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When seeking performance gains from any engine, especially with forced induction, a true de-restricted sports exhaust for performance is essential. Manufacturer's systems are not designed to produce maximum gains and so will require replacement to maximise any performance potential.

With so many exhaust systems on the market it can be a bit of a minefield. Some suppliers will try and sell you what they have on the shelf, irrespective of whether or not it is going to give you the best results, others will supply you their 'preferred' exhaust system.

Here at Courtenay Sport we are not tied to just one make of exhaust so based on our experience we can advise on and supply which system is going to be most suited to your individual tuning needs. We can offer exhaust from most of the main manufacturers, such as Piper, Remus, Larini, 2bular, Milltek, Magnex and Jetex.

Because of our tuning experience, we have a wide range of knowledge about which system will be best for your particular application.
Exhausts From Piper Exhausts from Milltek Remus for Astra VXR

General information regarding exhaust system components:

Full System

When considering changing your exhaust it is always preferable to opt for a Full System where possible, including, where available, replacing the manufacturer's restrictive catalyst with a Hi-Flow sports cat which will allow exhuast gasses to flow much more freely. A Full System will offer maximum performance gains on any vehicle and every Milltek Sport full system offered for Vauxhall applications includes a Hi-Flow sports cat section to maximise these performance gains.

Pre Cat Replacements, Cat Replacements and Sports Cats

Pre cat replacement pipes, such as those available for later turbo models give an instant increase in power and will still leave the car MOT friendly. Also removal of a pre-cat on many normally aspirated models will give an increase in power too.

Cat Replacements pipes are available for many older models, but we must advise that the fitment to cars registered from 'L reg' or later in the UK may not be legal, usually leading to the vehicle failing an MOT emissions check. A small performance gain is usually obtained (on older vehicles) but contrary to common folklore no adjustments or retuning is needed.

On newer vehciles where the emissions regulations are much more strict, fitting a decat pipe where the second cat should be will again lead to an MOT failure due to emissions and may also bring the management light on for a catalyst system efficiency error. Furthermore the difference between gains seen on a car fitted with a decat section and the same car fitted with a sports cat are negligable.

All Milltek Sport systems and full systems we use for tuning purposes are available with a Hi-Flow sports cat replacement section. These sports cats are a lot less dense (200 cpi) than the stock factory items, thereby they help to reduce back pressure further, improve gas flow, improve power and also keep the car road legal. They are also MOT friendly and will allow a vehicle to pass the MOT emissions check.

We stock 200 CPI Sports Cats which, where a complete replacement pipe is not available, can be welded in to the exisiting exhaust, to replace the standard catalyst. These sports cats use a metallic substrate and will not crack or break down and are far less restrictive than the standard items allowing better exhaust gas flow and improved performance. Weld in Sports Cats

Tail Boxes and Cat Back Systems

The fitment of a performance tailbox or cat back system can often obtain all the sports style and sound of the full system but with limited performance improvements. Whilst it is usual that the original tail box is a contributing factor to back-pressure in the exhaust system, it is not the only contributor - the performance gain will not match that of a full system. For maximum peformance gains we recommend the fitment of a full sports exhaust system.

Courtenay High Performance Turbo Front Pipe.

Most modern GM turbo engines have 2 catalysts. This is particularly relevant to the Z20LET/Z20LEL/Z20LER/Z20LEH/Z16LEL/Z16LER turbo engines.

These engines are fitted with 2 cats - a pre-cat and a main cat. Our performance front pipe replaces the original pre-cat. This is only required to be fitted to the vehicle up until the point of 1st registration (in the UK at least), as the main cat (or sports cat if fitted) still ensures the vehicle will meet all MOT emission regulations.

The new front pipe is made in stainless steel, and by smoothing the bend radius, we have dramatically improved the flow through the unit.
Pre Cat Removal Pipe and Pre Cat

Our front pipe also features both a stainless steel 3 bolt flange and stainless steel spun end. The performance front pipe will give a typical increase of 8 - 10 bhp. May not be compatible with certain full systems. If in doubt please ask and we can advise what will best suit your needs.

New Courtenay 70mm Front pipe now available for 2.0 Turbo engines.

Astra G SRi/GSi/Coupe/Cabrio Turbo - Z20LET
Zafira A GSi Turbo - Z20LET
Astra H SRi Turbo - Z20LEL/Z20LER
Zafira B Turbo - Z20LER
Astra VXR - Z20LEH
Zafira VXR - Z20LEH
Front Pipe 2.0T models - £169.95 Buy Now Click Here!

Corsa VXR - Z16LER
Astra H 1.6 Turbo Z16LET
Corsa SRi Turbo - Z16LEL
Front Pipe 1.6T Models - £182.85 Buy Now Click Here!

Milltek Sports Cat - Astra G/H and Zafira A/B 2.0 Turbo

Courtenay Sport Cat
Direct replacement 200 cell per inch sports catalyst pipe suitable for Astra G SRi/GSi 2.0 Turbo, Astra H 2.0 Turbo (inc VXR), Zafira A GSi and Zafira B 2.0 SRi Turbo (inc VXR) petrol models that are fitted with a Milltek 63.5mm Cat Back System.

The sports cat pipe bolts straight in using all the original fittings & joints. It is made from stainless steel, complete with a stainless flexible joint as the "OE" unit. Once fitted you can expect to see up to an 8 bhp increase. Designed to fit onto the Milltek 63.5mm cat back system.

Milltek Sport Cat Section (for use on cars fitted with a Milltek Cat Back System - Price £495.00 Buy Now Click Here! Fitting from £60

Weld In 200 cpi Sports Cats

We can supply a 200 cpi high flow sport cats for weld in applications, complete with 76mm cones where a complete sports cat section is not available, or for replacing a failed catalytic converter. Other sizes are available to suit different applications.

Prices from: £198.00 Buy Now Click Here!

Stainless Steel Exhaust Clamps.

Stainless Steel Exhaust Clamp Heavy duty stainless clamp fo 76mm exhaust system.

Provides even clamping pressure around the entire circumference of the hose clamp. Ideal for securing highly pressurised pipes, that function at high temperatures such as exhaust pipes and coolant or turbo hoses. The ingenious Mikalor 'flip open front' allows easy fitment to pipes and hoses without overly stressing the clamp during assembly.

73mm - 76mm Diameter £6.95 Buy Now Click Here!

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