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Courtenay Sport Finishing Touches

Check out these items which will add the finishing touch to any conversion .......... or maybe even become the start of something!

Engine Hose Kits - Click Here Engine Bay & Turbo Silicone Hose Kits.
Details of our Courtenay Sport silicone hoses for turbo applications and Samco Sport hoses for non turbo cars. To buy Courtenay Sport Turbo Hoses online - Buy Now Click Here!

Courtenay Sport Stainless Steel Engine Trims

Plug Cover 2.0 16v XE + ECO .... £POA. Special Order Only

Stainless Steel Heat Shields etched with the Courtenay Sport Logo.

To suit 2.0 16v XE + ECO + LET and 1.8 16v engines .... £34.95 Buy Now Click Here!

Courtenay Sport Stickers

Available in Silver or Gunmetal and in three sizes.

Courtenay Sport Logo Decal - Small 90mm x 35mm £1.00 each Buy Now Click Here!

Courtenay Sport Logo Decal - Medium 125mm x 46mm £1.50 each Buy Now Click Here!

Courtenay Sport Logo Decal - Large 250mm x 70mm £3.50 each Buy Now Click Here!

Courtenay Sport Website Address Decal - in Silver - Size 255mm x 20mm
£2.00 each Buy Now Click Here!

Courtenay Sport Engine Plate

Engine Plate Z22SE - Click for Full Size Image Stainless Steel Engine Bay Plate etched with the Courtenay Sport Logo designed for the Z22SE 2.2 16v engines. £15.25 Buy Now Click Here!

Courtenay Sport Dome Bubble Badge

Self adhesive measuring approximately 72mm x 25mm, Dome Bubble Badges in black with Courtenay Sport Logo in Silver. Ideal to add that finishing touch to any car. They can be used under the bonnet on rocker covers, slam panels, intercoolers etc, in the interior or to replace OE door moulding badges on certain models. (Shown fitted in door moulding - Astra G)

Price £1.95 each Buy Now Click Here!
Courtenay Sport Dome Bubble Badge

Courtenay Sport Dome Fuel Badge

Courtenay Sport Dome Fuel Badge Self adhesive measuring approximately 72mm x 25mm, Dome Fuel Warning Bubble Badges. Ensure you never forget to use the correct fuel on any modified/remapped vehicle. Red on Yellow background. A reminder to always use 97-99 RON Fuel. Will locate neatly on the inside of the petrol filler flap on most cars. Measures approximately 72mm x 25mm. Picture shows badge fitted. (Shown fitted to inside of fuel filler flap)

Price £1.95 each Buy Now Click Here!

Courtenay Sport Keyring

Leather Keyring A black simulated leather key ring with metal surround and a high quality Dome Resin Courtenay Sport Logo in Silver on a black background, giving a 3D look.

Measures approximately 84mm x 28mm (excludes ring) Overall Length approximately 106mm.

£5.50 Buy Now Click Here!

VXR Nameplate

The Genuine Article! Self Adhesive VXR nameplate measures approximately 80mm x 40mm.

£13.80. Buy Now Click Here!

VXR Plug Cover

The VXR Plug Cover as used on the New Astra H VXR Z20LEH. Finished in painted metallic black with a silver fleck, and the VXR and Griffin logos. Suitable for Astra H (Z20LEL/Z20LER), Astra G Z20LET and Zafira Z20LET.
Only £10.15. Buy Now Click Here!

Also available for Z16LET Astra H Turbo and Z16LEL Corsa D Turbo £12.20 each Buy Now Click Here!

OPC Plug Cover

Blue OPC Spark Plug Cover with Opel and OPC Logos in Silver. Direct replacement for all X20XEV engines - Astra 3, Astra IV, Late Cavalier and Calibra, Vectra B. Also available for Z20LET/Z20LEL/Z20LER/Z20LEH  £21.45 each Buy Now Click Here!
and and Z16LET/Z16LEL/Z16LER engined cars £10.15 each Buy Now Click Here!

Courtenay Sport Number Plates

Exclusive to Courtenay Sport, our number plates have the Courtenay Sport name bottom centre, complete with red border and GB logo if required. Perfect for any show car.
Available in perspex at £30.00 per pair with or without GB Euro Logo or Pressed Metal at £40.00 per pair including delivery.

Both styles are road legal.

Proofs of identity and vehicle ownership will be required for all number plates sold. We must hold on record these proofs to comply with the Register of Number Plate Suppliers.

Bosch AeroTwin Wipers

Designed to improve wiper performance and available for variety of applications. The joint mechanism of this multi-prize-winning blade has been replaced by an Evodium spring bar. The flat design produced in this way improves the aerodynamics, minimises wind noise and prevents ice from depositing. Through
uniform force distribution, Aerotwin produces perfect wiping performance at every point of the screen. The uniform pressure together with the use of proven twin-technology for the wiper rubber ensures a long working life. Integrated aerodynamic spoiler reduces wind noise and increases downforce at higher speeds helping to prevent uneven wear and increase service life.

