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The Car .......

The Calibra Turbo (and its Cavalier sister) provides a remarkably good spread of torque - better than almost any other Manufacturer's turbocharged car - with sufficient power to take it over 150mph and a degree of surefootedness that only a four wheel drive system can deliver. All production cars contain compromises, however, due to the manufacturer's desire to try to please everybody and also because production techniques sometimes dictate the way things have to be done. So, this car can be improved.

Engine ECU Software Upgrade

245 BHP software £175

Courtenay Sport Air Filter

Our high flow, high efficiency air filter uses a special foam which gives better airflow than even the most popular cotton gauze aftermarket filters. Our filters offer the very highest level of dirt retention and protection (Of course! After all we're engine builders!) and you can clean it and reuse it just like most other performance filters. Supplied pre-oiled for first use. Filter oil is available seperately for subsequent re-oiling after cleaning.

Price £34.95 Buy Now Click Here! Filter Oil £4.05
Courtenay Sport High Flow Panel Filter

Wossner Low Compression Forged Pistons

Ideal for engines running high boost levels. These high yield forged low compression pistons feature Teflon coated skirts for reduced wear and lower the compression ratio to around 8.5:1. They are barell designed so that when hot they are perfectly round ensuring maximum cylinder sealing. Set of four pistons supplied including piston rings.
Available in 86.5 mm bore size. Ideal when rebuilding an engine.

£594 per set of four Buy Now Click Here!

Uprated Lightweight Steel Rods and ARP Rod Bolt Kit

  Steel rods for Z20LET engines

These uprated steel roads are manufactured from Certified SAE 4340 chrome-moly steel vacuumed to remove impurities, are shot peened to stress relieve the metal and have bronze gudgeon pin bushings are made to withstand higher impact force. They are far stronger and lighter than the standard ‘OE’ items and are packaged in weight matched sets balanced end to end +/- 1 gram. Ideal for all modified engines for fast road and track use, they are supplied with uprated ARP rod bolts.

Price - £380 including VAT and a set of ARP Rod Bolts. Buy Now Click Here!

ARP Rod Bolts also Available Separately for OE rods - £72 per set Buy Now Click Here!

Steel Headgasket

Steel Headgasket suitable for C20LET engines. Ideal for as a direct replacement for an OE build and when low compression pistons are installed ..... £25.50

Engine Rebuild Components

We can supply all required engine rebuild components for the C20LET engine including top and bottom gasket sets, big end bearings, main bearings, water pumps, oil pumps and cambelt kits:

Top Gasket Set (OEM) - £76.55 (Vauxhall Retail £115.00)
Top Gasket Set with Metal headgasket - £102
Bottom Gasket Set (OEM) - £76.55 (Vauxhall Retail £158.00)
Big End Bearings (Set) Standard Size and Undersize - £46.00
Main Bearings (Set) Standard Size and Undersize - £70.50
Water Pump (Later Engine) - £65.95
Oil Pump (OEM) Early and Late Type - £120.00
Cambelt Kit Early - £112.95
Cambelt Kit Late £91.95 

Uprated ARP Bolts

ARP Uprated Conrod Bolt Kit for OE Rods £72

ARP Head Stud Kit £129.95

ARP Uprated Main Bearing Kit £111.95

Click to Buy Now

Courtenay Sport Front Mounted Intercooler

Our large 9 litre high flow lower front mounted intercooler is a must for those wishing to extract the best from any conversion. Replacing the standard unit, our high flow front mounted intercooler will allow for maximum cooling of the inlet charge and is finished with alloy end tanks capable of withstanding much higher pressures. Using 50mm hoses throughout our intercooler comes complete with all the required hoses for installation. From the turbo to intercooler and the intercooler to the plenum chamber and our alloy joiners have swaged ends for additional security.
High Flow Front Mounted Intercooler - £630 Click to Buy Now

Courtenay Sport Turbo Hose Kits

The standard factory air hoses leave much room for improvement. Firstly the standard air inlet pipe from the air filter to the turbo reduces very quickly and has an exaggerated reducer step at the turbo end. It also has a tendency to suck in on itself especially on uprated cars sometimes even fully collapsing. This is due to its soft construction and little re-inforcing. Secondly the boost pressure pipes step down in size from the turbo at 50mm to 45mm, and run with this bore size until they reach the intercooler whereupon they step back up in size to 50mm. This is repeated with the hose from the intercooler outlet to the plenum chamber.
The uprated hose kit consists of a large bore inlet pipe without the reducing step, which is constructed in 3 ply re-inforced silicone. The pressure pipes are formed from silicone in continuous 50mm diameter for less restriction and therefore allow the engine to breath more efficiently and come complete with a replacement alloy 50mm transfer pipe and the 90 degree bends from the turbo to the intercooler, and the top hose from the intercooler to the plenum chamber. The kit is available in many colour options.

