed straight into the engine bay! The charge cooler itself does not need a cool air flow therefore the air from the side scoop enters the engine bay and cools it. The water is stored in a 3.5 litre alloy tank which is conveniently situated in the rear of the engine bay.


We have been running this system on a 300BHP VXT for some time now with superb results.

The standard car (200 BHP) on the road often makes 57 degrees C inlet temperatures..... quite high when you consider that most engine mappers will look for sub 40 degrees c.

The same car fitted with our Stage 4 conversion (VXR (Z20LEH) turbo and VXR injectors, Full milltek exhaust, Software upgrade) and then subsequently extensively run on the rolling road showed .....

The highest temperature we saw (all day) was 36 degrees C. Under fast road use we have seen maximum temperatures in the mid 20's

We have seen other set-ups in similar states of tune and other aftermarket cooling systems fitted, where we have seen temperatures in the region of 75 degrees C.

Turbochargers - Direct Replacement

The K04 Astra VXR turbocharger is suitable as a direct replacement for a ZLET turbo unit that has failed and requires replacement. It is a direct fit and will work on a car with standard software. An ecu remap is not required if being fitted as a direct replacement to a standard mapped car.

Note: On Stage 1, 2 or 3 mapped cars, if a VXR turbo is used to replace a standard ZLET unit we advise having the software checked to ensure boost, timing and fuelling are still correct.

Z20LEH (Astra VXR) K04 Turbo

From the extensive testing that we have carried out we now offer the Z20LEH Astra H VXR turbo as an upgrade turbo unit.
Offering driveability like a manufacturer's standard unit, rather than a hybrid, and spooling up more quickly this is an ideal unit for those wanting to upgrade to the Stage 4 conversion with Stage 4 remap.
This unit not only features a better AR ratio but we also favour this turbocharger as it has a stronger cast manifold providing extra durability and therefore can withstand greater temperatures, heat being an issue with VX220 turbo models. The standard ZLET turbo manifold has been known to crack and so this Z20LEH unit is preferred over a hybrid turbo which is rebuild into the original weaker manifold which is prone to cracking.
Z20LEH Turbo
Z20LEH units fitted by Courtenay Sport will benefit from a 12 month/12,000 mile warranty.

Turbocharger* and VXR actuator (Special Price Mail Order*): £Check Shop

Turbocharger complete with VXR Actuator (Price with warranty when supplied and fitted in our workshop). £925 Fitted including required gaskets, and Oil and Filter Change (using Fully Synthetic 5w-40 API:SM specification oil)

Turbocharger* with Uprated Actuator and Bracket (Mail Order Price*): £Check Shop

Uprated Actuator and Stainless Steel Bracket for Stage 4 Conversions: £142.95

Outright - No exchange Buy Now Click Here!

Fitting available in our workshop from £295.00 including required gaskets plus Oil and Filter Change £52.50 (using Fully Synthetic 5w-40 API:SM specification oil)

* As Vauxhall will only warrant these units for their intended purpose i.e. fitment to factory specification Astra/Zafira VXR, we are unable to extend a warranty onto them due to the varied nature of fitment and application outside of these parameters.
For units supplied and fitted by us on our premises we will offer our own 12 month/12,000 mile warranty.

How dirty oil will destroy a turbo - Check out info our blog

Hybrid Turbochargers - K04 and K06

We can also offer hybird turbo options allowing the turbo can achieve additional peak and top end boost pressure, providing yet more power and torque. K04 options include a stronger 360 bearing pack, uprated seals, step gap rear seal and cut back exhaust wheel. The K06 option adds a billet K06 compressor wheel.
Hybrid Options cost from £795 - £1045 Buy Now Click Here!

How dirty oil will destroy a turbo - Check out info our blog
Turbo Installation Information - Click Here LEH Turbo Testing - Click Here
Read about our testing of the Z20LEH turbo unit against the TD Hybrid turbo on a Z20LET engine, from back in Summer 2005. Click on the above link.