Available from £19.95 per pair Buy Now Click Here!
 Bosch Areotwin Wiper Blade

Forte Engine Products

We use Forté engine products during major services carried in our workshop, to help keep your car running in first class order. These include Motor Flush (Engine Oil Flush), Gas Treatment (Fuel System and Engine Cleaner) and Specialist Injector Cleaner. From £12.00 each. Note: Shipping Restrictions may apply. Buy Now Click Here!

Valvoline Fully Synthetic Engine and Gearbox Oil

Valvoline SynPower High Performance Fully Synthetic motor oil. A fully synthetic oil formulated with the highest quality synthetic base oils, enhanced with the most advanced additive technology, SynPower offers enhanced performance, durability and fuel economy, and is ideal for virtually all cars and vans which use petrol, diesel or LPG engines. Its many benefits include the reduction of sludge and varnish deposits, maximum fuel economy and excellent cold start properties through low viscosity at low temperatures. Formulated to resist high temperature vapourisation, oxidation, thermal breakdown and deposit formation it provides high shear stability, low temperature protection and inhibits rust and corrosion.
Such is the quality, Valvoline engine oil is specified by Swedish sports car manufacturer Koenigsegg for use in all Koenigsegg CC models from the factory.

5W-40 viscosity suitable for all petrol engines and meets
API SN/CF ACEA A3/B4-04 specifications. 5 litres - £48.00. Buy Now Click Here!

Valvoline SynPower TDL Heavy Duty Fully Synthetic 75W-90 Gearbox Oil. £16.95 per litre Buy Now Click Here!
Valvoline Logo

Brake Fluid.

Due to the fact that a brake system is not perfectly sealed moisture can be absorbed by the fluid. This in effect reduces the boiling point of the fluid and can reduce the efficiency of the brake system. Another factor of reduced braking efficiency is fluid that has got too hot and boiled, turning it into gas which leads to a 'spongy' feeling.

Brake fluids are classified to defined specifications: DOT3, DOT4, DOT5, DOT 5.1 These specifications have two reference tests:
Dry Boiling Point, the boiling point of fresh fluid
Wet Boiling Point, the boiling point once the fluid has absorbed water, representing fluid that has been in use in a vehicle.

There are two main types of brake fluid:

DOT3, DOT4, DOT 5.1 which are glycol based (Poly Alkylene Glycol - PAG)
DOT 5 which is synthetic based.
The two types of fluid are not compatible and must not be mixed in a braking system.

Minimum Dry and Wet Boiling point specifications:

Minimum Boiling Point oC DOT 3 (PAG) DOT 4 (PAG) DOT 5 (silicone) DOT 5.1 (PAG) Racing Brake Fluids
Dry 205 oC 230 oC 260 oC 260 oC 300 oC
Wet 140 oC 155 oC 185 oC 185 oC 195 oC

Slicone Brake Fluid (DOT5)
DOT5 was introduced to give higher temperature performance over DOT4. It will also not damage paintwork or absorb moisture. However it is a poor lubricant and does not lubricate ABS pumps as well as PAG fluids and as it does not absorb water, any water in the system will remain as water droplets which can pool and cause corrosion or vapourise when heated under heavy braking causing severe braking efficiency loss.

PAG Brake Fluids (DOT3, 4 & 5.1)
DOT4 is the current mainstream brake fluid. DOT 5.1 has a higher specification and is intended for fast road and occasional track day use.

Racing brake fluid is usually designated DOT4 however it's performance exceeds that of DOT 5.1 fluid as shown in the above table.

Racing Brake Fluid

High temperature racing brake fluid has been formulated for racing applications where braking systems operate at much higher temperatures. It guards against vapour lock and maintains its viscosity and lubricity at extreme temperatures. This fluid conforms to and exceeds the current specification for DOT4 and has a typical dry boiling point of 310-315 o C (600 o F), which is higher than DOT5.1 fluids which typically have a dry boiling point of 260 o C. Requires more frequent changing than DOT 5.1 fluid.

£12.60 per 500ml. Buy Now Click Here!

DOT 5.1 Brake Fluid

We also have available DOT 5.1 fluid for fast road use. £12.60 per litre. Buy Now Click Here!

8.5mm Magnecor Leads

We have a range of 8.5mm Magnecor leads available to suit the most common applications. Please call us if your vehicle is not listed here. From £87 - £192 per set Buy Now Click Here!

Gold Plug Magnetic Sump Plugs

Magnetic Sump Plugs for Vauxhall/Opel engine sumps, F23 and M32 gearboxes. Constructed from a 303 Stainless Steel body that houses the strongest, highest temperature, N45SH Neodymium magnet available. The magnet will revolutionise your engine by collecting any dangerous metal in your oil and holding it until your next oil change. The magnet will never fade and does not get effected by heat. Supplied with washer. £15.55 Buy Now Click Here!

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