Hose kit £193.02 Click to Buy Now

Coolant Hoses

Part No Model Type Number Price
TCS40/C Cavalier/Calibra Turbo >93 Coolant 2 £71.95
TCS40/D Cavalier/Calibra Turbo 93> Coolant 2 £71.95

Uprated Actuators

We can supply actuators that are available with the standard pressure rating or a range of uprated versions with stronger internal springs for higher boosting cars. The Courtenay actuator is also cheaper than a standard GM replacement unit.
A separate stainless steel bracket with integral heat shield is also available to compliment the actuator.

Courtenay Uprated Actuator Price £93.00

Courtenay Sport Stainless Steel Bracket £51.00

Click to Buy Now

Uprated Clutches

Fast Road Cluch - Ideal for your fast road car, our uprated fast road clutch will withstand increases in power and torque without the slipping that may occur with a standard unit yet still retain the drivability of a standard clutch. Clutch kit includes cover, disc and thrust bearing. Suitable for up to 300bho
Priced from £199.95. Click to Buy Now

Fitting available. Why not combine this item with a lightweight flywheel at the same time?
Heavy Duty Uprated Clutch - A futher uprated clutch over the fast road clutch suitable for power up to 400bhp, comprises a further uprated stronger clutch cover and uprated clutch disc with thrust bearing - £429.95

Paddle Type Clutch - Comprises an uprated clutch cover and cerametallic 4 paddle disc with thrust bearing - £495.00

Lightweight Steel Billet Flywheel

This new flywheel is precision cnc machined from billet steel, which due to its natural strength means we can lighten the unit further, reducing the overall weight by 3.9 kilos to 5.6 kilos.

Billet Flywheel £255.00 (outright - no exchange required)
Fitting from £335 Click to Buy Now

Lightweight Alloy Pulleys

Manufactured from high quality 6082 T6 billet alloy our lightweight pulley weighs 1 kg less than the standard item. Balanced to a higher standard than the OE unit they allow for improved engine response and smoother high rpm running.

C20LET Multi V alloy bottom pulley .... £107.95
Alloy Bottom Pulley 2.0 LET Single .... £111.95
Alloy Bottom Pulley 2.0 LET Double .... £123.95

Click to Buy Now

Uprated Fuel Pump

For cars running big horsepower and high boost levels, fuelling is critical. This replacement uprated fuel pump is ideal to take the strain off the original 'OE' fuel pump, which can be running at or trying to run beyond its limits.

Priced at £145 inc VAT.

Cool Thermostat

Our cool running thermostat reduces the engine's normal running temp by 10 degrees protecting the engine, helping to prevent cracked heads and running it closer to it's optimum power temperature.

Thermostat £25.50 Fitting £36.00

Click to Buy Now

Water Wetter

A 355ml bottle of Water Wetter, suitable to treat one cooling system, which aids the heat transfer of the coolant for even greater cooling ability and head temperature reduction. £15.25 Click to Buy Now

Courtenay Sport Uprated Sports Cams

Our now renowned Sports Cams were developed originally for the turbo engine and they do exactly what their name suggests. We all spend 95% of our driving time between 2500 and 5500 rpm - so we think that's where the main power uplift should happen.

Sports Cams
C20LET 16v’s .... £276.00 (Reworking a set of supplied cams) or £540 (Outright)
Fitting from .... £288

Click to Buy Now

8.5mm Magnecor Leads

Suitable for Cavalier and Calibra Turbo C20LET. These competeition leads offer excellent performance and are less likely to breakdown, due to heat from the engine, causing running issues and misfires. Priced at £132.95 per set

 Click to Buy Now

DIN E Size Blanking Panel

DIN E size apperture blanking panel which simply clips into place. Suitable for auxiliary gauge mounting as mounting holes can be cut to suit requirements. Finished in black texture to match most OE finishes. Can be painted or covered to suit individual applications. £4.95

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