Uprated Actuator and Bracket

Courtenay Sport uprated wastegate actuators are designed to allow higher boost levels to be sustained through the mid range for increased torque for ZLET/LEL/LER/LEH KKK turbochargers. They have a much higher static break-off pressure. Our heavy duty stainless steel bracket will make for easy fitment as no drilling or cutting is required. Fits directly onto the KKK turbo units used on VX220. Will also fit garrett units with modification. May require modified software to allow higher boost to be run.

For use with Z20LET cars running to 300+ bhp. As used in our Stage 4 Tuning Packs for VX220 Turbo.

Uprated Actuator and Stainless Bracket £144  Buy Now Click Here!
Uprated Actuator (No Bracket) £93  Buy Now Click Here!
Uprated Wastegate Actuator and Bracket

High Performance Alloy Water Radiator

Alloy Water Radiator The standard water radiator on a VX220 has plastic end tanks which are prone to leaking especailly after time and where the cars are modified and used for sustained high speed work such as track days.

This is a high performance alloy water radiator for enhanced cooling. It is a direct replacement unit, featuring a twin row 45mm thick high efficiency core. The radiator has rounded alluminium end tanks which are welded on for additional strength ideal for high pressure systems. Ideal for modified cars and for sustained speed use use e.g. track days

Price: £357.00 inc VAT Buy Now Click Here!
On average on a 4 - 5 degree temperature drop has been seen, and on high powered cars up to 10 degrees during sustained high speed use such as track days, when compared before and after.
Z20LEH Engine Transplant.

Details of the Z20LEH (Astra VXR engine) engine transplant.
Z20LEH Transplant
Engine Rebuilding Options Engine Rebuilding and Components.

A separate page with details of our engine rebuilding options; Forged Pistons, Steel Rods, Balancer Shaft Deletion Kit, Rebuild Parts.

Balancer Shaft Removal Kit

£148.80 per kit. Save weight, Improve response. Details on our engine rebuild page Click Here for Info

Alloy Bottom Pulley

Lightweight Alloy Bottom Pulley Standard Size and Underdrive Lightweight Billet Alloy Bottom Pulleys have now been patterned up and are available for the Z20LET engine. Machined from 6082 T6 billet alloy, better balanced and 1 kilo lighter than the standard 'OE' item with no rubber core to perish and break away. Multi V, 4 Bolt fixing. Underdrive ideal for the 'Short Belt Mod'

Underdrive £97.50 Buy Now Click Here! OE Size £107.25 Buy Now Click Here!

Alloy Gearbox Breather Kit

Alloy breather tank and fitting kit designed to eliminate oil loss due to excessive gearbox breathing, especially when used on track. Breather tank catches oil from the gearbox preventing it from spilling onto the nearside rear wheel. Picks up from the breather point near the linkage assembly, plus takes a feed point from the gearbox filler plug using the conversion kit supplied.
* Easy fitment - Full fitting kit included
* No further modifications necessary
* Extensively tested on track

Price: £115 Buy Now Click Here!

Alloy Intake Pipe

All alloy intake pipe for the Vauxhall VX220 Turbo. The original intake pipe has reportedly experienced problems with the hose collapsing, and Vauxhall have certainly tried to minimise this by putting some stainless steel clips around the hose in a few places, however with all the heat around that part of the engine bay, the standard rubber hose gets very soft indeed. The original pipe also reduces in diameter immediately after the airflow meter from 70mm - 60mm.

With the new polished alloy pipe we have maintained the larger diameter throughout the entire length of the pipe, with the reduction from 70mm to 60mm just taking place inside the hose which connects the pipe to the turbo thus reducing restriction. This pipe is a direct replacement for the original item and can be fitted in minutes. Supplied with all required hose clips and silicone hoses in black. Other colours available to order.
£101.95 Buy Now Click Here! Available in polished or stealth black finish. Hoses available in Black, Blue or Red

80mm VXR Air Flow Meter: For anyone wishing to fit a larger 80mm Astra VXR airflow meter, which is generally regarded as being a more robust item than the ZLET meter this set up can be used and can be supplied with the required silicone hoses to suit to large diameter air flow meter. This option also requires an ecu recalibration for air flow to ensure the engine does not run lean.

