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Garrett Upgrades
1.6 Turbo Z16LEx
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What is a Z16LEx/A16LEx/B16LES engine?

This designation is used to identify the 1.6 Turbo engines in the Vauxhall/Opel range from around 2007 used in Corsa D, Corsa E, Astra H, Meriva A, Insignia and Astra J including VXR models.

Most of the tuning work is carried out on the Corsa D platform, which is mainly due to the popularity of this model, in particular the VXR. The Z16LEx engines introduced and used in Corsa D were the Z16LEL (150PS SRi model) and Z16LER (192PS VXR model). Later (2010on) these became A16LEL and A16LER as the engines were made to meet much stricter Euro V emissions requirements. They are all but identical, except for changes to the pre-cat and lambda sensor placement plus ecu software changes to cope with the new emissions requirements. Further on in its lifespan the A16LER became B16LER. Corsa D Nürburgring models used the A16LES engine, which produced 205PS from the factory.

A 180PS version Z16LET engine was fitted to Astra H and Meriva VXR. This was revised to the A16LET, again for emissions reasons and was also used in Insignia, Astra H and Astra J.

Corsa E VXR was introduced in 2015 with the B16LES (205PS) engine.

For all 1.6 Turbo Corsa we are able to offer a range of upgrades to take power above the 240-245 bhp mark where the factory turbo (and internals) capabilites start to be exceeded. We can supply all the required items for an engine build, through to the manifold, either tubular or cast, 76mm downpipe and we even offer a bespoke conversion supplied, fitted and mapped.

For any set up a big intercooler with good cooling and flow capabilities, a 76mm/3" free flowing sports exhaust and uprated fuel pump are mandatory. We can then advise on injector requirements and mapping as required. We also offer high lift cams for more powerful conversions.

For anyone who has undertaken their own build or conversion, we can bespoke map the ecu and carry out a full set up and map optimisation on our rolling road.

As a guide on Corsa D/E VXR, providing the required supporting hardware has been fitted, the factory K03 turbo will make up to 240 bhp (D)/245bhp (E), K03 Hybrid up to 260bhp, K04 up to 280-290bhp, K06 up to 310-320bhp. Above this the choice of Garrett unit will govern the achievable power - see example graphs below.

Nortech Garrett Conversion Parts Z16LEx/A16LEx/B16LER

Tubular V Band Manifold (shown right) £1020
Features a one-piece billet low angle merge collector, thick wall stainless steel and CNC machined head flange with V band fitment for additional security and straightforward fitment. Fits 3" downpipe.

Downpipe with dump tube back in £576
Downpipe with dump tube out £456
Oil/Water Lines £180
Fan and Shroud £174
90mm intake with filter £228

Nortech Garrett Conversion Kit Z16LEx/A16LEx/B16LER

Garrett installation kit with tubular V band manifold (supplied without turbocharger) £2881.20
includes V band tubular manifold, downpipe (dump tube in), inlet pipe, external wastegate, clamps, lower boost pipe, intake pipe, fan shroud and fan, oil and water lines, clamps, manifold gasket, stud and nut kit and heatwrap.

Garrett turbocharger can be specified separately according to the individual power requirements. Specifications of turbocharger vary to suit application. Garrett turbo for V band application from £1250

Power and Torque Graphs

Some example power and torque graphs for Corsa D 1.6 Turbo cars that we have mapped equipped with Garrett turbo conversions. These are just a few examples of cars that we have worked on, power figures will vary according to the different specification of turbochargers and additional fitted hardware.

359 bhp Graph GTx2863R

368 bhp Graph GT2865HTA

402 bhp Graph GTx30-71

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