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Engine Transplants

Today an Engine Transplant is often a popular route to increasing the performance of a car.
You may already be familiar with our work, in which case you know our standards. Whilst always striving to deliver real value for money we never compromise in the way we do what we do. Would you think about driveshaft deflection angles, for instance? We do.
If the factory had ever installed the engines into the models that we do we'd like to think they'd have done it in the same way. Often people comment that that's just how our jobs look..... Factory Fitted. But it isn't just the look of the job: the details count too. For example - you'll rarely find a transplant job where all of the original diagnostics are properly connected: but ours you can just take it to any GM dealer and he can simply plug in the standard Diagnostic Equipment to identify any problems in the usual way. Attention to detail isn't just Window Dressing. It's how we earned our reputation in the first place!

Example Prices:

Listed here are some of today's more popular engine transplants with corresponding prices. Due to the complexities of engine transplants these are example costs and we are only too pleased to offer other upgrades at the time of converting, should individual customers require a more bespoke conversion. Our example engine transplant costs are for a fully working engine transplant only. We do not include the cost of brake or suspension upgrades as these have usually already been carried out on cars that come to us for engine transplants. We will be only too pleased to suggest other upgrades that can be done as part of an engine transplant.

Astra Mk 4 2.0 to Z20LET - from £5625
Astra Mk 4 1.6 16v/1.8 16v (5 stud) to Z20LET - from £6645
Vectra B 2.5 V6 to 3.2 V6 - £5625
Vectra B 2.5 V6 to 3.0 V6 - £3995
Vectra B 2.0 16v to 2.5 V6 - £4095
Corsa B to Z20LET - from £7145
Corsa C to Z20LET - from £6645

Corsa/Tigra Lowered Tie Bar Brackets

Designed for fitment to the Corsa and Tigra the bracket improve traction and reduce understeer by narrowing the angle between the bottem arm and the front crossmember. Also the manifold clearance is improved on cars fitted with 2 Litre engines. £70.50

2.0 16V XE/early LET Bottom Pulleys

The standard bottom pulley is constucted around a rubber centre donut which is bonded to a steel centre section. Over time the rubber can split, which causes the pulley to wobble, this can throw the fan belt particularly on engines that are operating at high RPM. Our alloy pulley cures this problem and is available in single format which is ideal when the engine is installed into a Nova or Corsa. They come machined from 6082 T6 solid billet alloy, with a superior design featuring a deeper V to add extra stability to the fanbelt at high revs.

Single billet alloy pulley £111.95

Cool Running Thermostat

Suitable for the majority of Vauxhall powerplants, we recommend anyone carrying out their own conversion to fit one of our cool running thermostats. They reduce the engine's normal running temp by 10 degrees protecting the engine, helping to prevent cracked heads and running it closer to it's optimum power temperature.

Thermostat (2.0XE/LET) £25.50

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