High Flow Plenum

High Flow Plenum
High Flow Plenum
High Flow Plenum
VX220 Turbo Kit
High Flow Plenum
Next to OE Plenum
Our new High Flow Plenum is designed for all 2.0 Turbo Z20LEx engines. The plenum has been designed to allow more air flow through its enlarged housing, which has a 25% larger cross sectional area than OE (original equipment). It has been cast in alluminium specifically to give it an OE look, but leaving the option open to have the item polished or powder coated as necessary. This plenum has been proven up to 400 bhp, where on these engines the inlet manifold becomes a restriction and further major changes have to then be made to the inlet manifold, throttle body and associated pipework.

The plenum can be supplied on its own with stud and nut kit, or with the required silicone hoses. For more information and images >>>> Click Here <<<<

High Flow Plenum £89.50 including VAT. Buy Now Click Here!
Kit including Hose for VX220 Turbo £152.15 including VAT. Buy Now Click Here!

High Flow Inlet Manifold.

High Flow Inlet Manifold - Gains from 30bhp. More Information....

Silicone Breather Hoses

Breather Hose To compliment the silicone engine bay hose kit, we have manufactured a silicone breather hose. This hose is available in blue, red and black with other colours to special order and comes with the Courtenay Sport Logo.

Priced at £13.25 Buy Now Click Here!

Long Breather Hose also available (rocker cover to inlet pipe)
£60 unlined << OR >> £84 fluro-lined Buy Now Click Here!

Long Range Alloy Fuel Tank

Eliminate Fuel Surge - Increase Long Distance Range

Anybody running a high powered VX220 Turbo on track will know that the standard tank arrangement allows the fuel to surge when making left hand corners when the tank contents falls below about half full. This can be a big problem on turbocharged cars where weak fuelling or fuel starvation can cause terminal engine damage.

Developed and tested with Pro Alloy on their trackday cars, the long range alloy tank allows the car to be run right down to 3 litres without surge. Additionally an extra 10 litres capacity over standard adds to the car's long range capability by up to 25% on cruise.

Longer Range 48 litre Capacity (Standard Tank: 38 litres)
Internal collector - Assembly installed with Anti surge check valves.
Safety Foam
- Type IV FIA polyether
Light weight - A
lloy construction weighs 6.65kgs (Standard Tank: 10.8kgs)
Alloy construction - Will not corrode like the standard steel tank
Utilises Standard fuel pump and sender unit
Eliminates the need for external fuel swirl pots and collectors
Simple installation using all original fittings and brackets

Price: £624.00 Buy Now Click Here!

Collector in Tank
Fuel Collector

Alloy Fuel Tank Fitted
Tank Fitted

Uprated 340 Fuel Pump

Uprated in-tank Fuel Pump. On modified cars fuelling is critical, and OE pumps are known to fail. These 340 fuel pumps are direct replacement for OE and fit in the original housing. Centre Inlet 22mm, fits in place of original pump, with modification to the OE housing. Includes an in-tank fuel filter.

340 Pump: £104.10 Buy Now Click Here! Convoluted Flexi Plastic Fuel Hose Available

Fuel Filter

OEM Fuel Filter £13.95
     Exhaust Systems
Performance exhaust system for VX220 Turbo.

Courtenay Sport Airbox Mods

To get the most from your air filter we can modify your airbox and inlet feed pick up to derestrict them for maximum air flow, as in our CS packages. Price fitted £49.95

Billet Steel Lightweight Flywheel

Billet Steel Lightweight Flywheel
Steel Billet Flywheel - Front View

Standard Flywheel
Standard Cast 9.5 Kilo Flywheel - Front View

Billet Steel Lightweight Flywheel
Steel Billet Flywheel - Rear View

Standard Flywheel
Standard Cast 9.5 Kilo Flywheel - Rear View

Our flywheel is precision cnc machined from billet steel, which due to its natural strength means we can lighten the unit further than simply reworking an original unit, reducing the overall weight by over 5kgs to 4.2 kgs. The clutch mounting height is identical to the standard OE unit to ensure that the clutch slave cylinder is not over extended and that a standard or uprated clutch can be used successfully.

