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Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2

Ultra lightweight heat treated race wheels. Pro Race 1.2 the most recent design in the Team Dynamics Racing range which are a cast aluminium heat-treated product. Designed originally for, and still used in top flight motorsport, it has also been made available for street use. An awesome range of fitments and super light weight have made this a massive seller. The 1.2 is a classic motorsport design with 12 spokes and heavy engraving around the outside rim. These cast aluminium wheels are specially heat treated to ensure maximum strength while minimising weight.

As used on our Dunlop Production Touring Car Trophy Race Cars and trackday Astra VXR's.
Pro Race 1.2

Size: 8J x 18"
PCD: 5 x 110
Centre Bore: 65.1mm Correct for Vauxhall applications.
Offset: ET35 or ET40. We can advise on which suits best.
Direct Fitment

Suitable Fitment:

Astra H including VXR
Zafira B including VXR
Vectra C including VXR

Lighter than standard wheels, these wheels weigh in at 9.5kgs each (without tyres) the reduction in unsprung weight improves the handling with the added benefit that the Astra H chassis is best suited to 18" wheels.
Price: from £816.00 per set (Gloss Black) of four including longer wheel bolts and wheel centre caps - Available to order.

Standard Colour: Gloss Black.
Also available in: White, Silver, Anthracite, Matt Black, Gold: from £864.00

Please call us to discuss your requirements.

Please Note: We supply all TD wheels to the correct Vauxhall specification, with correct centre bore of 65.1mm, so there is no need to use spigot rings. Where the correct centre bore is available we will use it. Unfortunately Rimstock now make an additional charge to machine their wheels to the 65.1mm Centre Bore, so we have had to increase prices to include this charge.

Other dimensions are available for Vauxhall fit including:
7.0 x 17 ET40
7.5 x 17 ET37
8.0 x 17
9.0 x 17
All 5 x 110 PCD, 65.1mm CB. Please ask if your size is not listed. Certain wheels sizes may be unsuitable for wheel centre fitment.
Pro Race 1.2 in Black Pro Race 1.2 in Silver Pro Race 1.2 in White Pro Race 1.2 in Gold

Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.3

High performance application and big fitments that require a super light alloy wheel is what Pro Race 1.3 was designed for. Dedicated motorsport fitments, track day specials and high end road usage, this is exactly what the professional and enthusiasts need.
Pro Race 1.3

Size: 8.5J x 18"
PCD: 5 x 110
Centre Bore: 65.1mm Correct for Vauxhall applications.
Offset: Various to suit requirements.
Direct Fitment

Weight from 11kgs

Price: from £984.00 per set of four - Available to order.

Colours Available: Gloss Black.
Also available in: Silver, Matt Black, White and Gold

Revolution Millennium

Revolution Millennium Alloy Wheels.

Size: 8J x 18" (For Astra H/Zafira B/Vectra C)
PCD: 5 x 110
Centre Bore: 65.1mm Correct for Vauxhall applications.
Offset: ET35 (8Jx18)
Direct Fitment

Suitable Fitment:

Astra H including VXR
Zafira B including VXR

As used on the first Courtenay Sport Astra H (8Jx18) and Corsa D (7.5Jx18) VXR Sprint Editions
Available in: White and Anthracite (8Jx18 ET35)
(7.5J x 18 ET40 - No Longer Available in 5x110PCD)
Price: £752 per set of four including wheel centre caps and longer wheel bolts.
Also Available in 7.5J x 17 ET 40 5 x 110PCD 65.1mm CB
Revoltuion Millenium Revoltuion Millenium

Tyre Options:

We can offer a selection of tyres to suit many applications and budgets including:

Nankang NS-2R - Road and Track - Dry or Wet
Nankang NS-2R A road legal, track day proven RAC MSA List 1B approved tyre. UHP tyre with three grip level options for Fast Road/Track Day (Treadwear 180) or Sprint Use (Treadwear 120) or Race (Treadwear 100). Exceptional high-speed stability and wet weather performance plus cornering precision and grip. Used as the control tyre in the 2014 Fun Cup series.