Billet Flywheel £255 (outright-no exchange required) Buy Now Click Here! Fitting £505.00

Uprated 'Competition' Clutch and Paddle Clutch

For cars with power well beyond 300 bhp and torque well into the mid 300 lbs ft, we can offer a 'competition' clutch which we also recommend for cars running about 270 bhp. Whilst some may offer a paddle clutch for such situations, these are really only suitable for true competition applications, as paddles clutches are often unsuitable when used in fast road applications offering very poor driveability in traffic and often causing damage to flywheels. This clutch features an uprated cover with far greater clamping pressure and an uprated organic disc which will withstand big increases in power and torque, yet will still retain good road manners often not associated with an uprated clutch.

Price £445.80 Buy Now Click Here! Clutch Slave Cylinder from £99.95 Fitting £505.55
Clutch Image
Uprated Cover and Cera Metallic Paddle Disc:
4 Paddle £493.80 Buy Now Click Here! 6 Paddle £502.80 Buy Now Click Here!

Fast Road Clutch

Fast Road Clutch Originally used in our own car and ideal for any VX220T that has increased power and torque over a standard car. Our uprated clutch will withstand increases in power and torque without the slipping that may occur with a standard unit yet still retain the driveability of a standard clutch. Suitable as a direct replacement for the OE unit and for cars with running up to 270bhp

Priced at £199.95. Buy Now Click Here!

Clutch Slave Cylinder from £99.95 (with clutch)
Fitting £505.55

Uprated Recirculation Valve

Designed as a direct replacement for the OEM valve which is prone to failure when the engine has been tuned or had an upgrade to the engine management software.

This valve is complete and ready to install with no fitting kit required. It is available with 3 spring choices depending upon the state of tune of the engine.

Green Spring - For Standard Cars/Standard Boost.

Yellow Spring - For mapped/tuned cars running higher boost.

Blue Spring - Hybrid+ Turbo

Additional Springs available if required.

Recirculation Valve £122.50 Buy Now Click Here!
Uprated Recircultaion Valve

Courtenay Turbo Boost Gauge

Whether you're running standard or increased boost pressure, keep a close eye on it with the Courtenay Turbo Boost Gauge. Available with a white face and black markings reading to 30 psi. Supplied complete with fitting kit (t-piece, rubber vacuum connectors and vacuum hose) to allow easy fitment.

£78.75 including fittings. Gauge Pod £8.40 Buy Now Click Here!

Vibra Technics Uprated Engine Mounts

Uprated Front Engine Mount
Front Engine Mount VX220
High Performance Engine Mounts from Vibra Technics.

Uprated Front, Rear and Side Engine Mounts. Details >>> HERE <<<

Uprated Poly Engine Mount

Uprated Polyurethane Engine Mounts for VX220 Turbo. Suitable for the front and rear engine mounts, these uprated items simply sleeve over the original rubber engine mounts making them extremely simple and easy to fit. They eliminate the the flex from the original rubber mounts removing the forward and backward motion of the engine on the over-run on lift off and under acceleration and will also relieve some of the strain put on the left and right engine mounts, which can be prone to failure. We have even had reported benefits from customers of an improved gearchange after fitment due to less engine/gearbox movement.
One engine mount kit is ideal for road use, replacing both is better for those using the car for fast road or track day use, however this will give a little more resonance at lower rpm.

Available at £22.50 per pair. Buy Now Click Here! (One pair required for each engine mount.)

Polyurethane Engine Mounts
Polyurethane Engine Mounts

Polyurethane Engine Mount Shown With Standard Mount
Poly Mount Shown With Standard Mount

Polyurethane Engine Mounts Shown Fitted
Polyurethane Engine Mount Fitted

Brakes Discs and Pads - More Information     Brake Information

F23 4.17 Final Drive ratio

This lowers the final drive ratio of the F23 gearbox on the VX220 Turbo by 14.9% for faster acceleration.
Price £POA
Lower Final Drive for F23

Cool Running Thermostat

Cool Stats As used on the VX220 Turbo Sprint.

Our cool running thermostat reduces the engine's normal running temperature, protecting the engine by running it closer to it's optimum power temperature. The stat opens 10 degrees earlier than the standard OE item (82 degrees instead of 92 degrees) and is fully open 10 degrees earlier (97 degrees instead of 107 degrees). Ideal for modified cars for fast road and track work, they typically operate 4 - 5 degrees cooler thus reducing peak temperatures caused by sustained hard use. As used in Opel/GM products in warmer climates. Not recommended where Pro Alloy water rad is fitted (87 degree stat recommended)

Thermostat £25.50 Buy Now Click Here! Fitting £36

Water Wetter

Water Wetter, suitable to treat one cooling system, aids the heat transfer of the coolant for even greater cooling ability and head temperature reduction.

355ml Bottle £15.25 Buy Now Click Here!
Water Wetter

Valvoline Fully Synthetic Engine and Gearbox Oil

Valvoline High Performance Fully Synthetic motor oil. A fully synthetic oil formulated with the highest quality synthetic base oils, enhanced with the most advanced additive technology, SynPower offers enhanced performance, durability and fuel economy, and is ideal for virtually all cars and vans which use petrol, diesel or LPG engines. Its many benefits include the reduction of sludge and varnish deposits, maximum fuel economy and excellent cold start properties through low viscosity at low temperatures. Formulated to resist high temperature vapourisation, oxidation, thermal breakdown and deposit formation it provides high shear stability, low temperature protection and inhibits rust and corrosion.
Such is the quality, Valvoline engine oil is specified by Swedish sports car manufacturer Koenigsegg for use in all Koenigsegg CC models from the factory.
5W-40 viscosity suitable for all petrol engines and meets API SM/CF ACEA A3/B4-04 ;specifications.
5 litres - £48.00

Fully Synthetic 75W-90 Gearbox Oil. £16.95 per litre

Air Flow Meter 70mm and Coil Pack Z20LET

Air Flow Meters are a weak link on the ZLET engine. An air mass meter failure can lead to poor running, holding back and a lean mixture which can potentially be fatal to the engine if run for an excessive time period. Bosch AFM £112.35

Misfires caused by coilpack failure is not uncommon due to the hot environment in which the coil pack operates. Coil Pack £102.50

Both available from our online shop

Courtenay VX220 Turbo at the Nürburgring - Nordschleife

VX220 Turbo at the Nrburgring Entrance
What the press said about our VX220 Turbo:

"A Courtenay chargecooler and engine management setup delivers a whacking punch and was felt as soon as I headed out onto the circuit during the out lap. I knew this was going to be quick. reaches over 130mph which is very impressive along our main straight - there's not many track day stars that get over that figure. Because it was running standard suspension, the set of Courtenay 288mm grooved discs had me working hard on the brakes. If I did get it wrong on the entry the chassis was flexible enough to get it back while the huge lowdown torque figure had me very relaxed and composed." - Track and Race Car Magazine

"Devastatingly quick in a straight line. The brakes are tops...." - Track and Race Car Magazine July 2004

VX220 Turbo Sprint

Courtenay Sport were delighted to have been involved in the Vauxhall/Lotus development of the VX220 Turbo Sprint, and this exciting car had a number of our components fitted to it. We were the ONLY UK tuner to work with Lotus on this project. Throughout the project working closely with Vauxhall and Lotus, we learnt what would and would not work consistently on this engine, particularly in this installation and where the limits lie.

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