The three main circumferential grooves on central tread can improve drainage efficiency and wet handling performance.

Unique groove wall angle design can prevent excessive stress massing to restrain irregular treadwear effectively.

Continuous tread shoulder design can improve tire stiffness and ensure cornering grip.

Optimized tread width design (contact patch wider 13% than regular tire design) improved stability while driving at high speed.
Large block design on tread shoulder upgrade stiffness and cornering handling performance.

Whilst most track tyres only have one thing in mind, the NS-2R hosts an array of talents, not only as a fast tyre, but as a consistently fast tyre, lap after lap come rain or shine. The tread design also gives the driver the confidence to drive to and from a race meeting or track day in dry or often wet conditions without the need to change tyres at the event. The NS-2R is available from us as one of Nankang performance centres.

Popular Sizes:
195/50 R15 82W Treadwear 100* £80 (5mm)/ Treadwear 180 £60.00
*Track Use Only
215/45 R17 91W Treadwear 100 £100 / Treadwear 180 £78
225/40 R18 92Y Treadwear 100 £120 / Treadwear 180 £84
All NS-2R Tyres have the following EU labelling: Fuel Efficiency:F Wet Grip:B Noise: 71dB
Nankang AR-1 - Track - Dry or Damp
Nankang AR-1 A road legal, trackday biased RAC MSA List 1C approved tyre, Nankang's latest MSA approved tyre is on its way...

The new NANKANG AR-1 will be available in 15" to 18" in the first phase, with more sizes to be added over the coming months.

The AR-1 is looking to be a faster, more refined track tyre, aimed at the track enthusiast who is hunting lap times.

With only one compound option and with all tyres being produced with 5.5mm tread depth, the AR-1 is positioning itself in amongst the greats of the track tyre market.

Though the AR-1 is a List 1C tyre, it has recently achieved EU tyre labelling meaning it could easily fit in amongst the MSA List 1B tyres for 2017.
Popular Sizes:
215/45 ZR17 87W
215/40 ZR17 83W Due Q3 2016
225/40 ZR18 92Y AR-1
The AR-1 tyre has the following EU labelling: Fuel Efficiency:F Wet Grip:E Noise: 71dB(215/45)/72dB (225/45)
Yokohama Advan Neova AD08 - Road and Track - Dry or Wet
A road legal, track day proven RAC MSA List 1A approved tyre. Enhanced Grip and Durability with excellent levels of dry and wet grip and good wear rate.

Micro Silica Compound with Hyper Density Carbon - delivers excellent grip in wet or dry conditions, while improving treadwear.

Steel Sidewall Inserts: help resist lateral deflection while providing superior handling and enhanced cornering.

Optimised Contact Patch: low void to tread ratio keeps more rubber-to-road contact for maximum performance.

Rapid Reflex Twin Ribs: wavy centre ribs add stability and lightening fast steering response. Outer rib walls are rounded to reduce uneven treadwear.

Unibloc Shoulder with Hydroarc Channels: Extra wide shoulder blocks provide constant rubber-to-road contact for improved lateral stability during high-speed cornering. Uniquely shaped HydroARC channels effectively cut through water to deliver supreme wet weather grip.
Yokohama Advan Neova AD08
Groove-in-Groove Technology: Tiny slits in the groove walls help effectively distribute stress loads to minimise uneven wear.

225/40 R18 88W :: £ Competitive Around £155 each
Kumho Ecsta V70A - Track and Circuit Proven - Dry
Kumho Ecsta V70A A road legal, RAC MSA List 1B approved tyre which has already proven its credentials on the track as the control tyre for the Kumho BMW Championship and the Kumho TVR Tasmin Challenge.

This is a directional tyre which offers excellent levels of dry grip for good handling with a high level of wet weather grip. An ideal tyre for track day use.

Available in a range of compounds; hard, medium, soft and supersoft.

225/40 R18 88W :: £ Competitive Around £170 each
Tyre pricing is very competitive. We always aim to be competitive. Because prices can fluctuate please call us for our latest prices and availability.

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